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  • The Comanche Code Talkers of World War II

    The true story of the US Army’s Comanche Code Talkers, from their recruitment and training to active duty in World War II and postwar life.Among the allied troops that came ashore in Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944, were thirteen Comanches in the 4th Infantry Division, 4th Signal Company. Under German fire they laid communications lines and began sending messages in a form never before heard in ... Read more

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  • War Is a Racket

    The Antiwar Classic by America's Most Decorated Soldier

    US Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler collected an award cabinet full of medals for his battlefield bravery. But perhaps his bravest act of all was to declare, after his retirement in the early 1930s, who was really winning (and losing) during the bloody clashes.It was business interests, he revealed, who commercially benefited from warfare. War Is a Racket is the title of the influential ... Read more

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  • The Longest Winter

    The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of World War II's Most Decorated Platoon

    by Alex Kershaw ...
    The epic story of the vastly outnumbered platoon that stopped Germany's leading assault in the Ardennes forest and prevented Hitler's most fearsome tanks from overtaking American positionsOn a cold morning in December, 1944, deep in the Ardennes forest, a platoon of eighteen men under the command of twenty-year-old lieutenant Lyle Bouck were huddled in their foxholes trying desperately to keep ... Read more

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  • Lions of the Dan

    The Untold Story of Armistead's Brigade

    by J.K. Brandau ...
    “Tells the brigade’s long history for the first time . . . captures the daily grind of soldiers striving and struggling in the ranks . . . A triumph” (Peter S. Carmichael, Robert C. Fluhrer Professor of Civil War Studies and Director of the Civil War Institute, Gettysburg College).This unique history chronicles those men of Pickett’s Charge over the full course of the Civil War. While time-honored ... Read more

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  • The Spoils of War

    Greed, Power, and the Conflicts That Made Our Greatest Presidents

    Two eminent political scientists show that America's great conflicts, from the Revolutionary War to the War on Terror, were fought not for ideals, or even geopolitical strategy, but for the individual gain of the presidents who waged them.It's striking how many of the presidents Americans venerate-Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy, to name a few-oversaw ... Read more

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  • The Conquering Tide: War in the Pacific Islands, 1942-1944 (Vol. 2) (The Pacific War Trilogy)

    by Ian W. Toll ...
    Book 2 - The Pacific War Trilogy
    **A New York Times Bestseller"A beautiful blend of history and prose and proves again Mr. Toll’s mastery of the naval-war narrative." —Wall Street Journal**This masterful history encompasses the heart of the Pacific War—the period between mid-1942 and mid-1944—when parallel Allied counteroffensives north and south of the equator washed over Japan's far-flung island empire like a "conquering tide," ... Read more

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  • Mosby's Rangers

    A Record of the Operations of the Forty-Third Battalion Virginia Cavalry, from its Organization to the Surrender

    James J. Williamson was one of Mosby’s Rangers, so this is a memoir as well as the story of Mosby’s command.While this is in no way an objective account, it’s still a necessary read for anyone who wants to study John S. Mosby and his men. Williamson also provides correspondence and extracts from the Official Records for both sides and contains interesting stories about some very colorful ... Read more

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  • Busting The Bocage: American Combined Arms Operations In France, 6 June-31 July 1944 [Illustrated Edition]

    [Includes 59 photos/illustrations and 30 maps]The hedgerow country of northwestern France-the Bocage presented a trying challenge to the U.S. Army in 1944. During the Normandy invasion, U.S. forces faced a stubborn German Army defending from an extensive network of small fields surrounded by living banks of hedges bordered by sunken dirt lanes. German forces fighting from these ready-made ... Read more

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  • The Yankees are Coming! The Yankees are Coming!

    A Comparison Between The American Revolution And Vietnam’s War For National Unification

    This paper compares British involvement in America’s struggle for independence in the late eighteenth century with the United States’ immersion in North Vietnam’s struggle for national unification in the twentieth.Many similarities exist between the American Revolution and the Vietnam War. Five of the most apparent similarities are examined. First, Great Britain and the United States made similar ... Read more

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  • The Heart of Hell

    The Soldiers' Struggle for Spotsylvania's Bloody Angle

    series Civil War America
    *The struggle over the fortified Confederate position known as Spotsylvania's Mule Shoe was without parallel during the Civil War. A Union assault that began at 4:30 A.M. on May 12, 1864, sparked brutal combat that lasted nearly twenty-four hours. By the time Grant's forces withdrew, some 55,000 men from Union and Confederate armies had been drawn into the fury, battling in torrential rain along ... Read more

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  • Island Infernos

    The US Army's Pacific War Odyssey, 1944

    From the author of Fire and Fortitude, the continuation of the US Army's epic crusade in the Pacific War, from the battle of Saipan to the occupation of JapanJohn C. McManus's award-winning Fire and Fortitude enthralled readers with an unforgettable and authoritative account of the US Army's evolution during the Pacific War, from the devastation of Pearl Harbor to the bloody battle for Makin ... Read more

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  • M2/M3 Bradley

    by David Doyle ...
    series Images of War
    Through hundreds of color photos, the bulk previously unpublished, Images of War: M2 Bradley explores Americas premier Infantry Fighting Vehicle in an unprecedented level of detail. Go inside and out the modern-day icon, then ride it into battle through they myriad of photos presented in this book. See why Bradley remains one of the most formidable armored combat vehicles of its class, even as it ... Read more

