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History & Theory

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  • Great Society

    A New History

    by Amity Shlaes ...
    The New York Times bestselling author of The Forgotten Man and Coolidge offers a stunning revision of our last great period of idealism, the 1960s, with burning relevance for our contemporary challenges."Great Society is accurate history that reads like a novel, covering the high hopes and catastrophic missteps of our well-meaning leaders." —Alan GreenspanToday, a battle rages in our coun... ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • The Red Flag

    A History of Communism

    “The best and the most accessible one-volume history of communism now available . . . A far-reaching, vividly written account.” —Foreign AffairsIn The Red Flag, Oxford professor David Priestland tells the epic story of a movement that has taken root in dozens of countries across two hundred years, from its birth after the French Revolution to its ideological maturity in nineteenth-century Germany ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • After Nature

    A Politics for the Anthropocene

    Nature no longer exists apart from humanity. The world we will inhabit is the one we have made. Geologists call this epoch the Anthropocene, Age of Humans. The facts of the Anthropocene are scientific—emissions, pollens, extinctions—but its shape and meaning are questions for politics. Jedediah Purdy develops a politics for this post-natural world. ... Read more

    $15.19 USD

  • International Human Rights

    A Comprehensive Introduction

    by Michael Haas ...
    This book provides a comprehensive introduction to international human rights -- international human rights law, why international human rights have increasingly risen to world prominence, what is being done about violations of human rights, and what might be done to further promote the cause of international human rights so that everyone may one day have their rights respected regardless of who ... Read more

    $62.09 USD $49.49 USD

  • The Wretched of the Earth

    Translated by Richard Philcox ...
    With a new essayFans of Fanon’s work include Ta-Nehisi Coates, Claudia Rankine, Cornel West, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Desmond Cole, John Edgar Wideman, Mitchell Jackson, among othersTie-in to 60th anniversary of the publication of Wretched of the Earth and of Frantz Fanon’s death ... Read more

    $12.39 USD

  • High Tide of American Conservatism: Davis, Coolidge, and the 1924 Election

    The previously untold story of two underrated, oft-neglected titans of American conservatism and the watershed election of 1924. Historians have generally failed to understand the significance of the election of 1924, the last time both major political parties nominated a bona fide conservative candidate.The High Tide of American Conservatism casts new light on both the election and the two ... Read more

    $8.69 USD

  • The International Brigades and the Comintern in the Spanish Civil War

    With the UK’s Foreign Recruitment Act making enlistment in a foreign army illegal, the British authorities became increasingly rigorous in their attempts to enforce non-intervention and implement the law, so Brigaders were recruited discretely through the Communist Party network by local cadres and ‘Spanish Aid Committee‘ organisers who took it on themselves to vet all volunteers, especially non ... Read more

    $1.39 USD

  • KOBO: The story of Russo-Japanese War

    Japanese were for the first time measuring their strength in the China war. Bob Fawcett has the good fortune to do a service to Kobo San, the descendant of an ancient Samurai family and high in the Government Service. He was sent out to Japan before the outbreak of the war to test the range finding apparatus of the Japanese fleet. Kobo is a good story written by Herbert Strang. ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Empire:A Very Short Introduction

    by Stephen Howe ...
    series Very Short Introductions
    A great deal of the world's history is the history of empires. Indeed it could be said that all history is colonial history, if one takes a broad enough definition and goes far enough back. And although the great historic imperial systems, the land-based Russian one as well as the seaborne empires of western European powers, have collapsed during the past half century, their legacies shape almost ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Democracy

    A Case Study

    by David A. Moss ...
    Historian David Moss adapts the case study method made famous by Harvard Business School to revitalize our conversations about governance and democracy and show how the United States has often thrived on political conflict. These 19 cases ask us to weigh choices and consequences, wrestle with momentous decisions, and come to our own conclusions. ... Read more

    $15.19 USD

  • They Thought They Were Free

    The Germans, 1933–45

    “When this book was first published it received some attention from the critics but none at all from the public. Nazism was finished in the bunker in Berlin and its death warrant signed on the bench at Nuremberg.”That’s Milton Mayer, writing in a foreword to the 1966 edition of They Thought They Were Free. He’s right about the critics: the book was a finalist for the National Book Award in 1956. ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • Marxism: For and Against

    "Genuinely open-minded and inquiring. . . .it intelligently summarizes and shrewdly questions four central topics of Marxist thought—the dialectical approach to philosophy, the materialist interpretation of history, the socio-analysis of capitalism and the commitment to socialism." —Raymond Williams, Cambridge UniversityIn the lucid style and engaging manner that have become his trademark, Robert ... Read more

    $14.89 USD

  • The Fourth Turning

    What the Cycles of History Tell Us About America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny

    NATIONAL BESTSELLER • “A startling vision of what the cycles of history predict for the future.”—USA WeekendWilliam Strauss and Neil Howe will change the way you see the world—and your place in it. With blazing originality, The Fourth Turning illuminates the past, explains the present, and reimagines the future. Most remarkably, it offers an utterly persuasive prophecy about how America’s past ... Read more

