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  • Rhodesia

    End of a Dream

    Although the idea of a continuous British dominion from the Cape Colony to Cairo in Egypt was first formulated by William Gladstone and Sir Rutherford Alcock and summed up by Sir Edwin Arnold in the phrase From Cape to Cairo, it was Cecil Rhodes who finally embraced this dream as a viable project. This book outlines how close the dream came to reality as far as Central Africa was concerned and why ... Read more

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  • The Speedicut Papers Book 6 (1879–1884)

    Vitai Lampada

    Book 6 of The Speedicut Papers covers the period 1879-1885 during which time Speedicut is reluctantly involved in a series of British colonial and Imperial disasters in Afghanistan, South Africa, Egypt and the Sudan. Whist not ducking shot, shell and spears, Speedicut indulges deeply in such pleasures (usually of the carnal variety) that are on offer. ... Read more

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  • What Goes Wrong with Mr. Right?

    Dating, Darting and Dumping: Mom Never Told Me

    I dedicate this work to the countless lives that have been broken or bewildered by love hurts. Many gave us a window into their shattered dreams, for your benefit. It is especially dedicated to those love hurts inflicted on children by parents, mentors and life coaches. These are hurts whose impacts have a malignant tendency to trickle down generations, with an ironic tendency to self-perpetuation ... Read more

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  • The Speedicut Papers Book 3 (1857–1865)

    Uncivil Wars

    Uncivil Wars opens in 1857 and takes the reader through the horrors of the Indian Mutiny to China and the Second Opium War, during which Speedicut is captured and tortured in the notorious Board of Punishments. Back in England, Speedicut remarries and he and his new wife spend their honeymoon in the United States, where they get caught up in the American Civil War along with Scarlett OHara, Ashley ... Read more

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  • The Speedicut Papers Book 4 (1865–1871)

    Where Eagles Dare

    Two main storylines run through Book 4 of The Speedicut Papers: Speedicuts quest to identify the traitor within the British establishment, who has already occasioned him considerable personal problems, and his involuntary and often disastrous involvement in the geopolitical affairs of the Emperors of Austria, Mexico and the French and the future Emperor of Germany. Speedicuts behind-the-scenes ... Read more

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  • The Speedicut Papers Book 5 (1871–1879)

    Suffering Bertie

    As the subtitle implies, Book 5 of The Speedicut Papers is largely concerned with Speedicuts unsought role as a part-time courtier to Prince Albert Edward, The Prince of Wales, whilst at the same time he tries to track down the traitor in the British establishment. Along the way he witnesses the battle of Isandlwana, is present at Rorkes Drift and is framed for the death of the Prince Imperial. ... Read more

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  • The Incredible World of Nichiren Buddhism

    Nichiren Buddhism is a philosophy which was expounded by Nichiren Daishonin, nearly eight hundred years ago. This philosophy is based on the revelation that the Lotus Sutra is the most profound teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha and that each individual has the power to manifest their Buddha nature, which lies inherent within each of us.This book is a culmination of the profound effect that Nichiren ... Read more

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  • Ocharlyie's Rhymes from the Niger

    A Collection of Nursery Rhymes for the Nigerian Child

    by Oribi Charles ...
    Rhymes from the Niger This is a collection of poems written as rhymes to help children in their nursery and early primary classes gather knowledge about Nigeria. Using common national symbols and the nations aesthetics, the author helps the child to not only grasp the early concept of reading but also create a sense of patriotism to their nation and continent. Whether as a class textbook or an ... Read more

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  • Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy

    How to Communicate Effectively and Create the Perfect Patient Journey in Your Dental Practice

    by Ashley Latter ...
    It makes no difference whether you are a National Health Dental Practice, or a top end Cosmetic Dental Practice, if you have a passion for providing excellent communication to your Patients, then you will love this book. You will discover; • How to turn patient enquires to your practice into an appointment • How to create the perfect consultation and patient journey • How to talk money with ... Read more

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  • The Speedicut Papers Book 2 (1848–1857)

    Love & Other Blood Sports

    Book 2 of The Speedicut Papers continues the first hand account of the life, loves and adventures of Jasper Speedicut: charmer, sexual libertine and reluctant hero. It is also a unique account of events in the British Empire and beyond, comprising a series of linked adventures and anecdotes which, when taken together, comprise a fascinating insight into many of the half-remembered or wholly ... Read more

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  • The Speedicut Papers Book 8 (1895-1900)

    At War with Churchill

    Book 8 of The Speedicut Papers is primarily concerned with Speedicuts involvement with the young Winston Churchill on the North-West Frontier of India, in the Sudan at the Battle of Omdurman and in the Second Boer War, during which Speedicut is captured along with Churchill. When not acting as nursemaid to Britains future greatest Prime Minister, Speedicut plays a central role, invariably with ... Read more

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  • My Bloody Efforts

    Life as a Rating in the Modern Royal Navy

    In May 2000 the British nuclear hunter-killer submarine HMS Tireless limped into Gibraltar using emergency propulsion and with her nuclear reactor shut down. Days earlier, while traversing the Straits of Sicily the crew had discovered a crack in one of the nuclear reactor pipes, requiring the immediate shutting down of the reactor to prevent a potential reactor accident, an operation never before ... Read more

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