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  • Super Attractor

    Methods for Manifesting a Life beyond Your Wildest Dreams

    ** NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER! ** ARE YOU READY TO LIVE IN ALIGNMENT WITH THE UNIVERSE ANDTHE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE? The #1 New York Times best-selling author of The Universe Has Your Back shows you how.SUPER ATTRACTOR WILL TEACH YOU ESSENTIAL METHODS FOR MANIFESTING A LIFE BEYOND YOUR WILDEST DREAMSIdentified as “a new role model” by The New York Times and featured on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday as. ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • The Map

    Finding the Magic and Meaning in the Story of Your Life

    This best-selling spiritual growth book will help you see your life as a wonderful adventure from world-renowned oracle card expert with over a million decks sold, best-selling author, and internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher Colette Baron-Reid.Intuitive counselor Colette Baron-Reid is renowned for helping people create the purposeful and authentic lives they desire. In this inspirational ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • What Happens When We Die?

    A Ground-breaking Study into the Nature of Life and Death

    A critical care doctor interviews hundreds of patients about their near-death experiences, taking readers on a fascinating tour through human consciousness—and demystifying what may await us after death.Dr. Sam Parnia faces death every day. Through his work as a critical-care doctor in a hospital emergency room, he became very interested in some of his patients’ accounts of the experiences that ... Read more

    $9.99 USD $1.99 USD

  • The Complete Book of Numerology

    Discovering the Inner Self

    Discover the science of self-discoveryTo the conventional scientist, numbers are merely symbols of comparative quantities, but in the broader, metaphysical sense, they assume a deeper, more profound significance.The Complete Book of Numerology reveals the underlying meaning behind the numbers in your life and enables you to understand the connection between your numerological patterns and your ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Our Return to the Light

    A New Path to Health and Healing

    by Barbara Wren ...
    Our Return to the Light has a simple but timely message: stress is the precursor of disease, but when we dance in rhythm with the universe we transmit and receive light within every cell of the body, freeing ourselves from fear and creating cellular healing from within.In this book, Barbara Wren, a respected naturopath and healer, explains how to maximize the body’s potential to receive and ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

    How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

    Discover how to reprogram your biology and thinking, and break the habit of being yourself so you can truly change your mind and life.Best-selling author, international speaker, chiropractor, and renowned researcher of epigenetics, quantum physics, and neuroscience, Dr. Joe Dispenza shares that you are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life.New science ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • The Convoluted Universe: Book Two

    The sequel to The Convoluted Universe – Book One. Provides metaphysical information obtained through numerous subjects by hypnotic past-life regression. ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • The Practitioner Handbook for Spiritual Mind Healing

    The connection between our thoughts/beliefs with our health/life experiences has been recently heralded as an important discovery by scientists. Yet in the 1920s Dr. Ernest Holmes extensively studied what others had already written about this & synthesized his understanding inThe Science of Mind text. He described it as a correlation of laws of science, opinions of philosophy, and revelations of ... Read more

    $10.99 USD

  • The Power of Decision

    A Step-by-Step Program to Overcome Indecision and Live Without Failure Forever

    Introducing the first book in a powerful new series, The Tarcher Master Mind Editions: Essential Books of Inspiration, Instruction, and Motivation.What mind can conceive, man can achieve.Our decisions impact every area of our lives. Making better decisions means living a better life. But how can we develop the habit of making great decisions?Every noteworthy achievement the world has ever seen was ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Cellular Awakening

    How Your Body Holds and Creates Light

    by Barbara Wren ...
    What if almost everything you’ve been told about health and the human body is wrong?What if you had within you the ability to heal from any condition?This fascinating book by Barbara Wren shatters many of the myths that currently exist regarding health and illness, and presents a vision of the human body and healing that is both practical and inspirational. In essence, no matter what ailment you ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Destiny vs. Choice

    The Scientific and Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate and Free Will

    Since the day we are born, we are bombarded with the contradictory claims that our lives are predestined and that Fate deals us the cards we must play, or that our lives are the results of our choices and that we shape it as we go along.Destiny vs. Choice examines the philosophical, spiritual, and scientific evidence for both claims, and shows us how we can live better, more fulfilling lives no ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • Gods in Everyman

    Archetypes That Shape Men's Lives

    In this challenging and enlightening companion volume to the bestselling Goddesses in Everywoman, Jean Shinoda Bolen turns her attention to the powerful inner patterns--or archetypes--that shape men's personalities, careers, and personal relationships. Viewing these archtypes as the inner counterparts of the outer world of cultural stereotypes, she demonstrates how men an women can gain an ... Read more

