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Science Fiction eBooks

If you like Science Fiction eBooks, then you'll love these top picks.
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  • The Art Of The Houdini Scientist, And The Other Soulless Zombies Who Were Never Here. . .

    by TR Nowry ...
    Book 1 - The Hummingbird
    Houdini Scientist: Noun.A young inventor that hides the secrets to her science behind elaborate misdirection and an illusion of incomprehensible complexity, like a magician would.Just another soulless zombie trapped in a secret base that officially doesn't exist.A girl that will save the world, if she can save herself first.* * *"Some savants can play concert-level piano at the age of five, ... Read more


  • Death and Taxes

    Eight short stories covering the range from mythical through fantasy to inter-dimensional, and more! Thought-provoking commentary on altruism, greed and politics. Witty, pithy and pointed, these stories will please many different tastes.These previously unpublished stories include: Death and Taxes, Captive Audience, A Walk on the Wind, The Book of Fate, The Castle-O-Lantern, Catspaw, Hunting ... Read more


  • Espejos circunflejos

    by FTMasSana ...
    Año 2837, la humanidad vive una utopía donde las personas al fin son libres de yugos materiales y disfrutan de una vida plácida y despreocupada. Ya no hay dinero ni pobreza, y el valor de cada individuo viene determinado por los conocimientos que aporta al colectivo.En esta sociedad idílica, un astrónomo llamado Niván halla una forma de viajar en el tiempo. Es el descubrimiento del siglo, un ... Read more


  • A Weekend in Heaven

    Have you ever wondered what it will be like to die and go to Heaven?What is heaven like? Is it all Angels and singing? Or is it a bit like down here on earth but without all the nasty things like illnesses, road rage, arguments, disasters etc.Jesus said that he is going to prepare a place for us, where there are many mansions.This short story / Novella is my take on what I think Heaven would be ... Read more


  • Cold Pride

    Status updating…Time and Space breached…Data leak detected…The archives of The Numbered Entity Project have opened in this membrane of existence for the very first time. Inside the, at once both infinitesimal and infinity-spanning, data stores wait the tale of rogues, outcasts and 'others.' Those whose time was numbered but refused to 'know their place.' Those who tried, for better or worse, to ... Read more


  • In the Image of Another

    by J Doren ...
    It's mid twenty-first century, and gene therapy has come a long way. The medical uses of gene editing have become common and routine, however, the potential of misuse is great. Because of past experiments that went horribly wrong, laws have been passed to prevent cloning. Still, there are rumors of what goes on in secret government labs.Dr. Glen Hayden is highly esteemed for his work in the field ... Read more


  • Shell Song

    When Dionia arrives on the water world of Melusine she meets Hyle, the leader of a group of human colonists inhabiting an atoll city. The Melusines have adapted to an amphibious existence, but what has caused their genome to alter so quickly? And what is the secret of their symbiotic relationship with the mysterious Polyp? Hyle's people are involved in a territorial war with the merrows, a race of ... Read more


  • AI's Minion

    by Ed Hurst ...
    Our hero stumbles into a secret society that introduces him to a world of high technology that the government has tried hard to keep secret. In the process, he develops a unique level of cooperation from the singular artificial intelligence entity used by everyone. His talent for moral discernment is a perfect match for how the AI works. While addressing some of the same kinds of adventure as ... Read more


  • Beware the Well Fed Man

    by Chris Capps ...
    Carved from the remnants of a long dead world, Ebon has only two things on his mind from one day to the next. The first is the safety of his brother Crassus. The second is the search for home. And when he and his brother find a massive thirty-story tall technological wonderland, he wonders if fate has given them both. But what they find inside is so much more than just a house. They find a ... Read more


  • Inkprint Press Reader's Guide

    Reader's Guide, #2020

    Book 2020 - Reader's Guide
    The official guide to Inkprint's entire catalogue of fantasy, sci fi and romance fiction!This guide offers an official introduction to novels and short stories by Inkprint Press's four authors, Liana Brooks, Amy Laurens, J.C. Nelson and Thea van Diepen.Keep this official guide on your device or app and use it to track your reading.This official guide contains a list of Inkprint Press books by ... Read more


  • The Four Horsemen of the SylverMoon

    Sampler of the SylverMoon Chronicles

    Book 0 - SylverMoon Chronicles
    Adventure - Anyone caught up in the tide of the incredible with only their wits, their skills, and the fates to see them through.Fantasy - where the world of what we know touches upon the world we can only imagine. Here the mystical dances to its own tune, challenging us to find its rhythmHorror - here the night, the uncertain, the undefined, the very shadows come to life, taking hold of our fears ... Read more


