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Eastern Europe eBooks

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  • Let Our Fame Be Great

    Journeys Among the Defiant People of the Caucasus

    The jagged peaks of the Caucasus Mountains have hosted a rich history of diverse nations, valuable trade, and incessant warfare. But today the region is best known for atrocities in Chechnya and the 2008 war between Russia and Georgia.In Let Our Fame Be Great, journalist and Russian expert Oliver Bullough explores the fascinating cultural crossroads of the Caucasus, where Europe, Asia, and the ... Read more

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  • Bloodlands

    Europe Between Hitler and Stalin

    From the author of the international bestseller On Tyranny, the definitive history of Hitler’s and Stalin’s politics of mass killing, explaining why Ukraine has been at the center of Western history for the last century.Americans call the Second World War “the Good War.” But before it even began, America’s ally Stalin had killed millions of his own citizens—and kept killing them during and after ... Read more

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  • Imperium

    Series series Vintage International
    Ryszard Kapuscinski's last book, The Soccer War -a revelation of the contemporary experience of war -- prompted John le Carre to call the author "the conjurer extraordinary of modern reportage." Now, in Imperium, Kapuscinski gives us a work of equal emotional force and evocative power: a personal, brilliantly detailed exploration of the almost unfathomably complex Soviet empire in our time.He ... Read more

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  • Ukraine

    voices of resistance and solidarity

    Edited by Fred Leplat, Chris Ford ...
    The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is a turning point in politics. This imperialist grab for territory and resources has divided the left around the world. Socialists and trade-unionists in Ukraine are determined to resist occupation and destruction of the country, and that there is a reconstruction based on social, economic and climate justice. This book is essential reading as it gives a platform ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • Underground in Berlin

    A Young Woman's Extraordinary Tale of Survival in the Heart of Nazi Germany

    Translated by Anthea Bell ...
    A thrilling piece of undiscovered history, this is the true account of a young Jewish woman who survived World War II in Berlin.In 1942, Marie Jalowicz, a twenty-year-old Jewish Berliner, made the extraordinary decision to do everything in her power to avoid the concentration camps. She removed her yellow star, took on an assumed identity, and disappeared into the city.In the years that followed, ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • Red Famine

    Stalin's War on Ukraine

    **NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A revelatory history of one of Stalin's greatest crimes, the consequences of which still resonate today, as Russia has placed Ukrainian independence in its sights once more—from the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning Gulag and the National Book Award finalist Iron Curtain."With searing clarity, Red Famine demonstrates the horrific consequences of a campaign to ... Read more

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  • The Angel Makers

    Arsenic, a Midwife, and Modern History's Most Astonishing Murder Ring

    The Angel Makers is a true-crime story like no other—a 1920s midwife who may have been the century’s most prolific killer leading a murder ring of women responsible for the deaths of at least 160 men.The horror occurred in a rustic farming enclave in modern-day Hungary. To look at the unlikely lineup of murderesses—village wives, mothers, and daughters—was to come to the shocking realization that ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • Sovietistan

    by Erika Fatland ...
    Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan became free of the Soviet Union in 1991. But though they are new to modern statehood, this is a region rich in ancient history, culture, and landscapes unlike anywhere else in the world. Traveling alone, Erika Fatland is a true adventurer in every sense. In Sovietistan, she takes the reader on a compassionate and insightful journey ... Read more

    $18.99 USD

  • The Light That Failed

    A landmark book that completely transforms our understanding of the crisis of liberalism, from two pre-eminent intellectuals.Why did the West, after winning the Cold War, lose its political balance?In the early 1990s, hopes for the eastward spread of liberal democracy were high. And yet the transformation of Eastern European countries gave rise to a bitter repudiation of liberalism itself, not ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • Zero Point Ukraine

    Four Essays on World War II

    In her Four Essays on World War II, Olena Stiazhkina inscribes the Ukrainian history of World War II into a wider European and world context. Among other aspects, she analyzes the mobilization measures on the eve of the war, and reconsiders Soviet narratives on them. Scrutinizing social and political processes initiated by the Bolshevik leadership in the 1920s and 1930s, she outlines how ... Read more

    $24.99 USD

  • The History of Poland

    by S.A. Dunham ...
    The Pergamum Collection publishes books history has long forgotten. We transcribe books by hand that are now hard to find and out of print. ... Read more

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  • King Leopold's Ghost

    A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa

    The 25th Anniversary Edition, with a foreword by Barbara Kingsolver"An enthralling story . . . A work of history that reads like a novel." — Christian Science Monitor“As Hochschild’s brilliant book demonstrates, the great Congo scandal prefigured our own times . . . This book must be read and reread.” — Los Angeles Times Book ReviewA National Book Critics Circle Award Finalist * A New Y... ... Read more

    $15.99 USD

  • Chronik der Marktgemeinde Zauchtel (Mähren)

    Die Marktgemeinde Zauchtel/Suchdol nad Odrou, gelegen im Kuhländchen, einem ehemaligen deutschen Sprachgebiet in Nordmähren (Tschechische Republik), kann auf eine rund 700-jährige Geschichte zurückblicken. Urspünglich landwirtschaftlich geprägt, erlebte sie mit dem Bau der Eisenbahn im 19. Jahrhundert einen wirtschaftlichen Aufschwung. Besondere Bedeutung hat sie durch die Bewahrung der ... Read more

    $44.99 USD

  • Poles in Wisconsin

    Series series People of Wisconsin
    In this all-new addition to the People of Wisconsin series, author Susan Mikos traces the history of Polish immigrants as they settled in America’s northern heartland. The second largest immigrant population after Germans, Poles put down roots in all corners of the state, from the industrial center of Milwaukee to the farmland around Stevens Point, in the Cutover, and beyond. In each locale, they ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • I Can Live No Longer: The Story of an Indomitable Man, the only Volunteer to Auschwitz.

