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General Art

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  • Color

    A Natural History of the Palette

    In this vivid and captivating journey through the colors of an artist’s palette, Victoria Finlay takes us on an enthralling adventure around the world and through the ages, illuminating how the colors we choose to value have determined the history of culture itself.How did the most precious color blue travel all the way from remote lapis mines in Afghanistan to Michelangelo’s brush? What is the ... Read more

    $13.99 USD $1.99 USD

  • How to Build a Car: The Autobiography of the World’s Greatest Formula 1 Designer

    by Adrian Newey ...
    'Adrian has a unique gift for understanding drivers and racing cars. He is ultra competitive but never forgets to have fun. An immensely likeable man.' Damon HillThe world’s foremost designer in Formula One, Adrian Newey OBE is arguably one of Britain’s greatest engineers and this is his fascinating, powerful memoir.How to Build a Car explores the story of Adrian’s unrivalled 35-year career in ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • How to Do Nothing

    Resisting the Attention Economy

    by Jenny Odell ...
    ** A New York Times Bestseller **NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY: Time • The New Yorker • NPR • GQ • Elle • Vulture • Fortune • Boing Boing • The Irish Times • The New York Public Library • The Brooklyn Public Library**"A complex, smart and ambitious book that at first reads like a self-help manual, then blossoms into a wide-ranging politica... ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • Blue Flag, Vol. 8

    by KAITO ...
    series Blue Flag #8
    Toma and Futaba have their first sit-down talk after the big fight at school. Meanwhile, Taichi struggles with the problems that have been dumped in his lap by his friend’s choices, and he ends up distancing himself from Toma. Then, one day, Toma stops coming to school. Left in the lurch, what can Futaba and Taichi do? Everyone chooses their futures, and time marches on. Don’t miss the heartfelt ... Read more

    $8.09 USD

  • Blue Flag, Vol. 7

    by KAITO ...
    series Blue Flag #7
    Rumors spread like wildfire after Toma’s shocking confession during the culture festival, and Taichi feels confused and uncertain. The others in their circle are soon affected as well. Meanwhile, Toma’s brother Seiya sits him down for a frank talk. All the thoughts and emotions everyone has kept hidden are finally coming to light, and relationships begin to change. ... Read more

    $8.09 USD

  • How to Disappear

    Notes on Invisibility in a Time of Transparency

    by Akiko Busch ...
    It is time to reevaluate the merits of the inconspicuous life, to search out some antidote to continuous exposure, and to reconsider the value of going unseen, undetected, or overlooked in this new world. Might invisibility be regarded not simply as refuge, but as a condition with its own meaning and power? The impulse to escape notice is not about complacent isolation or senseless conformity, but ... Read more

    $10.99 USD $4.99 USD

  • Blue Flag, Vol. 2

    by KAITO ...
    series Blue Flag #2
    The school sports festival is coming up, and Toma accepts the position of class 3-A’s cheer squad captain on the condition that Futaba and Taichi serve as his vice-captains. Hoping to live up to Toma’s faith in them, Taichi and Futaba diligently practice their squad’s routine. But when the time comes to perform, Futaba hits a wall that threatens her very participation! ... Read more

    $8.09 USD

  • Blue Flag, Vol. 5

    by KAITO ...
    series Blue Flag #5
    School is back in session after summer break, and Taichi and Futuba are slowly transitioning their relationship from friends to something more. Suddenly, Mami starts being unusually friendly with Taichi, leaving Futuba feeling anxious. Taichi, unsure of Mami’s true intent, can’t help but get dragged along in her wake. Their situation attracts attention, more people become involved and soon ... Read more

    $8.09 USD

  • Blue Flag, Vol. 4

    by KAITO ...
    series Blue Flag #4
    Toma’s older brother, Seiya, asks Taichi to find out why Toma doesn’t want to go to college. On the day of Toma’s release from the hospital, Taichi still hasn’t found a way to broach the subject with Toma. Meanwhile, Futaba discovers Taichi’s birthday is coming up, and she decides to invite the group to a fireworks festival so they can all celebrate. ... Read more

    $8.09 USD

  • Blue Flag, Vol. 6

    by KAITO ...
    series Blue Flag #6
    The culture festival begins, and Toma and Taichi talk about their futures, but it ends with the two not quite seeing eye to eye. Shortly after, Toma sits down with Mami for a serious discussion, and in response to her earnest openness, he makes a big decision that could change everything. Time keeps moving forward, pushing everyone to the cusp of making critical life choices. ... Read more

    $8.09 USD

  • Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Complete Novels

    Here you will find the complete novels of Nathaniel Hawthorne in the chronological order of their original publication. - Fanshawe - The Scarlet Letter - The House of the Seven Gables - The Blithedale Romance - The Marble Faun - The Dolliver Romance - Septimius Felton - Doctor Grimshawe's Secret: A romance ... Read more

    $0.49 USD

  • How To Draw Cartoons and Caricatures

    by Mark Linley ...
    Learn to draw the fun way! Like almost everyone in the world, you are bursting with raw artistic talent just waiting to be released. In a few deft sweeps of your pencil, capture the character of your 'victim'. Use swift strokes to create a face that has instant appeal. Exaggerate the features to make a comical caricature. Brighten up someone's day with your own tiny bit of magic!"Yes, you can do ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Blue Flag, Vol. 1

    by KAITO ...
    series Blue Flag #1
    For some reason, Taichi Ichinose just can’t stand Futaba Kuze. But at the start of his third year in high school, he finds himself in the same homeroom as her, along with his childhood friend Toma Mita, a star athlete. But one day, Futaba opens up to Taichi and admits she has a crush on Toma. She then asks for his help in confessing to him! There’s just one problem—Toma seems to already have a ... Read more

