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Lesbian eBooks

If you like Lesbian eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • Dark Angel

    by Paisley Smith ...
    Shot and left for dead by her narcissistic husband, Evangelina Vogel awakens to find herself in the arms of a seductive vampire who calls herself Lenore--and who promises Evangelina eternal life.Lenore is irresistible with her hypnotic eyes and lips that part to kiss or to kill. Evangelina is consumed by a craving for the alluring vampire's body--and after one night in Lenore's arms, an obsession ... Read more

    $1.39 USD

  • The Night Crow

    by Paisley Smith ...
    “Even the ravens of the Tower sat silent and immovable on the battlements and gazed eerily at the strange scene. A Queen about to die!” George John YounghusbandFortune’s erotic dreams featuring a black-haired beauty who beckons her from another time and place have lured her to the Tower of London. As the images intensify, she discovers a world of witchcraft and magic, of dark lust and death that ... Read more

    $1.39 USD

  • Complete Change

    by C.K. Ralston ...
    It’s not often that the leopard totally changes its spots, but it does happen once in a while. Leanne Hodges story is proof of that. At its beginning, Leanne is a happy, well-adjusted, thirty-year old widow, with two kids to raise, living in the same mountain hamlet in rural Northern California she has always lived in, expecting nothing more out of life than to live out her days in peace. At the ... Read more

    $3.95 USD

  • Carny Games: A Sex Party

    Bisexual Erotica

    by Victoria Rush ...
    Book 49 - Lesbian Erotica
    These carnival games require a different kind of skill…When Jade’s invited to another sex party at her friend Madison’s house, she knows she’s in for a special treat.But it’s not until Madison explains the rules of the bizarre carnival game that she begins to understand just how kinky this one is going to be.With names like organ ring toss, ping-pong blow gun, joystick Jenga, and ride-em cowgirl, ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Lesbian Threesome at the Massage Parlour

    by Kelly Sanders ...
    A hot, successful young woman pays regular visits to a particular local massage parlour. Her favourite masseuse, Paolo, is not available, so she has to settle for a female replacement instead. Her simmering sexual desire is satisfied even better than with Paolo, and as his replacement pleasures her on the massage table, they are interrupted by the owner - a slightly older woman who decides to get ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Grinding The Barleycorn

    by Kelly Sanders ...
    During her weekly shopping expedition, a wealthy young woman strikes up a flirty rapport with the hot, older shop assistant who is helping her to select various items of clothing and shoes. As she tries on each successive pair of expensive shoes, she begins to notice that the woman's soft touch is turning her on, and as much as she tries to fight her strange new urges, she finds herself incapable ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Plowed and Planted: Futa Love Bundle #1

    Plowed and Planted

    by Feela Macoque ...
    Book 1 - Plowed and Planted
    This boxset contains three HOT tales of fertile maidens and the futas who love them: Plowed and Planted by the Dickgirl, Plowed and Planted by the Futa, and Plowed and Planted by the Futa Cops. Stories are also available individually.Plowed and Planted by the Dickgirl: Terri has her heart set on getting pregnant. Her friend Mindy, who has a very big, hard secret of her own, offers a mind-blowing ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • My Best Friend Is a Futa!: Seduced and Seeded by My BFF

    by Mindy Masters ...
    Katy learns at her bachelorette party that her husband-to-be cheated on her! Thank God her best friend Jeanine is there to pick up the pieces. What Katy isn't ready for is Jeanine's little secret... or should we say BIG secret? Jeanine is a futanari! And she's ready to tease, please, and fill her cute friend Katy until she forgets all about that nasty ex-fiancé of hers. ... Fertile Katy's also ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Into the Lamia's Lair

    futa on female

    by Adrian Adams ...
    Juniper seeks an antidote for her sister, bitten by one of the monsters into whose cave she's now entering. The creature she's after is a lamia, a hermaphroditic snake woman a gigantic seven feet tall at full height. The stories say they're man eaters, but she hopes reality is different. She hopes to placate the lamia with gifts, but when she finally confronts the creature, its request in exchange ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Boobs Out - Volume 03

    by Glam Photoman ...
    Book 3 - Boobs Out
    Boobs Out ! (volume 03)50 Girls Get them out for your pleasure and some even go a bit further.All pictures are High Quality and Taken by professional Photographers.The Girls include well known Glamour models as well as beautiful Amateur Babes.So if you like Tits, Breasts, Boobs in all shapes and sizes this one is for you.Warning, Full frontal Nudity Suitable for Adults only!© Glam Photoman 2015All ... Read more

    $2.62 USD

  • Lady Bits (P***y) #017 - Julie's Bold Voo-Voo Naked

    本物のハードコア アクション

    by Pussy Encore ...
    Book 17 - Pussy
    Lady Bits (P***y) - Volume #017 - Julie's Bold Voo-Voo.This series gives you what you want “P***Y”.NO half dressed pictures, ALL Photos show Naked P***Y!!And a lot in close up for you to RELAX! over!!No Bullshit!, just a Naked Girl Showing P***y!!This one is all about Julie and she has a smooth P***y !Enjoy!! (45 Pics of naked bliss!!) ... Read more

    $1.30 USD

  • Lady Bits (P***y) #021 - Chikita's Poontang Exposed

    Book 21 - Pussy
    Lady Bits (P***y) - Volume #021 - Chikita's Poontang Exposed.This series gives you what you want “P***Y”.NO half dressed pictures, ALL Photos show Naked P***Y!!And a lot in close up for you to RELAX! over!!No Bullshit!, just a Naked Girl Showing P***y!!This one is all about Chikita and she has a dildo to please her P***y !Enjoy!! (45 Pics of naked bliss!!)本物のハードコア アクション ... Read more