    $17.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Becoming Supernatural

    How Common People are Doing the Uncommon

    A WALL STREET JOURNAL BESTSELLER by DR. JOE DISPENZA , the author of the New York Times bestseller You Are the Placebo, as well as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Evolve Your Brain.Becoming Supernatural draws on epigenetics, quantum physics & neuroscience research conducted at his advanced workshops since 2012 to explore how common people are doing the uncommon to transform their ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • The Infinite Way

    With linked Table of Contents

    "All the error that has existed down the ages is founded on the theory or belief of two worlds, one the heavenly kingdom, or spiritual life, and the other a material world or mortal existence, each separate from the other. In spite of this sense of two worlds, men have always attempted to bring harmony into the discords of human existence through an attempt, by prayer, to contact this other world, ... Read more

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  • PSIence

    How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Mysteries of Paranormal Phenomenom

    Are poltergeists energy fluctuations in the Zero Point Field?Could even the simple experience of déjà vu be explained by the quantum theory of parallel universes?Do thoughts have the energy to manifest and move physical objects?PSIence introduces readers to the latest discoveries in quantum physics and New Science that may explain the existence of paranormal phenomena—UFOs, ghosts, poltergeists, ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • The Comparing Game: Escape the Comparing Paradigm, Embrace your own Uniqueness, be your True Self

    by Grace Scott ...
    Stop Comparing Yourself to OthersHave you ever questioned your standing in life or your worth simply due to comparing yourself with others? This practice, called social comparing, is widespread in modern-day society. Our perception of the society is shaped through observation, experiencing new things, and communicating with other people. It’s important that we don’t form a negative view of ... Read more

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  • Trance-Portation: Learning to Navigate the Inner World

    Learning to Navigate the Inner World

    by Diana Paxson ...
    The ability to move from the ordinary into an altered state of consciousness is one of the most valuable skills in both magic and religion. From the ceremonial magician to the shaman using trance work to explore inner realms is essential to the magical process of healing transcendence and wisdom desired throughout diverse occult and spiritual traditions. Trance-Portation offers a comprehensive and ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • The Everything Answer Book

    How Quantum Science Explains Love, Death, and the Meaning of Life

    Goswami’s basic premise is that quantum physics is not only the future of science, but is also the key to understanding consciousness, life, death, God, psychology, and the meaning of life. Quantum physics is an antidote to the moral sterility and mechanistic approach of scientific materialism and is the best and clearest approach to understanding our universe. In short, quantum physics is indeed ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • Manifest Your Ex: My Law of Attraction Guide That Won Him Back

    (Spirituality & Fulfillment)

    by Betty Tate ...
    Series series Spirituality & Fulfillment
    Are you filled with sorrow and regret over a failed relationship? Wondering how you can go on without that special someone in your life?I know how you feel.Once upon a time I used to feel that the best answer to these disappointments wass to try to turn back the clock and get that person back, but the truth of the matter is, there is much work to be done before this can come about! Finding the ... Read more


  • Sana Tu Cuerpo

    by Louise Hay ...
    Sana tu Cuerpo es una guía fresca y fácil de seguir paso a paso.Solo busca tu problema de salud específico y encontrarás la causa probable de ese desafío en tu salud y la información que necesitas para superarlo creando un nuevo patrón de pensamiento. ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Chaos, Creativity, and Cosmic Consciousness

    Three of the most original thinkers of our time explore issues that call into question our current views of reality, morality, and the nature of life.• A wide-ranging investigation of the ecology of inner and outer space, the role of chaos theory in the dynamics of human creation, and the rediscovery of traditional wisdom.In this book of "trialogues," the late psychedelic visionary and ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • The Power of Birthdays, Stars & Numbers

    The Complete Personology Reference Guide

    The most complete, comprehensive birthday forecast available--synthesizing the secrets of astrology, numerology, and fixed stars!In this delightfully addictive, wholly accessible book, two skilled astrologers guide you toward greater psychological insight, self-awareness, and a keen understanding of your unique position in the universe. Packed with an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and clear, ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • Thomas Troward: Ultimate Collection

    Spark Personal Development as Means to Awaken Your Latent Abilities: Lectures on Mental Science…

    Thomas Troward's 'Ultimate Collection' is a groundbreaking book that delves into the realms of metaphysics and spirituality. Troward, known for his deep understanding of spiritual principles, offers readers a comprehensive guide to unlocking the power of the mind and harnessing the universal laws to manifest their desires. Written in a clear and concise style, the book explores complex concepts ... Read more

    $1.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Answers The World of David Icke

    David Icke was a footballer, television presenter, Green politician and then a famous and popular writer on alternative views on world history, society and how the world works.He has a view that the world is actually a form of artificial reality controlled by extraterrestrials. These extraterrestrials cause chaos in the world - creating wars, economic crises, pandemics ets...Find out more about ... Read more

    $3.16 USD or Free with Kobo Plus