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  • The Man Who Asked to Be Killed

    What if you learn someone you care about is implicated in murder? What do you do? Young lawyer Buddy Smith, cousin of Maryland’s governor, does four things he never thought he would. He withholds evidence. He confesses love for the governor’s wife. He cheats on his fiancée. And he resolves to no longer care what happened to his brother, missing for nine years. While Buddy confronts his own dark ... Read more

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  • Parry Thomas

    The First Driver to be Killed in Pursuit of the Land Speed Record

    by Hugh Tours ...
    This biography of the Welsh engineer and racing driver recounts the achievements of his remarkable life and his death in pursuit of a dream.In April of 1926, J.G. Parry-Thomas broke the land speed record, reaching 171.02 miles per hour in a car he designed himself. He and his car Babs were celebrated across the world. But less than a year later, his record was beaten by Colin Campbell at Pendine ... Read more

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  • The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy

    At the end of a holiday in Bali, Julian, an unhappy schoolteacher decides to meet a renowned local healer, Samtyang. Through daily sessions at the wise man's house, he begins to identify the source of his unhappiness as a series of simple questions and answers point to his own limiting beliefs and fears. Day after day, their dialogue is punctuated by live examples and challenges Julian is asked to ... Read more

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  • I Just Wanted to Be Loved: A boy eager to please. The man who destroyed his childhood. The love that overcame it.

    The author of the bestselling Please Daddy No reveals more harrowing experiences of his neglected childhood.Having survived the terrible abuse at the hands of his stepfather, Stuart has to reach within himself again to live through the degradation of prison. He is released back into the world without any support or counselling from the authorities.The child abuse and numerous court cases had ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Oliver Cromwell

    The Man Who Refused to be King

    by 50minutes ...
    series History
    Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life of Oliver Cromwell in next to no time with this concise provides a clear and engaging analysis of the life of Oliver Cromwell. In 1642, the established order in England was overturned when Parliament raised an army against King Charles I. The charismatic military and political leader Oliver Cromwell rose to prominence ... Read more

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  • The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy by Laurent Gounelle (Book Analysis)

    Detailed Summary, Analysis and Reading Guide

    Unlock the more straightforward side of The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy with this concise and insightful summary and analysis!This engaging summary presents an analysis of The Man Who Wanted to Be Happy by Laurent Gounelle, which follows a middle-aged schoolteacher called Julian as he takes a break from his uneventful life with a month-long holiday. Although he thinks that he is happy, a series of ... Read more

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  • Shaul of Tarsos

    The Man Who Came to Be Known as Saint Paul

    As the primary architect of early Christianity, Saint Paul exerted an influence on Western thought exceeding that of any other individual.What enabled him to do that?Both Jew and Roman citizen, he grew up in a region dominated by Greek culture and had a command of at least three languages.This novel builds on what is known of the first-century Roman Empire, the conflicting cultures, and the life ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • The Genius Of Stan Lee: His Life, Accomplishments And Keys To Success

    Unravel The Man Who Revolutionized Comics, Superheroes And What It Means To Be Human (Extended Edition)

    THE GENIUS OF STAN LEE: HIS LIFE, ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND KEYS TO SUCCESSUNRAVEL THE MAN WHO REVOLUTIONIZED COMICS, SUPERHEROES AND WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMANABOUT THIS BOOKStan Lee is often considered a genius because he was prolific in his writing, editing, and publishing of comic books.He was the creative force behind Marvel Comics; a company which created many popular superheroes that are sti... ... Read more

    $3.99 USD


    The Man Who Waited Decades To Be Malaysia's Prime Minister, His Biography, Political Affairs And Everything You Needed To Know About Him

    by Hal Rollins ...
    Anwar Ibrahim is a politician from Malaysia who currently holds the positions of second chairman of the opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan (PH) since May 2020 and second president of the People's Justice Party (PKR) since November 2018. He previously held the positions of 12th and 16th leaders of the opposition, respectively, from August 2008 to March 2015 and May 2020 to May 2020.You will gain ... Read more

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  • Family Violence Against Women

    A Book for Women, Churches and the Man Who Wants to Be Enlightened

    God Loves Abused Women Too is an inspiring book that not only does it bring about an awareness for the abuse in many womens lives but how God deals through the abuse.This book demonstrates the skills and strategies used to break the abuse in a womans life.God Loves Abused Women Too shows the true spiritual meaning of how God loves women through an abusive cycle, and how they can get out when they ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Last Man Alive Wins 2: Kill or Be Killed (#2) (Party Game Society)

    by Celeste Ayers ...
    The power has just gone out on a remote tropical resort somewhere in the southern hemisphere. It’s been 24 hours since this horrific event began and already one person has mysteriously disappeared during the night. Everyone is a little on edge, and some people are turning down right crazy, maybe a little too crazy...Due to the emergence of this now chaotic situation emerging, a new breed of overly ... Read more

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  • To Kill or Be Killed

    A True Crime Memoir From Prison

    by Joni Ankerson ...
    A convicted murderer tells the story of the years of domestic abuse she endured that drove her to kill her police sergeant husband.The day we met in October of 1997, I was working at the District Court in Traverse City, Michigan as a Deputy Clerk. It was like most other days with arraignments, sentencings, civil case hearings and the like. People shuffling in and out, everyone taking care of their ... Read more

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