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  • Don't Let Me Forget

    Would you remember the face of a killer?After divorcing the heir to a media fortune, Juliet Temple chose to keep her high-profile surname to grow her elite event planning business. But when a young woman is found dead and Juliet is drugged at her latest celebrity party, not even the Temple name can protect her. Unable to remember what happened that night, Juliet finds herself in serious danger ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Don't Let Me Go: South Beach Bad Boys Box Set

    Books 5 through 7 with Bonus Novella

    series South Beach Bad Boys Box Set #2
    I’m sleeping with someone who doesn’t recognize me from our past.And who also doesn’t know I’m having his baby in the future.I’ve been crushing on Nick since high school.Back then, he was the popular jock and I was his nerdy tutor.Now he’s a star athlete and I run into him again on campus.He loves my curvy, hourglass figure.But he doesn’t even know I’m the same girl.One thing leads to another, and ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Don't Let Me Go

    by J.H. Trumble ...
    A Lambda Literary Awards finalistALA Rainbow List (2013)Some people spend their whole lives looking for the right partner. Nate Schaper found his in high school. In the eight months since their cautious flirting became a real, heart-pounding, tell-the-parents relationship, Nate and Adam have been inseparable. Even when local kids take their homophobia to brutal levels, Nate is undaunted. He and ... Read more

    $12.49 USD

  • Don't Let Me Go

    A Novel

    by Susan Lewis ...
    In this follow-up to the riveting international bestseller No Child of Mine, author Susan Lewis delivers an emotionally complex novel—perfect for readers of Jodi Picoult—of reinvention, reconnection, and the deepest love that can bind two people together.Charlotte Nicholls can hardly believe it, but it seems she’s landed in paradise. Living in a cottage in a shady cove on the beautiful Bay of ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • Don't Let Me Go

    by Sarah ...
    a story about best friends and a black-lit back room.Alright, Violet, and all or nothing.Meeting dark eyes and carrying them for life.Unmade stars and stripes, and a place deeper than memory.What it means to be narrowed in, and how a maniac cuts himself loose.Shoving control, a little denim noose, finding the strength courage takes,and breaking -but in the right place.Pride, and a cry that cuts ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Please Don’t Let Me Down

    Volume 1

    series Volume 1 #1
    Have you ever loved anyone? Have you ever hated anyone? Lin Xiang Ye had them all.Her heart that was filled with blood and flesh was mercilessly squashed by Lu Tingxiao with a single kick.She had thought that love could be wishful thinking, but ten years of love and a child's life couldn't offset Lu Tingxiao's hatred towards her.In the end, she had no choice but to climb up to the top of the tall ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Don't Let Me Go

    Who do you trust when a killer has you in their sights?One year ago, Harlan Rivers died under unusual circumstances. Some believe his girlfriend did it while others believe she is simply crazy.Is Bella insane or is a killer playing a deadly game with her heart and her mind?This a standalone book totaling 72k words and is a dark romantic thriller featuring hard topics, including suicide and self ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • The Outstanding Life of an Awkward Theater Kid

    God, I'll Do Anything—Just Don't Let Me Fail

    Can Flex Deal with the Drama?Flex is a football player, not an actor. But he can fake it if it means getting to see KK, the girl he’s dating (sort of—it’s complicated), every day after school for about a month.This play isn’t for the weak, though. First, Flex has to deal with his nemesis, Actor Boy, the guy who greets girls with kisses on either cheek. C’mon, dude. Really?!?Then there’s the whole ... Read more

    $10.69 USD

  • Please Don’t Let Me Be the Oldest Mom in the PTA

    Stories about mid-life motherhood

    Motherhood is not what it used to be, as more moms than ever before are having children later on in life.This is the must-have book for all moms who had a child after the age of 35—a group the medical profession not-so-kindly calls—‘advanced maternal age.’ Sharon O’Donnell writes about the humorous and poignant stories of having a child at 38 and how she discovered that breastfeeding and AARP ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • Don't Let Me Down

    A Memoir

    by Erin Hosier ...
    **“**Clap your hands, rattle your jewelry, and twist and shout for Erin Hosier’s Don’t Let Me Down….Fierce, catchy, hilarious—like your favorite vinyl punk 45—this bird can sing. A glorious memoir.” — Brando Skyhorse, author of Take This ManThis fierce and witty memoir about a father-daughter relationship “is a beautifully written, honest, and often funny account of what it is to grow up as a ... Read more

    $12.99 USD

  • Don't Let Me Go

    On top of battling the normal teenage angst that everyone goes through, Joanie is also reeling from her parents' bitter divorce and having to cope with her mother's new boyfriend and father's new family. Alone in a new town and without friends, she turns to passing the time by indulging in her longtime hobby of making toy models of soldiers and is both amazed and shocked when one of them comes to ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Second Chances: Don't Let Me Down!

    series Second Chances: Don't Let Me Down! #1
    This is a story about love and finding happiness, with a realistic portrayal of life in the lateーthirties! ... Read more

    $2.01 USD