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Diverse Stories

Discover the stories of underrepresented groups, for free.
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  • Tools of a Thief

    by D. Hale Rambo ...
    Series Book 1 - A Series of Decisions on Kairas
    How do you stop being a thief? Zizy Zakar assumed quitting her job, stealing from her boss, and teleporting hundreds of miles away was one way to give it a go.Getting in and out of sticky situations is her specialty. A little invisibility here, a bit of deception there, and she’s home free. But even a quick-fingered, fast-talking gnome can stumble into danger that tests her skills to stay alive ... Read more


  • By Witch's Mark

    Series Book 9 - The Witches of Portland
    A shy young witch. A sexy weaver who doesn’t believe in magic. To save the coven, Tempest must find her courage, and risk everything for what she loves.After years of living on the edge, Tempest finally found a safe place to call home. But when the shy young witch meets bold, brash Ruby, she just wants to hide. Or does she? Turns out Tempest is being stalked by a man using twisted magic. He’s ... Read more


  • Softer Than Steel

    Series Book 3 - Love & Steel
    From the author of Deeper than Dreams comes a story that proves you have to find yourself before you can find love...As rock star “Riff Rotten”, Rick Rottenberg has enjoyed all the perks that fame can offer, especially now that he’s reunited with his former band mate, Adrian “Digger” Graves. But despite his success, Rick is a mess. Still reeling from the death of his wife years ago and terrified ... Read more


  • Twisted Therapist

    Brother’s Best Friend Age Gap Romance

    by Mahi Mistry ...
    Series Book 1 - Dominating Desires
    He is her first love. She is his best friend's little sister. Will a chance reunion lead to true love?I was a good girl. An honor student.A dutiful daughter, sister and a sweet girlfriend to my boyfriend until I found him in my best friend’s bed.I didn’t want goody-two-shoe nice boys who gave me empty promises.What I wanted was a man who wouldn’t hurt me.When I found my brother’s best friend, ... Read more


  • Reflex

    Series Book 1 - Off the Record
    When burying your heart and being alone forever is less terrifying than letting your demons out.Rock guitarist Spook Mortensen wants nothing to do with sex, love, or intimacy. Having had his heart brutally destroyed by the explosive ending of his first real relationship, he's content to remain celibate forever. Better that than being a monster.Sound engineer Allegra Hutton can't forget the mad ... Read more


  • Cats in Heat

    by Asha King ...
    Series Book 1 - Cats & Conjure
    Book 1 of Asha King's paranormal romance serial, which is now complete!Adelaide Deveraux lives a quiet life in the country, never quite fitting in with other people and preferring her spare time spent caring for the various stray cats in the area. But late one Friday night, a feline of a much larger persuasion shows up at her door, shifting into a very injured—and very naked—human man in need of ... Read more


  • Fatalities and Folios

    by ACF Bookens ...
    Series Book 1 - Poe Baxter Book Series
    Who knew that finding a rare book would also involve running for her life?When Poe Baxter fled her job as an English professor, she was thrilled to be launching into her career as an antiquarian book dealer with a trip to Edinburgh. But she soon finds that her queries into a particular book’s provenance are drawing some less desirable attention to her and her best friend Beattie. Not everyone is ... Read more


  • Lumberjack Under the Tree

    by Keira Andrews ...
    Will former friends take a second chance on love?CalebI couldn't admit I loved Blake in high school. I was captain of the hockey team and terrified of who I really was. It's been over a decade since that one night we shared. He's prickly as a porcupine, and I don't blame him one bit after the way I ghosted him.I want him now more than ever.Will he give us a second chance?BlakeMy first love is t... ... Read more


  • Golden Curse

    A Fantasy Romance

    by M. Lynn ...
    Series Book 1 - Fantasy and Fairytales
    An addicting, exciting, and twisty read, see why fans of Sarah J. Maas and Jennifer L. Armentrout love this series.A warrior with nothing left to lose. A prince trying to hold his kingdom together.As a child, Etta ran from the palace for her life. Now, she must find a way back in.The kingdom of Gaule is a dangerous place for those with magic. To be found is a death sentence, forcing magic wielders ... Read more


  • Resist

    mm military romantic suspense

    by TJ Nichols ...
    Series Book 1 - Captured Earth
    Capture is a soldier’s worst fear, but all his training couldn’t prepare Sergeant Josh Rayne for what it meant to be caught by the alien invaders, who have claimed the desert in Western Australia.Josh believes he is the only man left alive from the teams sent out to spy on the aliens, but in the alien prison, he is reunited with his lover and fellow soldier Xavier Fisher. There is no time to ... Read more


  • Hard Hart

    A Bi Awakening Steamy MM Short Story

    by B.T. Haiyes ...
    Series series First Time for Everything
    JamesI’d survived the flames that snatched away my firefighting career. However, the physical scars that blaze left behind, also snatched away my belief in ever finding love.So, the last person I expected to walk into my life was Dylan. From the moment this gorgeous man walked into my garage, I figured him for yet another hot straight guy I could never have.But when he invited me over to the bar ... Read more


  • The Grimoire of Kings

    An LGBTQ+ Portal Fantasy Adventure

    Series Book 1 - The Tales of Bramoria
    Tyler was a regular high school student until he was thrust into a fantasy world of magic and dragons. Now his new world is threatened and he must fight to find a way home and save his friend's lives.Tyler Wilson isn’t special, in fact with his only skill being getting good grades he doesn’t care about, he’s less than average. But when his best friend Danny tells him he only has three months to ... Read more