    $1.30 USD

  • She-Bull Compilation

    Who doesn't love stories of cheating wives and girlfriends, especially when the lucky woman finds a "bull" that's bigger and better than her man where it really counts? The only thing that could make that hotter is if the woman-pleasing stud wasn't just another man, but a shemale or futanari! Enjoy this hot collection of cuckold-themed transgender stories featuring supremely well-endowed women ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Fractured Futures

    by S.Y. Thompson ...
    Detective Ronan Lee has just solved the crime of the century. Or, has she?The case of the copycat killer plunges her into an ancient mystery, but solving the murders raises questions about the world government's true objectives. An unexpected invention gives her the chance to travel to the past where her target is the 21st century and her mission is to save the woman at the heart of issue. This ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • L'Anti Justine

    The Delights of Love

    Inspired by the presumed poison of De Sade's violent and licentious masterworks 'Justine' and 'Juliette', Nicolas-Edme Rétif (also known as Rétif de la Bretonne) wrote this antidote; a work which morally defends the debauchery therein graphically depicted and shows us that even the most libidinous of lifestyles can have a happy ending.Enter Cupidonnet and Madeline; siblings with a singular passion ... Read more

    $1.30 USD

  • Rough & hot erotic stories (2 Books in 1)

    From start to finish, these pleasurable sensual tales of love and lust will soak your panties starting right now!

    Are you on the search for new and fresh sex stories that literally expand the realms of possibility as far as what's kink is concerned?If you've answered YES, keep reading...You've Just Discovered The Richest And Kinkiest Collection Of Raunchy Sex Stories Revolving Around Gangbangs, Lesbian, Taboo, MILFs, Rough Forbidden Adult, Threesomes And BDSM Which Will Literally Get You Turned On In Ways ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Lesbians at Play

    Erotica, Erotika

    by Julie Law ...
    series Erotica, Erotika
    Lesbians at PlayFour short stories make up this sizzling anthology, with plenty of lesbian erotica and romance. From babysitters that play around with their charge’s moms, to naughty nurses and wild cheerleaders who like to experiment – this collection has it all. For adults only! ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Amy's Girl

    by JJ Argus ...
    Beautiful Olivia is shy, has no self-confidence, and goes to college to be a veterinarian because she is more comfortable with animals than people. Then she meets Amy, a bundle of energy and force who does whatever she wants and becomes her roommate. In short order she is infatuated with the beautiful redhead, and falls under her spell. Amy soon begins to teach her just what incredible heights of ... Read more

    $5.95 USD

  • Maidens Of Milk Bundle (Lesbian Lactation Erotica)

    by Laila Cole ...
    series Maidens Of Milk (Lesbian Lactation Erotica)
    Eva & VeronicaIt was the middle of Eva and Veronica's third trimester. One night while trying to rekindle the passion with Veronica, a surprise escapes from Eva's breasts. Soon after the pair discover their shared passion for milk, unleashing one hot evening the two of them will never forget!Missy & ScarlettWith a new child in the house, Missy finds it hard to be submissive to Scarlett as their ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • The Wicked Confessions Of Lady Cecelia Stanton (The Regency Diaries,

    Book 2 - The Regency Diaries
    'Beautifully written regency romance with highly erotic overtones' - AusRomTodayWhen faced with a rakish, lusty husband, what is a proper English wife to do but educate herself in the art of bedplay?“Marriages are strange things, none stranger perhaps than this betwixt me and my lord husband.”Lady Cecelia is married to the dashing and philandering Lord William Stanton, a situation that would ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Lesbian First Times: Awakened Desire

    FF, Lesbian Erotica, Lesbian Firsts, Lesbian Romance Short Stories

    series FF, Lesbian Erotica, Lesbian Firsts, Lesbian Romance Short Stories
    **A Fun, Standalone Lesbian Romance with No Cliffhanger**!Karen Lindsay is just out of a raw relationship and has just landed a new job as a contractor. Her company lands a contract with an ailing television station that she has to go and get out of the rut. When she gets there she is not prepared when she meets the super sexy billionaire owner, Debra Richards. Will making love to her latest ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Bratty Blonde

    by JJ Argus ...
    Kristin wasn't really into girls, and especially not her often-annoying bimbo roommate Hannah. Oh, it wasn't like Hannah wasn't buxom, blonde and beautiful, but tomboy Kristin had always found girly-girls annoying. When Hannah got bratty, though, Kristin's response surprised them both. Punishing Hannah was... exciting - to both of them. Especially the means she used to do so. Who would have ... Read more

    $5.95 USD

  • Sapphire

    by Serenity Snow ...
    Book 1 - Midnight's Jewels
    Sapphire Diamond is on top of the world. She’s the star of a killer collection and has just been promoted to head designer of Red Silk. However, her life is about to be turned upside down by bat shifter traffickers.Cassia Sol is part macho protector but all vampire bat shifter. The second she catches the scent of her mate, her bat wants to claim Sapphire, but Cassia is unwilling to make that big a ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • My First Gay Affair

    She also never once thought of sex with another woman either. Why this incident happened, can only be chalked up to fate. Incredible hot sex with another woman was meant to happen . . . again and again and again. ... Read more

    $2.99 USD