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  • Unbroken Bonds of Battle

    A Modern Warriors Book of Heroism, Patriotism, and Friendship

    Life only really starts when we start serving others.For many people, military service isn’t simply a job. It’s a ticket out of a lonely society and into a family of enduring bonds.In over a decade of working with veterans, Johnny Joey Jones has discovered the power of battle-forged friendships. Suffering a life-changing injury while deployed in Afghanistan, he faced a daunting recovery. But ... Read more

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  • Fancy Bear Goes Phishing

    The Dark History of the Information Age, in Five Extraordinary Hacks

    "Unsettling, absolutely riveting, and—for better or worse—necessary reading." —Brian Christian, author of Algorithms to Live By and The Alignment ProblemAn entertaining account of the philosophy and technology of hacking—and why we all need to understand it.It’s a signal paradox of our times that we live in an information society but do not know how it works. And without understanding how our ... Read more

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  • The Return (Pulitzer Prize Winner)

    Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between

    by Hisham Matar ...
    WINNER OF THE PULITZER PRIZE • The acclaimed memoir about fathers and sons, a legacy of loss, and, ultimately, healing—one of The New York Times Book Review’s ten best books of the year, winner of the PEN/Jean Stein Book Award, and a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Los Angeles Times Book PrizeWhen Hisham Matar was a nineteen-year-old university student in England, his ... Read more

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  • Mary's Mosaic

    The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace: Third Edition

    by Peter Janney ...
    Explores the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer and her connected to President KennedyIdeal book for fans of The Devil’s Chessboard by David Talbot, The Reporter Who Knew Too Much by Dorothy Kilgallen, Dr. Mary’s Monkey by Edward T. Haslam, and other JFK conspiracy booksUpdated edition of the true crime expose, including new evidence and government documents corroborating the conspiracy to assassinate ... Read more

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  • One Person, One Vote

    A Surprising History of Gerrymandering in America

    by Nick Seabrook ...
    A redistricting crisis is now upon us. This surprising, compelling book tells the history of how we got to this moment—from the Founding Fathers to today’s high-tech manipulation of election districts—and shows us as well how to protect our most sacred, hard-fought principle of one person, one vote. Here is THE book on gerrymandering for citizens, politicians, journalists, activists, and voters. ... Read more

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  • King: A Life

    by Jonathan Eig ...
    AN INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER | A Washington Post and National Indie Bestseller“Supple, penetrating, heartstring-pulling and compulsively readable . . . Eig’s book is worthy of its subject.” —Dwight Garner, The New York Times (Book Review Editors' Choice)"[King is] infused with the narrative energy of a thriller . . . The most compelling account of King’s life in a generati... ... Read more

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  • The Looming Tower

    NATIONAL BESTSELLER • PULITZER PRIZE WINNER • A “heart-stopping account of the events leading up to 9/11” (The New York Times Book Review), this definitive history explains in gripping detail the growth of Islamic fundamentalism, the rise of al-Qaeda, and the intelligence failures that culminated in the attacks on the World Trade Center.In gripping narrative that spans five decades, Lawrence ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • Frankly, We Did Win This Election

    The Inside Story of How Trump Lost

    THE INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!Michael C. Bender, senior White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal, presents a deeply reported account of the 2020 presidential campaign that details how Donald J. Trump became the first incumbent in three decades to lose reelection—and the only one whose defeat culminated in a violent insurrection.Beginning with President Trump’s first impeachment and ... Read more

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  • It's OK to Be Angry About Capitalism

    NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A progressive takedown of the uber-capitalist status quo that has enriched millionaires and billionaires at the expense of the working class, and a blueprint for what transformational change would actually look likeIt’s OK to be angry about capitalism. Reflecting on our turbulent times, Senator Bernie Sanders takes on the billionaire class and speaks blunt truths about ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • Why Nations Fail

    The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty

    Brilliant and engagingly written, Why Nations Fail answers the question that has stumped the experts for centuries: Why are some nations rich and others poor, divided by wealth and poverty, health and sickness, food and famine?Is it culture, the weather, geography? Perhaps ignorance of what the right policies are?Simply, no. None of these factors is either definitive or destiny. Otherwise, how to ... Read more

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  • Let This Radicalize You

    Organizing and the Revolution of Reciprocal Care

    What fuels and sustains activism and organizing when it feels like our worlds are collapsing? Let This Radicalize You is a practical and imaginative resource for activists and organizers building power in an era of destabilization and catastrophe.Longtime organizers and movement educators Mariame Kaba and Kelly Hayes examine some of the political lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the ... Read more

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  • The Taming of Chance

    by Ian Hacking ...
    Book 17 - Ideas in Context
    In this important study Ian Hacking continues the enquiry into the origins and development of certain characteristic modes of contemporary thought undertaken in such previous works as the best-selling The Emergence of Probability. Professor Hacking shows how by the late-nineteenth century it became possible to think of statistical patterns as explanatory in themselves, and to regard the world as ... Read more