  • Oil to Ashes 1, "Picnic" (Linc Freemore Apocalyptic Thriller Series)

    by Lee Brait ...
    series Oil To Ashes
    "As usual his morning commute took him past that simple wooden cross, planted above the pit with the charred sides. And as usual Linc's stomach turned at the thought of it happening to the next child."Apocalyptic Science Fiction Story. 44 pages (10.795 words)Oil To Ashes Part 1, 'Picnic' - Introducing Linc FreemoreThe war on terror has escalated to a nihilistic brawl for oil. Brutal and incessant ... Read more


  • Fractime Eternity (Part 7)

    by Steve Hertig ...
    Book 7 - The Fractime Saga
    Fractime’s story tells of key times surrounding the Universal War, a conflict pitting humanity against machine as well as itself throughout time.After the teenage Mackinac twins meet a stranger from the Mór Continuity, they discover the real cause of the Universal War and learn they must confront an old enemy to stop the continuing destruction of all Fractime. (ver 3.0 ... Read more


  • Making a Gilling

    by Per Holbo ...
    Loki wants to be an officer in the Yetten fleet, but his family background makes it virtually impossible. He devices a plan to get his arch enemy, Gilling, to help him out. Will he suceed?This short story is a prequel to "Skrymers Glove" and aims at answering previously unanswered questions about Loki ... Read more


  • Waking Up Different

    by Ray Daley ...
    In the course of medical advances, there may come a time when we can safely freeze ourselves and wake in what will hopefully be a better, brighter future.The operative word there being "hopefully". ... Read more


  • Awaiting Procreation & For Mother

    This free e-booklet by Adriaan van Garde contains two short stories.In Awaiting Procreation you will learn about the evil that could befall humanity in the coming decades. It is a Pandora's Box kind of story that paints an apocalypse not caused by stupidity and barbarism, but rather by good intentions and unfathomed trust in science. The story is told in a style that reminds of classical ... Read more


  • The Cats Made Me Do It!!! Preview

    Cats are taking over the world!!!

    by Mark Nelson ...
    Book 1 - The Cats Made Me Do It!!!
    A man is turned into a cat and finds out about a plot where cats are taking over the world. ... Read more


  • The Childless Society

    by Joel Foote ...
    The Childless Society - An action-adventure, futuristic science fiction dramaOne hundred and fifty years into the future, Canadians, known as Crehus (Created Humans), are prisoners in their own country; sterilized and unable to have their own children through government deception. The government now produces children in birthing labs and raises them in child rearing centers. Population control and ... Read more


  • The Millennium Malevolence: The Time Spanning Revenge Endanderment

    In the medieval times, there was an immortal that was the perceived scourge back then. Chorlisr, a protector from the Ktaldeik (Tal-DEEK) had to defend the village against the eternal. He had to use witchcraft in order to damage him.The immortal, Gavis, was just sitting by a fire with his eternal mate in a cottage outside the village when Chorlisr attacked them without provocation.Chorlisr ... Read more


  • The Punished

    by Jacob Magnus ...
    The Punished: a short story.In a future where soldiers fight in borrowed bodies, one warrior will confront the ultimate loss. ... Read more


  • The Metalloid Apprehension

    by Anh Diep ...
    On the 8th November 2045 space monitoring stations around the globe picked up five objects heading for Earth. Thirteen days later Washington, Moscow, London, Berlin and Beijing had been destroyed. Within a week, the Earth's civilisation was plunged back into the dark ages. The invaders, a race of metallic humanoids, all but exterminated the Earth's population. From secret hiding places, the ... Read more


  • Boogie On The Velvet Flower

    by Stephen Amos ...
    Who knows what lies in the depths of space...Ly Rico is a junk lugger, transporting ice from the asteroid belt to Mars. A solitary role, forever in zero gravity. She doesn't like people. Doesn't trust people. The last thing she wants is company. But then the mysterious creature stowaways on board and nothing will be the same again.A tale so terrifying, it could change the solar system. ... Read more


  • Management Decision

    Free: MANAGEMENT DECISION Another great tale set in Cowchip AlabamaDelightfully humorous, Twilight Zonish SCIENCE FICTION by Norman E. Morrison with a devilishly quirky twist. One in the Cowchip Alabama series of fine stories and books. Rated PG, and Darwin approved. It's genetically enhanced!The Plot: Mynerd Troft, an out of work and failed meat packing employee, is looking for a job and he ends ... Read more


  • The Architect and Other Dark Tales

    by Jerel Page ...
    “Memory Lane” is the story of Frank Thomas who hitches a ride to the store on the night of his son’s birth. The stranger who picks him up isn't in much of a hurry, and Frank suspects he's stalling for some reason.“The Architect” follows a father who must confront a successful businessman who has taken a suspicious interest in his sixteen-year-old daughter. However, the situation takes a drastic ... Read more