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Educational Theory eBooks

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  • Applied Psychometrics using SPSS and AMOS

    The book will be designed primarily for graduate students (or advanced undergraduates) who are learning psychometrics, as well as professionals in the field who need a reference for use in their practice. We would assume that users have some basic knowledge of using SPSS to read data and conduct basic analyses (e.g., descriptive statistics, frequency distributions). In addition, the reader should ... Read more

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  • How to Take Smart Notes. One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking

    by Sönke Ahrens ...
    This is the second, revised and expanded edition. The first edition was published under the slightly longer title "How to Take Smart Notes. One Simple Technique to Boost Writing, Learning and Thinking - for Students, Academics and Nonfiction Book Writers".The key to good and efficient writing lies in the intelligent organisation of ideas and notes. This book helps students, academics and other ... Read more

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  • Occultism and Parapsychology. Classic Collection. Illustrated

    The Secret Doctrine, The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception

    The occult, in the broadest sense, is a category of esoteric supernatural beliefs and practices which generally fall outside the scope of religion and science, encompassing phenomena involving otherworldly agency, such as magic and mysticism and their varied spells. It can also refer to supernatural ideas like extra-sensory perception and parapsychology. Contents: Introduction by Manly P. Hall The ... Read more

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  • Enforcing Silence

    Academic Freedom, Palestine and the Criticism of Israel

    Academic freedom is under siege, as our universities become the sites of increasingly fraught battles over freedom of speech. While much of the public debate has focussed on 'no platforming' by students, this overlooks the far graver threat posed by concerted efforts to silence the critical voices of both academics and students, through the use of bureaucracy, legal threats and online harassment. ... Read more

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  • Unsettling Settler-Colonial Education

    The Transformational Indigenous Praxis Model

    Series series Multicultural Education Series
    “TIPM and the storywork in this book are determining the kind of lives we aim to lead and will lead as Indigenous peoples.”—From the Foreword by Tiffany Lee, University of New MexicoThis book presents the Transformational Indigenous Praxis Model (TIPM), an innovative framework for promoting critical consciousness toward decolonization efforts among educators. The TIPM challenges readers to examine ... Read more

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  • The Fifth Freedom

    Guaranteeing an Opportunity-Rich Childhood for All

    It is within our power to provide an opportunity-rich childhood for allIn 1941 President Franklin Roosevelt delivered his famous Four Freedoms speech. In that speech Roosevelt proposed that all Americans should be granted the freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear. In his new book, The Fifth Freedom, senior vice president at the Federal Reserve Bank of New ... Read more

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  • Bourdieu for Educators

    Policy and Practice

    Educational change and reform on a larger scaleBourdieu for Educators: Policy and Practice brings the revolutionary research and thinking of Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002) of France to public educational leaders in North America, Canada, Australia, and the U.K. This text brings Bourdieu’s work into the arena of elementary and secondary educational reform and change, and offers policy, research, and ... Read more

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  • The Meritocracy Trap

    How America's Foundational Myth Feeds Inequality, Dismantles the Middle Class, and Devours the Elite

    A revolutionary new argument from eminent Yale Law professor Daniel Markovits attacking the false promise of meritocracyIt is an axiom of American life that advantage should be earned through ability and effort. Even as the country divides itself at every turn, the meritocratic ideal – that social and economic rewards should follow achievement rather than breeding – reigns supreme. Both Democrats ... Read more

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  • Letters to a Young Education Reformer

    Series series Educational Innovations Series
    In Letters to a Young Education Reformer, Frederick M. Hess distills knowledge from twenty-five years of working in and around school reform. Inspired by his conversations with young, would-be reformers who are passionate about transforming education, the book offers a window into Hess’s thinking about what education reform is and should be.Hess writes that “reform is more a matter of how one ... Read more

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  • The Philosophy of Freedom

    With linked Table of Contents

    'The Philosophy of Freedom' is Rudolf Steiner's most important work. In it he explains the two aspects of free will: freedom of thought and freedom of action. This landmark book explores free will from a completely fresh and unique perspective. "If an idea is to become action, man must first want it, before it can happen. Such an act of will therefore has its grounds only in man himself. Man is ... Read more

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  • Mission High

    One School, How Experts Tried to Fail It, and the Students and Teachers Who Made It Triumph

    "This book is a godsend a moving portrait for anyone wanting to go beyond the simplified labels and metrics and really understand an urban high school, and its highly individual, resilient, eager and brilliant students and educators." -- Dave Eggers, co-founder, 826 National and ScholarMatchDarrell is a reflective, brilliant young man, who never thought of himself as a good student. He always ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • For White Folks Who Teach in the Hood... and the Rest of Y'all Too

    Reality Pedagogy and Urban Education

    Series series Race, Education, and Democracy
    **A New York Times Best Seller"Essential reading for all adults who work with black and brown young people...Filled with exceptional intellectual sophistication and necessary wisdom for the future of education."—Imani Perry, National Book Award Winner author of South To AmericaAn award-winning educator offers a much-needed antidote to traditional top-down pedagogy and promises to radically reframe ... Read more

