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  • Leonardo Sciascia e la funzione sociale degli intellettuali

    Leonardo Sciascia e la funzione sociale degli intellettuali raccoglie traduzioni di tre scritti già apparsi su riviste scientifiche anglofone – L'onore, il qualunquismo e l'essenzialismo ne L'antimonio di Sciascia, Sciascia e La scomparsa di Majorana e De L'Affaire Moro e della (ri)scrittura della storia – oltre ad una approfondita introduzione che fornisce una visione d'insieme dei risultati ... Read more

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  • Five Comedies

    by Carlo Goldoni ...
    Series series Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library
    One of the first and most important Italian playwrights to move away from the commedia dell’arte tradition of improvisation, Carlo Goldoni (1707–1793) wrote more naturalistic “comedies of character” that featured the dialect and situations of everyday life in Venice.Five Comedies collects a selection of Goldoni’s finest plays, annotated and translated into English: The New House, The Coffee House, ... Read more

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  • The Decameron

    In the summer of 1348, as the Black Death ravages their city, ten young Florentines take refuge in the countryside...Taken from the Greek, meaning 'ten-day event', Boccaccio's Decameron sees his characters amuse themselves by each telling a story a day, for the ten days of their confinement - a hundred stories of love and adventure, life and death, and surprising twists of fate. Less preoccupied ... Read more

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  • Six Memos for the Next Millennium

    by Italo Calvino ...
    The celebrated author of Cosmicomics and Invisible Cities shares his “brilliant, original approach to literature” in these late-career lectures (San Francisco Chronicle).At the time of his death, Italo Calvino was at work on his Charles Eliot Norton poetry lectures to be delivered the following year at Harvard University. The six planned lectures would define the qualities he most valued in ... Read more

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  • The Written World and the Unwritten World


    by Italo Calvino ...
    “Wonderful… Calvino’s prose is sparkling as ever, and he approaches ideas with wit and an open mind, always ready to challenge a stale point of view. This anthology will delight Calvino fans old and new.” —Publishers WeeklyA rich collection of essays offering an extraordinary global view of Calvino’s approach to writing, reading, and interpreting literature.An extraordinary collection of essays, ... Read more

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  • Reading Dante: From Here to Eternity

    by Prue Shaw ...
    The best and most eloquent introduction to Dante for our time.Prue Shaw is one of the world's foremost authorities on Dante. Written with the general reader in mind, Reading Dante brings her knowledge to bear in an accessible yet expert introduction to his great poem.This is far more than an exegesis of Dante’s three-part Commedia. Shaw communicates the imaginative power, the linguistic skill and ... Read more

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  • The Road to San Giovanni

    by Italo Calvino ...
    From the Italian author, personal essays featuring his relationship with his father, his love of movies, and fighting fascism during World War II.“In each other’s presence we became mute, would walk in silence side by side along the road to San Giovanni. To my father’s mind, words must serve as confirmations of things, and as signs of possession; to mine, they were foretastes of things barely ... Read more

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  • Discourses on Livy

    Series series Oxford World's Classics
    Machiavelli's commentary on Livy's history of Rome sets out his fundamental preference for a republican state. This translation is richly annotated, providing the contemporary reader with sufficient historical, linguistic, and political information to understand and interpret the revolutionary affirmations Machiavelli made, based on the historical evidence he found in Livy. - ;IDiscourses on Livy ... Read more

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  • The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: Volume 2: Purgatorio

    Volume 2: Purgatorio

    The second volume of Oxford's new Divine Comedy presents the Italian text of the Purgatorio and, on facing pages, a new prose translation. Continuing the story of the poet's journey through the medieval Other World under the guidance of the Roman poet Virgil, the Purgatorio culminates in the regaining of the Garden of Eden and the reunion there with the poet's long-lost love Beatrice. This new ... Read more

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  • The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri : Volume 3: Paradiso

    Volume 3: Paradiso

    Robert Durling's spirited new prose translation of the Paradiso completes his masterful rendering of the Divine Comedy. Durling's earlier translations of the Inferno and the Purgatorio garnered high praise, and with this superb version of the Paradiso readers can now traverse the entirety of Dante's epic poem of spiritual ascent with the guidance of one of the greatest living Italian-to-English ... Read more

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  • The Secret History of Dante

    Unearthing the Real-Life Mysteries of the Inferno

    by Mark Booth ...
    Mark Booth, author of the international bestseller The Secret History of the World, uncovers the real-life stories of Dante and The Inferno.Why does Dante describe the Inferno as a real place? What secret society did Dante belong to? What was Dante’s connection with the Knights Templar? What was his secret connection to militant Islamic sects?Here you will find hidden codes, passageways under the ... Read more

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  • Reading Dante

    Series series The Open Yale Courses Series
    A towering figure in world literature, Dante wrote his great epic poem Commedia in the early fourteenth century. The work gained universal acclaim and came to be known as La Divina Commedia, or The Divine Comedy. Giuseppe Mazzotta brings Dante and his masterpiece to life in this exploration of the man, his cultural milieu, and his endlessly fascinating works.Based on Mazzotta’s highly popular Yale ... Read more