  • Unmasking Lady Caroline

    Series series Belles of Christmas
    She thought the mask would protect her identity, but she underestimated his determination to discover who she was.Peter Blythe, Earl of Rockwell fled England when he was thrown over in favor of his father. Now after nearly ten years, he has returned to England to assume his family title. When he asks a young woman to dance at a masquerade ball, he is intrigued by her wit and charm. The only ... Read more


  • Midlife Dawn

    by N. Z. Nasser ...
    Series Book 1 - Druid Heir
    Shivers of excitement shot up my spine. It was time to draw a line under the past and find a new me.By forty, I thought I’d be living my best life. When my idiot husband gambles away our savings, I divorce him and try not to kick him in the nuts when he fights me for custody of my cat. I throw myself into teaching English and survival skills to anyone unlucky enough to land in my night class in ... Read more


  • The Fireproof Girl

    by Loretta Lost ...
    Series Book 1 - Sophie Shields
    I'm Sophie Shields. At least, that's one of my names...My whole life has been running. Surviving.I've only known love once, and it was so fierce that it nearly destroyed me.He became a part of me.In this brutal, violent world, he was my only safe place.But I was afraid. And I lost him. Since then, I've been a shell of a woman. Going through the motions, barely existing.I thought it was better that ... Read more


  • His Christmas Wish

    BBW Romance

    by Fiona Murphy ...
    I'm not a grinch. I'm also not someone who cares all that much for Christmas. I am, however, more than willing to use it to my advantage. I didn't become a billionaire by playing nice. I'll leverage everything I can to get what I want. What I want is Lydia Romano. The sassy, curvy, Christmas loving stylist is running scared from the attraction between us.Without remorse or hesitation, I make an ... Read more


  • Storm Sky Blues

    A Last Chances Academy Coming of Age Novel

    by Parker Avrile ...
    Series Book 2.5 - Last Chances Academy
    When he can't keep pretending...Gray's social-climbing parents have a plan for their son. The same plan that worked perfectly well for his father before him. Law school, socialite wife, millions of dollars in the bank. It's all planned out for the next thirty years.The plan doesn't allow for art school. Much less kissing boys.This shorter 30,000-word novel is a "sweet" gay coming-of-age story ... Read more


  • A Healer's Gift

    A young adult fantasy LitRPG

    by Tao Wong ...
    Series Book 1 - Adventures on Brad
    A Gifted healer. A Dungeon town. A fate yet to be determined.Daniel was Gifted by the gods at birth, able to heal with a touch even the most grievous wounds. Every gift has a price, and his gift requires a payment few would pay. Caught between his Gift, his duty and his heart's desire, Daniel journey's to a nearby Dungeon Town to take his first steps as an Adventurer.Whether he'll succeed or not ... Read more


  • Out of the Frying Pan

    by Elouise East ...
    Series Book 1 - Love in Flames
    Dean has finally found a workplace where he’s welcomed with open arms. Starting fresh in a new city was the only downside, and he refused to become a burden to his new colleagues by accepting too many dinner invites.Oliver’s restaurant is finally making a profit, and his loss of social life is no concern for him. Anyway, an overweight workaholic is hardly considered a catch from what he’s been ... Read more


  • New Winslow: The Complete First Season

    Series Book 1 - New Winslow
    (This book was originally published as New Winslow: The Complete First Season by Amanda McColgan. Nothing about the content has been changed, just the author pen name.)“You know, people don’t exactly need a reason to stay in New Winslow.”◆◆◆A small town in the grip of a mysterious curse.A population trying to live in its shadow.And an impulsive promise that bring home two friends years after they ... Read more


  • The Right Garza

    by S. Ann Cole ...
    Series Book 1 - Red Cage
    He’s my ex’s brother…I’ve spent a long time running and hiding.Living life on the edge.To those on the outside, my life is fabulous.But it’s all a lie.I’m a liar. A fraud. A thief.And now it’s all catching up to me.Trent Garza is the one Garza I could never out-run. Always showing up just in the nick of time to save me. So of course it’s him who’s here now, witnessing me at my lowest.This time, ... Read more


  • Cocker on the Porch

    A Romance Short Story

    by Tara Kennedy ...
    The discovery of an abandoned dog of the front porch leads Wendy to team up with her neighbor Tuan in more ways than one.Originally released as part of the Cocky Cockers Anthology, now available individually. ... Read more


  • Play Me False

    A Small Town Romantic Suspense Novel

    by E.R. Whyte ...
    Series Book 1 - Lucy Falls
    I’ve just discovered my husband has a secret…one that he might just kill me to preserve.In a single soul-destroying moment, I discover my husband has an entire other family. And while there are two great men ready to help me heal my broken heart, it's almost impossible to choose which one is the best man for the job: the handsome police detective, or my too-sexy-for-his-own-good teaching assistant ... Read more


  • Blue Moon

    A RITA Winning Sexy Shifter Paranormal Romance Series Starter

    Series Book 1 - The Nightcreature Novels
    Winner of the RITA® Award for Best Paranormal Romance!When darkness falls, another world comes alive . . .The summer I discovered the world was not black-and-white but a host of annoying shades of gray was the summer a lot more changed than my vision.Call me Jessie, or better yet, Officer McQuade. On the night the truth began, our usually shy wolf population near my hometown of Miniwa, Wisconsin ... Read more