    He evaded death so many times it seemed it would never take him. The only man in history to go to Auschwitz as a volunteer, to form a resistance movement and document German atrocities. One of the few who succeeded in escaping. He sent drawings from there to his children and wrote letters to his wife, delivering them via the underground conspiracy along with reports. The British historian Michael ... Read more

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  • Iron Curtain

    The Crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956

    In the long-awaited follow-up to her Pulitzer Prize-winning Gulag, acclaimed journalist Anne Applebaum delivers a groundbreaking history of how Communism took over Eastern Europe after World War II and transformed in frightening fashion the individuals who came under its sway.At the end of World War II, the Soviet Union to its surprise and delight found itself in control of a huge swath of ... Read more

    $10.99 USD

  • Stepchildren of the Shtetl

    The Destitute, Disabled, and Mad of Jewish Eastern Europe, 1800-1939

    by Natan M. Meir ...
    Series series Stanford Studies in Jewish History and Culture
    Memoirs of Jewish life in the east European shtetl often recall the hekdesh (town poorhouse) and its residents: beggars, madmen and madwomen, disabled people, and poor orphans. Stepchildren of the Shtetl tells the story of these marginalized figures from the dawn of modernity to the eve of the Holocaust.Combining archival research with analysis of literary, cultural, and religious texts, Natan M. ... Read more

    $28.99 USD

  • Survivals In Belief Among The Celts

    Survivals in Belief Among the Celtsby George HendersonAn extensive review of evidence of pre-Christian beliefs in Celtic culture."This long out-of-print book [...] reviews the extensive literature on survivals of pre-Christian beliefs in the Celtic area. It covers customs from Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Cornwall and Brittany, and relates them to other traditional cultures world-wide. This ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Zamenhof. The Life, Works and Ideas of the Author of Esperanto

    Released to the public for the first time in in 1887, Esperanto had its specific origins in the fertile brain of a single individual, Zamenhof, and in the particular circum stan ces into which he was born and came of age. It is the story of these origins that Aleksander Korzhenkov's biography sets out to tell. -- That biography was originally published in Esperanto; the present version, in Ian ... Read more

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  • Slovenia

    Evolving Loyalties

    by John K. Cox ...
    Series series Postcommunist States and Nations
    A clear and concise introduction to contemporary Slovenia. It examines the country's rapid transition from a collection of provinces in the southern part of the Habsburg Empire, to a republic within Yugoslavia, to an independent state and analyzes the major political and economic developments since 1991. The perfect introduction to one of Europe's most fascinating nations. ... Read more

    $58.99 USD

  • Uniforms of Russian army of Elizabeth of Russia Vol. 1

    Under the reign of Elizabeth Petrovna from 1741 to 1761 and Peter III from 1762

    Series Book 7 - Soldiers, Weapons & Uniforms 700
    Compiled at Saint Petersburg during the years from 1837 and 1851, the Historical Description of the Clothing and Arms of the Russian Army has had an enormous impact and great importance for the study on the history of Russian costume and uniformology development over the past centuries. The Viskovatov’s enormous work is based on a great quantity of archival documents and contains four thousand ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • The Operation Reinhard Death Camps, Revised and Expanded Edition

    Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka

    by Yitzhak Arad ...
    Under the code name Operation Reinhard, more than one and a half million Jews were murdered between 1942 and 1943 in the concentration camps of Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka, located in Nazi-occupied Poland. Unlike more well-known camps, which were used both for slave labor and extermination, these camps existed purely to murder Jews. Few victims survived to tell their stories, and the camps were ... Read more

    $28.99 USD

  • The Romanian Battlefront in World War I

    Series series Modern War Studies
    Despite a strategically vulnerable position, an ill-prepared army, and questionable promises of military support from the Allied Powers, Romania intervened in World War I in August 1916. In return, it received the Allies' formal sanction for the annexation of the Romanian-inhabited regions of Austria-Hungary. As Glenn Torrey reveals in his pathbreaking study, this soon appeared to have been an ... Read more

    $28.99 USD

  • The Great Sea

    A Human History of the Mediterranean

    Connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa, the Mediterranean Sea has been for millennia the place where religions, economies, and political systems met, clashed, influenced and absorbed one another. In this brilliant and expansive book, David Abulafia offers a fresh perspective by focusing on the sea itself: its practical importance for transport and sustenance; its dynamic role in the rise and fall of ... Read more

    $19.99 USD