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  • 1984 & Animal Farm

    by George Orwell ...
    "1984" and "Animal Farm" are two of George Orwell's most renowned works, each offering a profound commentary on the nature of power, control, and the perils of totalitarianism, albeit through different lenses. "1984" is set in a dystopian future where the world is divided into three superstates, with the story focusing on Airstrip One (formerly Great Britain), part of the totalitarian superstate ... Read more

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  • Decadent Genealogies

    The Rhetoric of Sickness from Baudelaire to D'Annunzio

    Barbara Spackman here examines the ways in which decadent writers adopted the language of physiological illness and alteration as a figure for psychic otherness. By means of an ideological and rhetorical analysis of scientific as well as literary texts, she shows how the rhetoric of sickness provided the male decadent writer with an alibi for the occupation and appropriation of the female body. ... Read more


  • Dante's Broken Hammer

    by Graham Harman ...
    In this book the founder of object-oriented philosophy transforms one of the classic poets of the Western canon, Dante Alighieri, into an edgy stimulus for contemporary continental thought. It is well known that Dante's poetic works interpret love as the moving force of the universe: as embodied in his muse Beatrice from La Vita Nuova onward, as well as the much holier persons inhabiting Paradiso. ... Read more

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  • THE DIVINE COMEDY: Inferno, Purgatorio & Paradiso (3 Classic Translations in One Edition)

    Cary's, Longfellow's, Norton's Translation With Original Illustrations by Gustave Doré

    Dante Alighieri's epic masterpiece, 'The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatorio & Paradiso,' is a monumental work that explores the author's journey through Hell, Purgatory, and Heaven. Written in the early 14th century, this allegorical poem is considered one of the greatest works of world literature. The three parts of the book offer a vivid depiction of the afterlife, filled with complex allegories ... Read more

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  • Times Alone

    Selected Poems of Antonio Machado

    Series series Wesleyan Poetry in Translation
    Antonio Machado, a school teacher and philosopher and one of Spain's foremost poets of the twentieth century, writes of the mountains, the skies, the farms and the sentiments of his homeland clearly and without narcissism: "Just as before, I'm interested/in water held in;/ but now water in the living/rock of my chest." "Machado has vowed not to soar too much; he wants to 'go down to the hells' or ... Read more

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  • Grandi Classici di Luigi Pirandello

    Series series Grandi Classici
    In questo ebook troverete i due capolavori di Luigi Pirandello:- Uno, nessuno e centomila- Il fu Mattia Pascal ... Read more

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  • L'Orlando Furioso raccontato da Italo Calvino

    Forse pochi sono a conoscenza del fatto che Italo Calvino fosse un’amante delle Opere di Ludovico Ariosto e, in particolare, de L’Orlando Furioso. Questo breve saggio ripercorre le tracce della produzione calviniana dedicata esclusivamente o prevalentemente al capolavoro ariostesco, intessendo, nel contempo, diverse riflessioni sul pensiero del Calvino circa un argomento a lui molto caro: la ... Read more

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  • Living Masks

    The Achievement of Pirandello

    The Nobel Prize-winning dramatist Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936) is undoubtedly one of the most innovative playwrights of the twentieth century and also one of the most complex. While his influence spread throughout modernist and postmodernist works, many first-time audiences and readers are confronted with the difficulty associated with such a radical aesthetic experience. In Living Masks, Umberto ... Read more

    $30.99 USD

  • Pasolini Requiem

    Second Edition

    Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922–75) was one of the most important Italian intellectuals of the post–World War II era. An astonishing polymath—poet, novelist, literary critic, political polemicist, screenwriter, and film director—he exerted profound influence on Italian culture up to his untimely death at the age of fifty-three. This revised edition of what the New York Times Book Review has called “the ... Read more

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  • Giacomo Leopardi e Gubbio

    Series Book 1 - Quaderni di
    Primo numero della serie monografica "Quaderni di" ( ideata e curata da Luigi M. Reale. | Il ritrovamento nell'Archivio Diocesano di Gubbio della partecipazione di nascita di Giacomo Leopardi inviata il 5 luglio 1798 dal padre Monaldo a Gubbio ci fa risalire, tramite la nonna paterna di Giacomo, Virginia Mosca, ad una altrimenti dimenticata ascendenza ... Read more


  • Storia delle cinque gloriose giornate di Milano nel 1848

    Il libro 'Storia delle cinque gloriose giornate di Milano nel 1848' scritto da Antonio Vismara è un'opera crucialmente importante che offre un'intensa descrizione delle rivoluzioni del 1848 a Milano. Vismara utilizza uno stile letterario dettagliato e coinvolgente per narrare gli eventi chiave di quel periodo turbolento, offrendo ai lettori un'analisi approfondita del contesto storico e politico ... Read more

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  • Merchant Writers

    Florentine Memoirs from the Middle Ages and Renaissance

    Series series Lorenzo Da Ponte Italian Library
    The birthplace of Boccaccio, Machiavelli, and the powerful Medici family, Florence was also the first great banking and commercial centre of continental Europe. The city’s middle-class merchants, though lacking the literary virtuosity of its most famous sons, were no less prolific as writers of account books, memoirs, and diaries. Written by ordinary men, these first-hand accounts of commercial ... Read more

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