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  • 可能性的艺术:比较政治学30讲

    by 刘瑜 ...
    编辑推荐★ 学者刘瑜比较政治学新著。继《民主的细节》《观念的水位》出版近10年后,政治学者刘瑜新作出版。在保留其理性而灵动的语言风格、清晰而缜密的逻辑叙述的基础上,这一次,她带我们跳出一时一地的政治,从高处看国际格局,形成广阔的俯瞰视野。★ 全方位、多角度的政治比较视野。围绕比较政治学两个核心维度--政治转型和国家能力,将不同国家、地区、古今纳入其中,带来全方位的比较。同时,书中不仅有对发达国家如美国、英国、德国、法国等的分析,也有对发展中国家如南非、印度、墨西哥、泰国、智利、伊拉克等的介绍;在分析经济发展、民主转型的成功案例时,也会剖析失败案例,以此突破认识的偏见,将当下问题纳入历史长河,以历史为尺度,形成看问题的比例感,跳出现象,对问题做出公正的判断。★ 政治在社会中,从政治之外看政治。"政治在社会结构中""政治在经济中""政治在历史中""政治在地理中""政治在文化中" ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Laboratories of Autocracy

    A Wake-Up Call from Behind the Lines

    by David Pepper ...
    “It’s the statehouses, stupid.”Laboratories of Autocracy shows that far more than the high-profile antics of politicians like Marjorie Taylor Greene or Jim Jordan—and yes, even bigger than Donald Trump’s "Big Lie”—it’s anonymous, often corrupt politicians in statehouses across the country who pose the greatest dangers to American democracy.Because these statehouses no longer operate as functioning ... Read more

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  • America's Wars

    Interventions, Regime Change, and Insurgencies after the Cold War

    series Cambridge Military Histories
    The collapse of the Soviet Union ushered in American global hegemony in world affairs. In the post-Cold War period, both Democrat and Republican governments intervened, fought insurgencies, and changed regimes. In America's Wars, Thomas Henriksen explores how America tried to remake the world by militarily invading a host of nations beset with civil wars, ethnic cleansing, brutal dictators, and ... Read more

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  • Why Europe?

    An Integration History From A(denauer) to Z(elenskyy)

    Will Ukraine ever be an EU member?Why don’t we have a European army yet?Does crisis make the EU stronger?The European Union has great influence on the lives of its citizens. That situation can prove to be controversial. Decisions made by the EU often lead to misunderstanding and resentment.Aside from these controversies, it is clear that the Union we live in today, is the result of a myriad of ... Read more

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  • Economic Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy

    This book develops a framework for analyzing the creation and consolidation of democracy. Different social groups prefer different political institutions because of the way they allocate political power and resources. Thus democracy is preferred by the majority of citizens, but opposed by elites. Dictatorship nevertheless is not stable when citizens can threaten social disorder and revolution. In ... Read more

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  • Saving Democracy

    A User's Manual for Every American

    by David Pepper ...
    Laboratories of Autocracy walked through the hidden breadth, depth, and intensity of the countrywide attack on democracy. The final chapters outlined thirty steps necessary to fight back. One of the most common responses from readers was—“I skipped to the end. I wanted to get to the solutions.”Saving Democracy is the companion book that skips to the end:—It details how we all can and must play a ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • Class Struggle in Hollywood, 1930–1950

    Moguls, Mobsters, Stars, Reds, & Trade Unionists

    by Gerald Horne ...
    “A taut narrative in elegant prose . . . Horne has unearthed a vitally important and mostly forgotten aspect of Hollywood and labor history.” —Publishers WeeklyAs World War II wound down in 1945 and the cold war heated up, the skilled trades that made up the Conference of Studio Unions (CSU) began a tumultuous strike at the major Hollywood studios. This turmoil escalated further when the studios ... Read more

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  • Summary: Among the Truthers

    Review and Analysis of Jonathan Kay's Book

    The must-read summary of Jonathan Kay's book: "Among the Truthers: A Journey Through America's Growing Conspiracist Underground".This complete summary of "Among the Truthers" by Jonathan Kay, a Canadian journalist, explores the author's belief that conspiracy theorists are now at the centre of American politics. He argues that this phenomenon of deconstruction poses a significant threat, and that ... Read more

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  • Patriots

    The Vietnam War Remembered from All Sides

    "Intense and absorbing... If you buy only one book on the Vietnam War, this is the one you want." -Chicago TribuneChristian G. Appy's monumental oral history of the Vietnam War is the first work to probe the war's path through both the United States and Vietnam. These vivid testimonies of 135 men and women span the entire history of the Vietnam conflict, from its murky origins in the 1940s to the ... Read more

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  • Guest House for Young Widows

    Among the Women of ISIS

    A gripping account of thirteen women who joined, endured, and, in some cases, escaped life in the Islamic State—based on years of immersive reporting by a Pulitzer Prize finalist.FINALIST FOR THE BAILLIE GIFFORD PRIZE • NAMED ONE OF THE TEN BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY PUBLISHERS WEEKLY AND ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY The New York Times Book Review • NPR • Toronto Star • The GuardianAmong ... Read more

    $14.99 USD

  • First Dads

    Parenting and Politics from George Washington to Barack Obama

    Every president has had some experience as a parent. Of the 43 men who have served in the nation's highest office, 38 have fathered biological children and the other five adopted children. Each president's parenting style reveals much about his beliefs as well as his psychological make-up. James Garfield enjoyed jumping on the bed with his kids. FDR's children, on the other hand, had to make ... Read more

    $13.99 USD $3.99 USD

  • Superabundance

    The Story of Population Growth, Innovation, and Human Flourishing on an Infinitely Bountiful Planet

    Generations of people have been taught that population growth makes resources scarcer. In 2021, for example, one widely publicized report argued that “The world's rapidly growing population is consuming the planet's natural resources at an alarming rate . . . the world currently needs 1.6 Earths to satisfy the demand for natural resources … [a figure that] could rise to 2 planets by 2030.” But is ... Read more

    $13.99 USD