    $8.09 USD

  • Blue Flag, Vol. 3

    by KAITO ...
    series Blue Flag #3
    Toma gets seriously injured diving in front of a car to save Taichi, leaving Taichi racked with guilt over not just getting his best friend hurt, but also stealing his last chance at making the summer baseball tournament. Guilty and angry, the two boys clash in an emotionally raw argument. Futaba, worried about both of them, invites Taichi out in an attempt to cheer him up. ... Read more

    $8.09 USD

  • A Village Murder

    The start of a new crime series from the bestselling author of the Exham-on-Sea Murder Mysteries

    series The Ham Hill Murder Mysteries #1
    'I lovedA Village Murder and its setting. It kept surprising me!' Faith Martin, #1 bestselling authorThe start of a brand new series from the bestselling author of the Exham-on-Sea Murder Mysteries.An English village can be deadly, when your past catches up with you...In the beautiful rural Somerset village of Lower Hembrow, crammed full with English eccentrics, something is amiss...Landscape g... ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Chiffon Trenches

    A Memoir

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • From the pages of Vogue to the runways of Paris, this “captivating” (Time) memoir by a legendary style icon captures the fashion world from the inside out, in its most glamorous and most cutthroat moments.“The Chiffon Trenches honestly and candidly captures fifty sublime years of fashion.”—Manolo BlahnikNAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR • Fortune •... ... Read more

    $14.99 USD

  • Fashion

    The Definitive Visual Guide

    Is fashion your passion? Unlock the language of clothes with this ultimate fashion show that traces people's dresses over the past 3000 years.Fashion is a visual feast, packed with stunning illustrations of 1,500 costumes from around the globe. It celebrates famous trendsetters, designers, and fashion icons from Queen Henrietta Maria to Jackie Onassis and Jean Paul Gautier.Fashion endlessly ... Read more

    $19.99 USD

  • Rediscovering Korean Cinema

    by Sangjoon Lee ...
    series Perspectives On Contemporary Korea
    South Korean cinema is a striking example of non-Western contemporary cinematic success. Thanks to the increasing numbers of moviegoers and domestic films produced, South Korea has become one of the world’s major film markets. In 2001, the South Korean film industry became the first in recent history to reclaim its domestic market from Hollywood and continues to maintain around a 50 percent market ... Read more

    $32.39 USD

  • How to Be an Artist

    by Jerry Saltz ...
    **Instant New York Times Bestseller"Inspiration leaps off the pages from Jerry Saltz's new book on creativity. . . . This book is for the artist or non-artist, for the person who gets plain English, for the person who understands that practical talk can coax out the mystical messages that lie underneath." —Steve Martin**Art has the power to change our lives. For many, becoming an artist is a ... Read more

    $12.99 USD $4.99 USD

  • Art is a Tyrant

    The Unconventional Life of Rosa Bonheur

    WINNER OF THE FRANCO-BRITISH SOCIETY LITERARY AWARD 2020**'Art is a Tyrant recounts [Bonheur's] life with no little brio.' Michael Prodger, The Times Books of the Year 2020'A diligently researched, beautifully produced and insistently sympathetic biography.' Kathryn Hughes, GuardianA new biography of the wildly unconventional 19th-century animal painter and gender equality pioneer Rosa Bonheur, ... Read more

    $10.99 USD

  • Persian Designs and Motifs for Artists and Craftsmen

    series Dover Pictorial Archive
    Outstanding collection of 400 motifs of rich Persian tradition, ready to use in many areas of design. The motifs include floral designs, geometrics, arabesques, mythical creatures, rosettes, paisley patterns, palmettes, medallions, border and marginal decorations, scrolls, curves, and hunting scenes. ... Read more

    $12.95 USD

  • Anthony van Dyck: 70 Drawings & Studies

    The book, being a collection of 70 drawings, is a good sample for a large number of artist's great work, and for those who want to know more about Anthony van Dyck’s drawing. Actually it is a good book for those who like to study more about art: 70 sketches in a book is not a big amount of picture in a picture book, but it is still very useful for those who like drawing and want to study something ... Read more

    $1.42 USD

  • Sneakers

    Fashion, Gender, and Subculture

    series Dress, Body, Culture
    This is the first academic study of sneakers and the subculture that surrounds them. Since the 1980s, American sneaker enthusiasts, popularly known as “sneakerheads” or “sneakerholics”, have created a distinctive identity for themselves, while sneaker manufacturers such as Reebok, Puma and Nike have become global fashion brands.How have sneakers come to gain this status and what makes them ... Read more

    $26.49 USD

  • Continuous Discovery Habits

    Discover Products that Create Customer Value and Business Value

    by Teresa Torres ...
    "If you haven't had the good fortune to be coached by a strong leader or product coach, this book can help fill that gap and set you on the path to success."- Marty CaganHow do you know that you are making a product or service that your customers want? How do you ensure that you are improving it over time? How do you guarantee that your team is creating value for your customers in a way that ... Read more

    $9.99 USD