    $10.99 USD

  • New York Exposed

    The Gilded Age Police Scandal that Launched the Progressive Era

    On a Sunday morning in early 1892, Reverend Dr. Charles H. Parkhurst ascended to his pulpit at the Madison Square Presbyterian Church in New York and delivered one of the most explosive sermons in the city's history. Municipal life, he charged, was morally corrupt. Vice was rampant. And the city's police force and its Tammany Hall politicians were"a lying, perjured, rum-soaked, and libidinous lot. ... Read more

    $12.39 USD

  • Ciencia política

    series Biblioteca Jurídica Porrúa
    Esta investigación comprende la disciplina de la Ciencia Política, en la que se establece el objeto de estudio, la metodología, su concepción, diversas categorías, principios, valores, teorías y explicaciones sobre el acontecer político que se produce en la sociedad globalizada, incierta y turbulenta.La presente obra contiene temas nuevos, prácticos y propositivos para su empleo en el examen ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Treason

    Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism

    by Ann Coulter ...
    “Liberals’ loyalty to the United States is off-limits as a subject of political debate. Why is the relative patriotism of the two parties the only issue that is out of bounds for rational discussion?”In a stunning follow-up to her number one bestseller Slander, leading conservative pundit Ann Coulter contends that liberals have been wrong on every foreign policy issue, from the fight against ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • The Will to Change

    Men, Masculinity, and Love

    by bell hooks ...
    Everyone needs to love and be loved—even men. But to know love, men must be able to look at the ways that patriarchal culture keeps them from knowing themselves, from being in touch with their feelings, from loving.In The Will to Change, bell hooks gets to the heart of the matter and shows men how to express the emotions that are a fundamental part of who they are—whatever their age, marital ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • Early American Rebels

    Pursuing Democracy from Maryland to Carolina, 1640–1700

    During the half century after 1650 that saw the gradual imposition of a slave society in England's North American colonies, poor white settlers in the Chesapeake sought a republic of equals. Demanding a say in their own destinies, rebels moved around the region looking for a place to build a democratic political system. This book crosses colonial boundaries to show how Ingle's Rebellion, Fendall's ... Read more

    $18.99 USD

  • Women and Politics

    Paths to Power and Political Influence

    Women and Politics: Paths to Power and Political Influence examines the role of women in politics from the early women's movements to the female politicians in power today. The revised fourth edition includes:a new preface analyzing the 2020 elections, focusing on the historic victory of Kamala Harris and the gendered and racist critiques she endured on the campaign trail.recognition of the ... Read more

    $47.29 USD

  • The Origins Of Totalitarianism

    by Hannah Arendt ...
    Hannah Arendt's definitive work on totalitarianism??—??an essential component of any study of twentieth-century political history.The Origins of Totalitarianism begins with the rise of anti-Semitism in central and western Europe in the 1800s and continues with an examination of European colonial imperialism from 1884 to the outbreak of World War I. Arendt explores the institutions and operations ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • The Political Thought of Abdullah Öcalan

    Kurdistan, Woman's Revolution and Democratic Confederalism

    These are the essential writings of a man who inspired a new, egalitarian socialist regime in the Middle East, which is currently fighting for survival against religious extremism and state violence.Abdullah Ocalan led the struggle for Kurdish liberation for more than 20 years until his capture in 1999. Now, writing from prison in Turkey, he has inspired a new political movement. Called Democratic ... Read more

    $14.29 USD

  • Words Like Loaded Pistols

    Rhetoric from Aristotle to Obama

    by Sam Leith ...
    "An entertaining history of great oratory" and a primer to rhetoric's key techniques(The New Yorker).In Words Like Loaded Pistols, Sam Leith traces the art of persuasion, beginning in ancient Syracuse and taking us up to the Twitterverse. Along the way, he follows detours as varied and fascinating as Elizabethan England, Milton's Satanic realm, the Springfield of Abraham Lincoln and the ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • By One Vote

    The Disputed Presidential Election of 1876

    With electoral votes disputed in three states, a Democrat winning the popular vote, and the Supreme Court stepping in to overrule Florida court decisions, the presidential election of 1876 was an eerie precursor to that of 2000. Rutherford Hayes's defeat of Samuel Tilden has been dubbed the "fraud of the century"; now one of America's preeminent political historians digs deeper to unravel its real ... Read more

    $16.19 USD

  • How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

    by Walter Rodney ...
    The classic work of political, economic, and historical analysis, powerfully introduced by Angela DavisIn his short life, the Guyanese intellectual Walter Rodney emerged as one of the leading thinkers and activists of the anticolonial revolution, leading movements in North America, South America, the African continent, and the Caribbean. In each locale, Rodney found himself a lightning rod for ... Read more

    $9.99 USD