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  • Project Based Learning

    Real Questions. Real Answers. How to Unpack PBL and Inquiry

    Countless educators from across the globe would love to leverage project based learning to create learner-centered opportunities for their students, but, believe it or not, PBL has yet to go mainstream.If project based learning can benefit so many students, why isn't this approach the norm in teaching? Because educators have questions.Since the release of their first book, Hacking Project Based ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Radical Possibilities

    Public Policy, Urban Education, and A New Social Movement

    by Jean Anyon ...
    The core argument of Jean Anyon’s classic Radical Possibilities is deceptively simple: if we do not direct our attention to the ways in which federal and metropolitan policies maintain the poverty that plagues communities in American cities, urban school reform as currently conceived is doomed to fail. With every chapter thoroughly revised and updated, this edition picks up where the 2005 ... Read more

    $56.99 USD

  • A Teacher's Guide to Adapted Physical Education

    Including Students With Disabilities in Sports and Recreation, Fourth Edition

    A healthy, active lifestyle for all students: That's the promise of physical education, and the goal of this comprehensive textbook. Now in a thoroughly updated fourth edition, this text prepares current and future PE teachers to lead welcoming, inclusive classes where every student participates, makes friends, and learns new skills and values. K–12 physical educators will get cutting-edge ... Read more

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  • Race to the Bottom

    Uncovering the Secret Forces Destroying American Public Education

    by Luke Rosiak ...
    Everyone wants: High schoolers to graduate well-prepared for jobs. Improved STEM literacy. Greater achievement for inner-city children. Happiness for all children. So why are liberals spending billions of dollars working against those goals?In Race to the Bottom, Luke Rosiak uncovers the shocking reason why American education is failing: Powerful special interest groups are using our kids as ... Read more

    $19.99 USD

  • Teaching Reading to English Language Learners

    A Reflective Guide

    Edited by Thomas S. C. Farrell ...
    "Truly a pleasure to read, with much helpful information."—Deb Bible, Literacy TeacherCUSD 300, West Dundee, IL"The author models a program of success and helps the educator become better qualified in teaching the EL learner."—Lucia deSombre Malo, Former InstructorUtah Valley State CollegePractical, easy-to-implement methods for helping English language learners succeed in reading!Successfully t.. ... Read more

    $24.99 USD

  • In Search of Hua Ma

    Mandarin Companion Graded Readers Breakthrough Level, Traditional Chinese Edition

    Series series Mandarin Companion
    **Traditional Chinese Edition**As a young boy is walking through the mountains in search of a gift for his mother’s birthday, he comes across an ancient house. An old lady beckons him inside and asks him to find “Hua Ma”. As he leaves, he finds himself inexplicably transported to the distant island of Hainan while the old lady and the house have disappeared. Unsure of who or what Hua Ma is, he ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • The Prince and the Pauper

    Mandarin Companion Graded Readers: Level 1, Traditional Chinese Edition

    Series Book 1 - Mandarin Companion
    **Traditional Chinese Edition**During a chance encounter, two nearly identical boys, one a poor beggar and the other a prince, decide to exchange places. The pauper, now living in the royal palace, is constantly filled with the dread of being discovered for who and what he really is while the Prince, dressed in rags, lives on the street enduring hardships he never thought possible. Both children ... Read more

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  • The Secret Garden

    Mandarin Companion Graded Readers: Level 1, Traditional Chinese Edition

    Series Book 1 - Mandarin Companion
    **Traditional Chinese Edition**Now you can read books in Chinese that are fun and accelerate your language learning. Every book is carefully written to use only Mandarin Companion: New graded readers for a new generation of Chinese learners. Now you can read book in Chinese that are fun and accelerate your language learning. Every book in the Mandarin Companion series is carefully written to use ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • This Is Not A Test

    A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education

    The conversation about turning around failing schools is in the national spotlight, and that spotlight is often focused on schools that black and brown children attend. Certain proposals to improve urban schools generate lots of headlines: expanding charter schools, funding school vouchers, using student test scores to evaluate, promote and pay teachers. But race is seldom considered as a tool for ... Read more

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  • Education and Democracy in the 21st Century

    by Nel Noddings ...
    Eminent educational philosopher Nel Noddings draws on John Dewey's foundational work to reimagine education's aims and curriculum for the 21st century. Noddings looks at education as a multi-aim enterprise in which schools must address needs in all three domains of life: home and family, occupational, and civic. She raises critical questions about the current enthusiasm for standardization, the ... Read more

    $28.99 USD

  • The Visionary Director, Third Edition

    A Handbook for Dreaming, Organizing, and Improvising in Your Center

    The Visionary Director has sold over 56,000 copies of its first two editions. It was last updated over ten years ago and has been widely course adopted. The new edition will be 40% new content including new reflections, stories, and provocations in Spanish.Deb Curtis and Margie Carter are well known in the early childhood field and two of Redleaf Press' most consistent best selling authors.The ... Read more

    $32.99 USD

  • Witnessing Whiteness

    The Journey into Racial Awareness and Antiracist Action

    Witnessing Whiteness offers a comprehensive and empathetic exploration of what white people experience when learning about race, why it is so confusing, how whiteness works in their lives, and how to act against racism. The author combines authentic storytelling, nuanced analysis, and compelling voices from a collection of cross-race guides to lead readers through a self-reflective process that ... Read more

    $26.99 USD