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  • 50 Battles That Changed the World

    by William Weir ...
    An informative look at the military conflicts that most altered the course of history and civilization, from ancient times to the modern world.Rather than celebrating warfare, 50 Battles That Changed the World looks at the clashes the author believes have had the most profound impact on world history. Ranked in order of their relevance to the modern world, these struggles range from the ancient ... Read more

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  • A Savage War of Peace

    Algeria 1954-1962

    The Algerian War lasted from 1954 to 1962. It brought down six French governments, led to the collapse of the Fourth Republic, returned de Gaulle to power, and came close to provoking a civil war on French soil. More than a million Muslim Algerians died in the conflict and as many European settlers were driven into exile. Above all, the war was marked by an unholy marriage of revolutionary terror ... Read more

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  • Sekigahara 1600

    The final struggle for power

    Series Book 40 - Campaign
    Sekigahara was the most decisive battle in Japanese history. Fought against the ritualised and colourful backdrop of Samurai life, it was the culmination of a long-standing power struggle between Tokugawa Ieyasu and Hashiba Hideyoshi, two of the most powerful men in Japan. Armies of the two sides met on the plain of Sekigahara on 21 October 1600, in thick fog and deep mud. By the end of the day 40 ... Read more

    $18.99 USD

  • The Missing Martyrs

    Why There Are So Few Muslim Terrorists

    Why are there so few Muslim terrorists? With more than a billion Muslims in the world--many of whom supposedly hate the West and ardently desire martyrdom--why don't we see terrorist attacks every day? Where are the missing martyrs? In this startlingly counterintuitive book, a leading authority on Islamic movements demonstrates that terrorist groups are thoroughly marginal in the Muslim world. ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • War on the Border

    Villa, Pershing, the Texas Rangers, and an American Invasion

    by Jeff Guinn ...
    The dramatic story of how over a century ago, the United States and Mexico went to war over their border, a conflict that still resonates today.In 1916, Mexican rebel Pancho Villa staged a bloody raid on a US border town, the latest incident in simmering tensions between the two countries. In response the United States launched the year-long Punitive Expedition—a military invasion of Mexican ... Read more

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  • The Last Kingdom

    Series Book 1 - Last Kingdom (formerly Saxon Tales)
    The first installment of Bernard Cornwell’s New York Times bestselling series chronicling the epic saga of the making of England, “like Game of Thrones, but real” (The Observer, London)—the basis for The Last Kingdom, the hit Netflix series.This is the exciting—yet little known—story of the making of England in the 9th and 10th centuries, the years in which King Alfred the Great, his son and ... Read more

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  • Silver Queen: The Fabulous Story Of Baby Doe Tabor

    This is a fascinating autobiography of Baby Doe Tabor, the second wife of pioneer Colorado businessman Horace Tabor, whose rags-to-riches and back to rags again story made her a well-known figure in her own day, and at one time hailed as the “best dressed woman in the West.”It was during Baby Doe’s final years of her life living in a shack on the site of the Matchless Mine, enduring great poverty, ... Read more

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  • Afghanistan

    A Military History from the Ancient Empires to the Great Game

    Afghanistan: A Military History from the Ancient Empires to the Great Game covers the military history of a region encompassing Afghanistan, Central and South Asia, and West Asia, over some 2,500 years. This is the first comprehensive study in any language published on the millennia-long competition for domination and influence in one of the key regions of the Eurasian continent.Jalali’s work ... Read more

    $35.99 USD

  • Persian Fire

    by Tom Holland ...
    A "fresh...thrilling" (The Guardian) account of the Graeco-Persian Wars. In the fifth century B.C., a global superpower was determined to bring truth and order to what it regarded as two terrorist states. The superpower was Persia, incomparably rich in ambition, gold, and men. The terrorist states were Athens and Sparta, eccentric cities in a poor and mountainous backwater: Greece.The story of how ... Read more

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  • Korea 1950–53

    B-29s, Thunderjets and Skyraiders fight the strategic bombing campaign

    Series Book 39 - Air Campaign
    A spectacularly illustrated new history and analysis of the strategic bombing campaign in the Korean War, which saw the last combat of America's legendary B-29s.Just five years after they defeated Japan, at the dawn of the jet age, the most advanced bomber of World War II was already obsolescent. But the legendary war-winning Superfortresses had one more war to fight, in the strategic air campaign ... Read more

    $18.99 USD

  • If We Burn

    The Mass Protest Decade and the Missing Revolution

    The story of the recent uprisings that sought to change the world - and what comes nextFrom 2010 to 2020, more people participated in protests than at any other point in human history. Yet we are not living in more just and democratic societies as a result. IF WE BURNis a stirring work of history built around a single, vital question: How did so many mass protests lead to the opposite of what they ... Read more

    $18.99 USD


    by BOB BASE ...
    Now fully editedThis is the story about an eight man squad of men within a Roman legion on the very edge of the empire.There are no heroes or senior officers vying for greatness or ultimate power, there are no beautiful women .This is just the story of eight low ranked common soldiers. Their everyday lives and struggles as the serve their twenty years under the EagleWe meet them on the march, a ... Read more

