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  • Tumble

    by Lydia Schoch

    Between growing up in the middle of nowhere and being homeschooled by her reclusive father, Elle has lead an incredibly sheltered life. Little has changed in her life now that she's officially an adult. The mystery of what, exactly, her dad does for a living has never been solved, and neither has his strong preference to keep both of them in almost total isolation. Her life changes when she ... Read more


  • Waiting for Earl to Die

    and other stories

    by Lydia Schoch

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be….A fading pop star whose memory is beginning to slip on her farewell tour.An old, cantankerous man who isn’t ready to die.A little girl who both is and isn’t exactly what she appears to be.A man living with severe food allergies who would give absolutely anything for a cure. Everyone has a story hidden deeply inside themselves, but not everyone realizes ... Read more


  • Lost Secrets of the Gods

    The Latest Evidence and Revelations On Ancient Astronauts, Precursor Cultures, and Secret Societies

    by Michael Pye and 4 more

    Are there 10,000-year-old secret societies that still exist today?Was there a race of giants that once inhabited the Americas?Did ancient Egypt and ancient China have heretofore undiscovered ties?Lost Secrets of the Gods delves into these ancient mysteries and many more in articles by some of the world’s most intrepid and knowledgeable researchers. The old paradigms of history are being radically ... Read more

    $12.39 USD

  • Origins of the Sphinx

    Celestial Guardian of Pre-Pharaonic Civilization

    by Robert M. Schoch and 2 more

    New research and evidence that the Sphinx is thousands of years older than previously thought• Contrasts what Egyptologists claim about the Sphinx with historical accounts and new research including reanalysis of seismic studies and updates to Schoch’s water weathering research and Bauval’s Orion Correlation Theory• Examines how the Sphinx is contemporaneous with Göbekli Tepe, aligned with the ... Read more

    $11.99 USD

  • Pyramid Quest

    Secrets of the Great Pyramid and the Dawn of Civilization

    by Robert M. Schoch and 1 more

    The Egyptologist acclaimed for re-dating the Great Sphinx at Giza sets his sights on one of the true mysteries of antiquity: the Great Pyramid of Giza.What is the Great Pyramid of Giza? Ask that basic question of a traditional Egyptologist, and you get the basic, traditional answer: a fancy tombstone for a self-important pharaoh of the Old Kingdom. This, Egyptologists argue, is the sole finding ... Read more

    $19.99 USD

  • Voyages of the Pyramid Builders

    by Robert M. Schoch

    Is it a mere coincidence that pyramids are found throughout our globe? Did cultures ranging across vast spaces in geography and time, such as the ancient Egyptians; early Bud-dhists; the Maya, Inca, Toltec, and Aztec civilizations of the Americas; the Celts of the British Isles; and even the Mississippi Indians of pre-Columbus Illinois, simply dream the same dreams and envision the same structures ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • The Parapsychology Revolution

    A Concise Anthology of Paranormal and Psychical Research

    by Robert M. Schoch and 1 more

    Grounded in both scientific acumen and constructive inquiry, this anthology shines a rare, clarifying light on the controversial realms of psychical and paranormal research, surveying reports, essays, and arguments from more than a century of investigation into matters such as clairvoyance, telepathy, and past-life regression.In the past one hundred and twenty-five years-despite a relative paucity ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • The Divine Spark: A Graham Hancock Reader

    Psychedelics, Consciousness, and the Birth of Civilization

    by Graham Hancock and 5 more

    "I suspect the real breakthroughs in our understanding of consciousness are going to come from an entirely different direction. That direction, controversially, has to do with psychedelics--which, as many of the contributors to The Divine Spark argue, offer spectacular potential for the investigation of the 'hard problem' of consciousness." --from the introduction by Graham HancockPsychedelics: ... Read more

    $13.69 USD

  • Macready, Booth, Terry, Irving

    Great Shakespeareans: Volume VI

    by Professor Richard Schoch

    series Great Shakespeareans
    A comprehensive critical analysis of the most important Shakespearean critics, editors, actors and directors. This volume focuses on Shakespeare's reception by figures in Victorian theatre. ... Read more

    $153.89 USD

  • How To Overcome Depressions By Yourself

    by Sonja Schoch and 1 more

    BookSadness is a part of life. But depressions aren't a must.There are very different types of depressions with a varietyof causes.In this book the various kinds and causes are described inan easily understandable way. But – and that's the mostimportant – you may additionally learn how to overcomedepressions by yourself.These tips originating from our practice may lead tosuccess within a very ... Read more

    $10.99 USD

  • How To Overcome Anxiety and Panic By Yourself

    by Sonja Schoch

    Book Almost every person has either already experienced a panic attack in his life or has been frightened of something which could not be allocated to an immediate, rational danger or threat. Fears are – to a natural extent – part of our life as they ensure our physical sound condition and sometimes even protect the life of the concerned persons. If fears, however, influence life more intensely, ... Read more

    $10.99 USD

  • Forgotten Civilization

    The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future

    by Robert M. Schoch and 1 more

    Scientific confirmation of advanced civilization at the end of the last ice age, the solar catastrophe that destroyed it, and what the evidencemeans for our future• Demonstrates, based on the 12,000-year-old megalithic complex of Göbekli Tepe, that advanced civilization extends thousands of years further back than generally acknowledged• Examines the catastrophic solar outbursts that ended the ... Read more

    $8.99 USD