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  • We Are Martians

    by E. R. Dee ...
    This hard science fiction novel from author E. R. Dee covers a span of nearly twenty years in the lives of the Martian colonial founders and their children as they make the very rocky transition from a privatized establishment to one under control of the five major space nations on Earth who have to answer to bureaucrats, voters and taxpayers. This leads to revolt and eventually armed conflict as ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Planetary Attack Forces

    by E. R. Dee ...
    Greed, hubris and selfish desires short-sheet the outposts of the solar system, who then send forces out to take what they need without trade nor barter. Eventually, all the planets send forth attack forces to deal with those who they think have wronged them!One person is sent out to reign in all the renegades and bring all the factions back together in peace and harmony. ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • The Cure

    by E. R. Dee ...
    A Utopian civilization sporting designer babies created through genetic engineering, monitored by robotics with the assistance of artificial intelligence faces extinction from an anomaly that no one has been able to isolate, identify, or counteract.The best minds around are assigned the task of finding out why people are falling apart and dying.One of the science teams working on this problem ... Read more

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  • We are the Martians

    Connecting Cosmology with Biology

    For many thousands of years, human beings have been asking themselves whether they are more frightened of being alone in the universe or of the thought that there is someone else out there. Over the past few decades, however, we have moved from imagination to action, exploring the cosmos using new techniques, often with surprising results. Numerous fascinating but little known facts have emerged – ... Read more

    $28.49 USD

  • Feather and Bear and the tale of the Snyrd

    An Imaginals Story by E.R. Camorino

    Eva is a little girl with a feather in her hair. Lost in the woods one day she meets a bear scrunching a pear who promises to help her get home. A storm is brewing, it is getting late and eyes peer out from beyond the trees. Will they make it home and avoid the evil Snyrd? ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Psychopath?

    Why We Are Charmed By The Anti-Hero

    Ever wondered why your spine tingles when Hannibal Lecter escapes from custody? Or why a narcissistic, womanizing assassin for Her Majesty’s Secret Service is revered worldwide as a fictional hero? Or why you feel a thrill when Frank Underwood manipulates a naïve senator? Or why you root for Tom Ripley to avoid the clutches of the Italian police?Psychopath? takes you on a journey through the world ... Read more

    $2.71 USD

  • We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler Summary & Study Guide

    by BookRags ...
    This study guide includes the following sections: Plot Summary, Chapter Summaries & Analysis, Characters, Objects/Places, Themes, Style, Quotes, and Topics for Discussion. ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • We Are Not Eaten by Yaks

    Book 1 - An Accidental Adventure
    Eleven-year-old twins Oliver and Celia Navel could care less about adventure and they really do not like excitement. They’d rather be watching television. Unfortunately for them, their thrill-seeking parents have dragged them from continent to continent their entire lives. But when their mother goes missing and their father makes a bet with the devious explorer Sir Edmund, the twins are forced ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • We Are Being Had..... But By Who??

    The Bible. God's word. Truth. Is it still? Or are theologians, scholars and educated individuals deciding what parts of the Bible are truth and which parts are not. Is someone telling them to twist the Truth, so we think we believe and follow God's word, but we are actually following worldly thinking. The thinking of people who can only believe what their mortal minds can conceive.This short book ... Read more


  • Unnatural Selection

    How We Are Changing Life, Gene by Gene

    Gonorrhea. Bed bugs. Weeds. Salamanders. People. All are evolving, some surprisingly rapidly, in response to our chemical age. In Unnatural Selection, Emily Monosson shows how our drugs, pesticides, and pollution are exerting intense selection pressure on all manner of species. And we humans might not like the result.Monosson reveals that the very code of life is more fluid than once imagined. ... Read more

    $23.09 USD

  • We Are ALL Innocent by Reason of Insanity: The Mechanics of Compassion

    Most of us think we perceive reality directly and accurately, but we don’t. What we see is an individual mind-generated reality, heavily distorted by our beliefs and assumptions. We erroneously believe our subjective reality is actual reality. We’re all insane because we’re deluded about what is real.What better explanation for dysfunctional human behavior than universal insanity? What better way ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Who We Are And How We Got Here: by David Reich | Conversation Starters

    by Daily Books ...
    Who We Are And How We Got Here: by David Reich | Conversation StartersWho We Are And How We Got Here is an unprecedented study of the ancient DNA that revolutionizes our perception of our origins as a species. Author David Reich takes the readers to discover how the human genome unlocks the hidden history of the homo sapiens.The Wall Street Journal described Who We Are and How We Got Here a ... Read more

    $3.99 USD