    $8.11 USD

  • The Roads to Rome

    A History of Imperial Expansion

    Inspired by original research and filled with color and drama, this is an exploration of two thousand years of history as seen through one the greatest imperial networks ever built."All roads lead to Rome” is a medieval proverb, but it's also true: today's European roads still follow the networks of the ancient empire—and these ancient roads continue to grip our modern imaginations as a physical ... Read more

    $20.99 USD


  • Warrior of Mercia

    The action-packed historical thriller from MJ Porter

    by MJ Porter ...
    Series Book 3 - The Eagle of Mercia Chronicles
    The next thrilling adventure, all NEW from MJ PorterIcel is a lone wolf no more...Oath sworn to Wiglaf, King of Mercia and acknowledged as a member of Ealdorman Ælfstan’s warrior band, Icel continues to forge his own destiny on the path to becoming the Warrior of Mercia.With King Ecgberht of Wessex defeated and Londonium back under Mercian control, the Wessex invasion of Mercia is over.But the ... Read more

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  • War in a Time of Peace

    Bush, Clinton, and the Generals

    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam chronicles Washington politics and foreign policy in post Cold War America.Evoking the internal conflicts, unchecked egos, and power struggles within the White House, the State Department, and the military, Halberstam shows how the decisions of men who served in the Vietnam War, and those who did not, have shaped America's role in global events. ... Read more

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  • The First World War

    by John Keegan ...
    NATIONAL BESTSELLER • The definitive account of the Great War from one of our most eminent military historians. "Elegantly written, clear, detailed, and omniscient.... Keegan is...perhaps the best military historian of our day." —The New York Times Book ReviewThe First World War created the modern world. A conflict of unprecedented ferocity, it abruptly ended the relative peace and prosperity of ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • Pax

    War and Peace in Rome's Golden Age

    by Tom Holland ...
    From a “remarkably gifted historian” (New York Times), the definitive account of the golden age of Rome -- an ultimate superpower at the pinnacle of its greatnessThe Pax Romana has long been shorthand for the empire’s golden age. Stretching from Caledonia to Arabia, Rome ruled over a quarter of the world’s population. It was the wealthiest and most formidable state in the history of humankind.Pax ... Read more

    $19.99 USD

  • The Sleepwalkers

    How Europe Went to War in 1914

    “A monumental new volume. . . . Revelatory, even revolutionary. . . . Clark has done a masterful job explaining the inexplicable.” — Boston GlobeOne of The New York Times Book Review’s 10 Best Books of the Year • Winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize (History)Historian Christopher Clark’s riveting account of the explosive beginnings of World War I.Drawing on new schol... ... Read more

    $15.99 USD

  • Our Enemies Will Vanish

    The Russian Invasion and Ukraine's War of Independence

    **“Our Enemies Will Vanish achieves the highest level of war reporting: a tough, detailed account that nevertheless reads like a great novel. One is reminded of Michael Herr's Dispatches . . . Frankly, it's what we have all aspired to. I did not really understand Ukraine until I read Trofimov's account.” —Sebastian JungerA revelatory eyewitness account of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and heroism ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • Valor

    The Astonishing World War II Saga of One Man's Defiance and Indomitable Spirit

    by Dan Hampton ...
    Valor is the magnificent story of a genuine American hero who survived the fall of the Philippines and brutal captivity under the Japanese, from New York Times bestselling author Dan Hampton.Lieutenant William Frederick “Bill” Harris was 25 years old when captured by Japanese forces during the Battle of Corregidor in May 1942. This son of a decorated Marine general escaped from hell on earth by ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • The Autobiography of Sir Götz von Berlichingen

    Gottfried "Götz" von Berlichingen, the Knight of the Iron Hand, was one of the last great medieval knights of history. Born in the year 1480, Götz came of age in an era of great change, both in his native German lands and the wider world. The Reformation would fundamentally change the landscape of political power in Europe, and the ensuing wars would tear the continent apart. Yet, for a time, Götz ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • The Last Crusaders

    The Hundred-Year Battle for the Center of the World

    The acclaimed Medieval historian examines how the crusades of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries reshaped the Mediterranean and influenced the globe.In the late Middle Ages, the forces of Christianity engaged in a series of epic battles with the Ottoman Empire. Though these later crusades are often overshadowed by earlier conflicts, they hold profound historical significance. They were the ... Read more

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  • Night Comes To The Cumberlands: A Biography Of A Depressed Area

    “At the time it was first published in 1962, it framed such an urgent appeal to the American conscience that it actually prompted the creation of the Appalachian Regional Commission, an agency that has pumped millions of dollars into Appalachia.Caudill’s study begins in the violence of the Indian wars and ends in the economic despair of the 1950s and 1960s. Two hundred years ago, the Cumberland ... Read more

    $3.49 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Templars

    The Rise and Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors

    by Dan Jones ...
    **“Dan Jones is an entertainer, but also a bona fide historian. Seldom does one find serious scholarship so easy to read.” – The Times, Book of the YearA New York Times bestseller, this major new history of the knights Templar is “a fresh, muscular and compelling history of the ultimate military-religious crusading order, combining sensible scholarship with narrative swagger" – Simon Sebag ... Read more

    $13.99 USD