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  • The Map Across Time

    by C. S. Lakin ...
    series The Gates of Heaven Series #2
    An ancient curse plagues the kingdom of Sherbourne, and unless it is stopped, all will fall to ruin. The King, obsessed with greed, cannot see the danger. But his teenage twin children, Aletha and Adin, know they must act. A hermit leads Adin to a magical map that will send him back in time to discover the origin of the curse. Once back, Adin must find the Keeper, who protects the Gate of Heaven, ... Read more

    $8.69 USD

  • The Wolf of Tebron

    by C. S. Lakin ...
    series The Gates of Heaven Series #1
    In classic fairy tale style, we embark on an enchanted journey with a young blacksmith—Joran—whose only desire is to live a peaceful, uncomplicated life in his forest village, a desire shattered by the sudden and bizarre disappearance of his wife, Charris. Later, Joran is plagued by nightmares of an unimaginable sea, where Charris remains trapped in a sand castle at the whim of the Moon. The goose ... Read more

    $5.39 USD

  • The Unraveling of Wentwater

    by C. S. Lakin ...
    series The Gates of Heaven Series #4
    When the simple, backward village of Wentwater begins disappearing one word at a time, no one can figure out how to stop it. Not the learned men living up in the Heights nor the superstitious leaders of the village. But those who had attended the baby naming ceremony seventeen years earlier remember the words of the marsh witch, and her pronouncement that the babe would one day cause the ... Read more

    $8.69 USD

  • The Crystal Scepter

    by C. S. Lakin ...
    series The Gates of Heaven Series #5
    When Pythius, the wicked young king of Paladya, learns of the hidden realm of Elysiel and the crystal scepter that protects that northern land, he journeys to kill the Keeper and steal the scepter. But his defiant act unleashes a terrible curse, and the Seer foretells his death one day at the hand of his son, now a newborn babe. To thwart the prophecy, he attempts to murder his child, but the ... Read more

    $8.69 USD

  • The Land of Darkness

    by C. S. Lakin ...
    series The Gates of Heaven Series #3
    “It is not the land that is dangerous, Callen. The danger lies in your heart. Others have lost their lives searching for the bridge. Are you certain you are prepared to pay that price?”Jadiel is twelve and things couldn’t get much worse—or could they? Not long after her mother is killed in a tragic accident, her father, Ka’rel, marries a vile and abusive woman named Huldah, but Jadiel sees how he ... Read more

    $8.69 USD

  • The Sands of Ethryn

    by C. S. Lakin ...
    series The Gates of Heaven Series #6
    The ancient and acclaimed land of Ethryn is dying from pervasive drought, and while the king searches to find water, a mighty tower is uncovered in the desert. King Kael hopes the scroll found near the altar will tell of water sources, but when he touches the gemstone set in the altar, he falls into a coma that transports him back five thousand years where he is a slave building the tower.Sha’kath ... Read more

    $8.69 USD

  • A Touch of Heaven 3

    Touch of Heaven series, #3

    series Touch of Heaven series #3
    This is the third poetry Book of the Touch of Heaven series. Great poems of the coming of Jesus, some of worship and praise, and the trouble happening on Earth today. ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Gates of Heaven

    by Pamita Rao ...
    series Gates of Heaven series #1
    An empire ruled by evil and fear; a king obsessed with greed for greater power and desire to conquer other realms.Alaira has just stood up against the tyranny and committed the most serious crime in the kingdom. If captured, she will face brutal punishment. With the King’s men on her back and his dark magic against her fate, she is on the run in a race against time.With no place left to hide, her ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Color Of A Ghost (The Secret Coloring Book For Adults Cozy Mystery Series -Book One)

    The Secret Coloring Book For Adults Cozy Mystery Series

    by Delia Dobbs ...
    series The Secret Coloring Book For Adults Cozy Mystery Series #1
    Anita Johnston may have the soul of an artist but she's determined to establish herself as a criminal investigator even after getting booted from NYPD. When she's hired to track down a serial killer who has escaped justice for forty years, she knows she's getting in deeper than most rookie detectives-- but she's willing to risk everything for the chance to prove herself.Samuel Watkins knows the ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • The Color of Mind

    Why the Origins of the Achievement Gap Matter for Justice

    series History and Philosophy of Education Series
    American students vary in educational achievement, but white students in general typically have better test scores and grades than black students. Why is this the case, and what can school leaders do about it? In The Color of Mind, Derrick Darby and John L. Rury answer these pressing questions and show that we cannot make further progress in closing the achievement gap until we understand its ... Read more

    $20.89 USD

  • The Color of Love

    Racial Features, Stigma, and Socialization in Black Brazilian Families

    series Louann Atkins Temple Women & Culture Series
    The Color Of Love reveals the power of racial hierarchies to infiltrate our most intimate relationships. Delving far deeper than previous sociologists have into the black Brazilian experience, Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman examines the relationship between racialization and the emotional life of a family. Based on interviews and a sixteen-month ethnography of ten working-class Brazilian families, this ... Read more

    $28.49 USD

  • The Color of Trauma

    series The Psychic Colors Series
    "An impressive slice of suspense fiction anchored by two fiery heroes with brio to spare." - Kirkus Reviews". . . I was on the edge of my chair for the last thirty pages." - Windy City ReviewsExperiencing another's past could end her future . . .Kiera Brayleigh is a memory surgeon. In the ten years since her “gift” manifested, she’s helped dozens of women deal with trauma by removing their ... Read more

    $4.99 USD