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  • When China Ruled the Seas

    The Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne, 1405–1433

    One hundred years before Columbus and his fellow Europeans began their voyages of discovery, fleets of giant junks commanded by the eunuch admiral Zheng He and filled with the empire’s finest porcelains, lacquerware, and silk ventured to the world’s “four corners.” Seven epic expeditions brought China’s treasure ships across the China Seas and Indian Ocean, from Japan to the spice island of ... Read more

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  • The Empire's Bladesmen: Forbidden Relics

    War of the Dragon Throne, #1

    by Clay Vagrant ...
    Book 1 - War of the Dragon Throne
    Captain Shao Lian, a battle-hardened veteran of the Ming Dynasty's imperial army, had become a respected officer in the emperor's elite bodyguards.This notorious and politically-powerful secret service organization, known as the Jinyiwei (brocade-clad guards), also functioned as the emperor's premiere intelligence agency and extension of his iron fist. They were the empire's bladesmen.After Shao ... Read more

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  • The Dragon Throne

    China's Emperors from the Qin to the Manchu

    They were the most powerful rulers on earth.The mighty Qin Shi Huangdu (r. 221-210 BC), who began the construction of the Great Wall.The long-lived Han emperor Wudi (r. 141-87 BC), who developed China as a centralized Confucian state.The soldier-scholar Yongle (r. 1402-24 AD), who raised the Ming dynasty to its military peak.The dowager empress Cixi (r. 1861-1908 AD), who rose from humble Manchu ... Read more

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  • Thomas Cochrane and the Dragon Throne

    Confronting disease, distrust and murderous rebellion in Imperial China

    In 1897, Tom Cochrane, a young doctor, arrived with his bride in Inner Mongolia, China’s northernmost territory. Three years later, after labouring single-handedly in a mud-floored dispensary, he realized that his work was a drop in a sea of suffering. A radical new approach was needed. He was gripped by the vision of a Western medical college and teaching hospital in Peking.In 1900, the Boxer ... Read more

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  • The Dragon Throne

    by Chrys Cymri ...
    ‘You have only one part of the Summoning Ring,’ said the dragon to Fianna. ‘And neither the knowledge nor the strength to use it even if it were complete.’Fianna is the only child of King Stannard and Queen Fiona, and has always expected to become the next Keeper of the Dragon Throne. She exiles herself from the court when her father decides to take a second wife. Recalled to Secondus castle after ... Read more

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  • The Dragon Throne

    Edmund and Herbert, newly made knights, return to England expecting to revel in the pleasure of being home. Instead, scheming Prince John has a new task for the weary Crusaders; they are to escort two young women on a pilgrimage to Rome, a journey that will take them through the perilous Alps, controlled by bands of brigands. And once in Rome, even greater hazards await. Suspenseful, exciting, and ... Read more

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  • Coping with Crohn’s and Colitis

    A Patient and Clinician’s Guide to CBT for IBD

    This practical guide provides patients who have inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies for coping with IBD. It teaches a number of skills that can make coping with Crohn’s or colitis easier.Chapters provide an overview of Crohn’s and colitis as well as the interplay between stress and the gut, before offering strategies on relaxation training, physical ... Read more

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  • The Road to Gratitude

    A Guide to Healing Body~Mind~Spirit Through Energy Medicine

    No one expects their world to implode. That’s what happened to author Melissa G. Richardson when she received a cancer diagnosis. In The Road to Gratitude, she details her life story that involves a familiar list of life and health struggles from a young age and into adulthood, including unforeseen heartaches and trauma that caused emotional blocks often resulting in pain, anxiety, and depression ... Read more

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  • Networking Is Dead

    Making Connections That Matter

    Are you… hoping your next networking event will be “the one"?… collecting mountains of business cards?… having countless breakfasts and lunches?… thinking about what you give and get?Then your way of networking is … dead.With social networks, teleconferencing, and webinars, you are able to meet more people in more ways than ever before. But that doesn't mean you're creating new possibilities ... Read more

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  • The Blackwell Guide to Research Methods in Bilingualism and Multilingualism

    series Guides to Research Methods in Language and Linguistics
    As globalization has increased awareness of the extent of language contact and linguistic diversity, questions concerning bilingualism and multilingualism have taken on an increasing importance from both practical and scholarly points of view. Written by leading experts and practitioners in the field, The Blackwell Guide to Research Methods in Bilingualism and Multilingualism:Highlights the ... Read more

    $58.00 USD

  • Formal and Informal Approaches to Food Policy

    series SpringerBriefs in Food, Health, and Nutrition
    Formal approaches are those taken by government bodies through laws, court decisions and actions of government regulatory bodies. Informal approaches are those taken by individuals, non profit organizations, industries working at self-regulation, etc. Because the formal means are tied to a particular legal system, this kind of approach is nation-specific and the book focuses on the United States. ... Read more

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  • Oversight and Accountability in U.S. Security Sector Assistance

    Seeking Return on Investment

    series CSIS Reports
    With the range of security challenges confronting the United States in the 21st century, characterized by competition by both state and nonstate actors, the importance of working with allies and partners to address common challenges is paramount. Deeper examination of the relative effectiveness of U.S. security sector assistance and how it must nest in a broader foreign policy strategy, including ... Read more

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