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  • America's Victories

    Why America Wins Wars and Why They Will Win the War on Terror

    In America's Victories, Professor Larry Schweikart restores the truth about our amazing military heritage. Just as he did in his acclaimed previous book, A Patriot's History of the United States, Professor Schweikart cuts through the distortions passed along by academia and the media ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Volunteers

    Growing Up in the Forever War

    “Riveting and morally complex, Volunteers is not only an insider’s account of war. It takes you inside the increasingly closed culture that creates our warriors.” —Elliot Ackerman, author of the National Book Award finalist Dark at the CrossingAs a child, Jerad Alexander lay in bed listening to the fighter jets take off outside his window and was desperate to be airborne. As a teenager at an ... Read more

    $13.99 USD $2.99 USD

  • Marching Through Georgia

    Story of Soldiers and Civilians During Sherman's Campaign

    "Well researched, endlessly informed, and compulsively readable, Marching Through Georgia is everything a work of popular history ought to be." — Civil War Times IllustratedIn this engrossing work of history, Lee Kennett brilliantly brings General Sherman's 1864 invasion of Georgia to life by capturing the ground-level experiences of the soldiers and civilians who witnesses the bloody campaign. ... Read more

    $14.99 USD

  • Terry's Texas Rangers: The 8th Texas Cavalry Regiment In The Civil War

    Civil War Texas Rangers & Cavalry, #2

    Book 2 - Civil War Texas Rangers & Cavalry
    "Terry's Texas Rangers: The 8th Texas Cavalry Regiment In The Civil War" by Leonidas B. Giles is a short history of this Texas cavalry regiment during the Civil War. Giles was a member of Company D of this famous cavalry unit so it is told from his frontline prospective in that company.Terry's Texas Rangers were one of the most famous Texas cavalry units in the Civil war. From a full strength of 1 ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Honest John

    HONEST JOHN is the dramatic unvarnished autobiography of Walker “Bud” Mahurin, an American fighter ace who performed extraordinary feats of skill and bravery in shooting down more than twenty enemy planes in two wars, only to be called a traitor by many after he was forced to sign a germ-warfare confession by the Chinese Communists.In his own words, Col. Mahurin recalls the youth from Fort Wayne, ... Read more

    $4.00 USD

  • Kearny's March

    The Epic Creation of the American West, 1846-1847

    by Winston Groom ...
    A thrilling re-creation of a crucial campaign in the Mexican-American War and a pivotal moment in America's history.In June 1846, General Stephen Watts Kearny rode out of Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, with a thousand cavalrymen of the First United States Dragoons. When his fantastic expedition ended a year and two-thousand miles later, the nation had doubled in size and now stretched from Atlantic to ... Read more

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  • Savages In A Civilized War: The Native Americans As French Allies In The Seven Years War, 1754-1763

    The Seven Years’ War was the first truly global war but it will forever be recognized in North America as the French and Indian War because of the extensive use of Native American allies by the French from 1754-1758. These irregular forces were needed to offset the massive manpower advantage the British possessed in North America, 1.5 million British colonists to 55,000 French colonists. This ... Read more

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  • The British Are Coming

    The War for America, Lexington to Princeton, 1775-1777

    by Rick Atkinson ...
    Book 1 - The Revolution Trilogy
    Winner of the George Washington PrizeWinner of the Barbara and David Zalaznick Book Prize in American HistoryWinner of the Excellence in American History Book AwardWinner of the Fraunces Tavern Museum Book AwardFrom the bestselling author of the Liberation Trilogy comes the extraordinary first volume of his new trilogy about the American RevolutionRick Atkinson, author ... ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • Pearl Harbor: Final Judgement

    The Shocking True Story of the Military Intelligence Failure at Pearl Harbor and the Fourteen Men Responsible for the Disaster

    This account of the top secret investigation is “essential history . . . the authoritative appraisal of why American armed forces met the Japanese attack asleep” (The Christian Science Monitor).On December 6, 1941, Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, commander in chief of the United States Pacific Fleet, assured his staff that the Japanese would not attack Pearl Harbor. The next morning, Japanese carriers ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • The Gold House - The Discovery

    Book One of The Gold House trilogy

    by John Clarence ...
    Book 1 - The Gold House
    The Gold House trilogy is the most comprehensively documented account of the ancient treasure sequestered within the bowels of Victorio Peak, a mountain on White Sands Missile Range bearing the name of a revered leader of the Apaches. Volume Two of the trilogy, The Lies, The Thefts, documents that billions of dollars in gold were secretly and illegally removed from the treasure from the 1950s ... Read more

    $9.50 USD

  • Tried by War

    Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief

    **"James M. McPherson’s Tried by War is a perfect primer . . . for anyone who wishes to understand the evolution of the president’s role as commander in chief. Few historians write as well as McPherson, and none evoke the sound of battle with greater clarity." —The New York Times Book ReviewThe Pulitzer Prize–winning author reveals how Lincoln won the Civil War and invented the role of commander ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • United States Army in WWII - the Mediterranean - Northwest Africa: Seizing the Initiative in the West

    [Illustrated Edition]

    series United States Army in WWII
    [Includes 11 tables, 2 charts, 34 maps and 93 illustrations]The history of initial actions in a war contains lessons of special value for the professional soldier and for all students of military problems. Northwest Africa abounds in such lessons, for it covers the first massive commitments of American forces in World War II. The continent of Africa became a gigantic testing ground of tactics, ... Read more

    $2.99 USD