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  • The King and the Criminal

    Book 2 - The Heart of All Worlds
    What happens when the fairytale ends but the journey continues?Book ii of the Heart of All Worlds series finds Sehrys and Brieden living peacefully in Khryslee until King Firae must cross The Border in pursuit of a convicted criminal, one who has violated a magical doctrine and so threatened the stability of their world. When Firaes plan goes awry and he becomes trapped in Villalu, he is faced ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • The Sidhe

    Book 1 - The Heart of All Worlds
    in the nation of Villalu...Since his childhood, Brieden Lethiscir has admired The Sidhe, the beautiful and magical beings native to the Faerie world outside his homeland of Villalu. Though he grew up in a culture accepting of Sidhe enslavement by Villalus elite, Brieden turns against the practice when he becomes a steward to Prince Dronyen, who is viciously abusive of his sidhe slave Sehrys. ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

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  • Extinction

    R.A. Salvatore Presents The War of the Spider Queen, Book IV

    by Lisa Smedman ...
    Book 4 - R.A Salvatore Presents the War of the Spider Queen
    The New York Times best-seller is now in paperback!Now available in paperback, Extinction is the fourth title in the epic Forgotten Realms series about one of the most popular races in the setting. This title landed on the New York Times best-seller list for two straight weeks upon initial hardcover release. Best-selling author R.A. Salvatore wrote the prologue to Extinction and continues to ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • The Lost Years

    Book 1

    by T. A. Barron ...
    Book 1 - Merlin Saga
    A raging sea tosses a boy upon the shores of ancient Wales. Left for dead, he has no memory, no name, and no home. But it is his determination to find out who he is—to learn the truth about his mysterious powers—that leads him to a strange and enchanted land. And it is there he discovers that the fate of this land and his personal quest are strangely entwined. ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Paladins of Shannara: Allanon's Quest (Short Story)

    by Terry Brooks ...
    series Paladins of Shannara
    The legendary hero Allanon takes center stage in the first of three gripping new stand-alone eBook short stories set in the world of the fantasy-fiction phenomenon that is Shannara—by beloved New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks.The history is thus: The once-Druid Brona, seduced by his pursuit of dark magic, was forever transformed into the Warlock Lord—whose evil would be the downfall ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Indomitable

    A Short Novel from the Legends II Collection

    by Terry Brooks ...
    series Shannara
    An epilogue to The Wishsong of ShannaraThe time of the Shannara follows in the wake of an apocalypse that has destroyed the old world and very nearly annihilated its people as well. A thousand years of savagery and barbarism have concluded at the start the series with the emergence of a new civilization in which magic has replaced science as the dominant source of power. A Druid Council comprised ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Dark Wife

    by S.E. Diemer ...
    Three thousand years ago, a god told a lie. Now, only a goddess can tell the truth.Persephone has everything a daughter of Zeus could want--except for freedom. She lives on the green earth with her mother, Demeter, growing up beneath the ever-watchful eyes of the gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus. But when Persephone meets the enigmatic Hades, she experiences something new: choice.Zeus calls ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • The Unfinished Song (Book 6): Blood

    by Tara Maya ...
    Book 6 - The Unfinished Song
    Dindi and Umbral have an uneasy truce, forced to work together to defeat a greater enemy: the Bone Whistler. The Bone Whistler’s scheme to sacrifice humanity and resurrect the Aelfae will culminate during an eclipse on the spring equinox…in three days.Their fragile alliance may not withstand the terrors they face. Dindi hides as a clown, but even disguised, her dancing draws the eye of the Bone ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • Shield Knight: Third's Tale

    Book 2 - Shield Knight
    For a thousand years, the woman called Third was an urdhracos, a slave of the dark elven lord called the Traveler.Now the Traveler is dead, and Third is free.But when she undertakes the quest to find the missing Shield Knight of Andomhaim, Third must face the bloody shadows of her past.Because if she does not, those shadows will devour her... ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • The Skull Trees

    series The Bone Quest
    RIDMARK ARBAN was once an honored Swordbearer. Now he is a disgraced exile, outcast and alone.To redeem himself, he seeks the secret of the return of the Frostborn, guarded by the mysterious Elder Shamans of Qazaluuskan Forest.But the Shamans hold their secrets tightly, and their guardians might kill Ridmark before he draws near... ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Warcraft: Durotan: The Official Movie Prequel

    In the world of Draenor, the strong and fiercely independent Frostwolf Clan are faced with increasingly harsh winters and thinning herds. When Gul’dan, a mysterious outsider, arrives in Frostfire Ridge offering word of new hunting lands, Durotan, the Clan’s chieftain, must make an impossible decision: abandon the territory, pride and traditions of his people, or lead them into the unknown.An ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • The Orc's Tale (Tales of the Frostborn short story)

    series Tales of the Frostborn
    Kharlacht is a young orc of Vhaluusk, betrothed to Lujena, the daughter of the cruel shaman Narrakhan. But to become a full warrior of Vhaluusk, Kharlacht must survive his blood quest…a perilous mission chosen by the tribe’s shaman.And Narrakhan wants him dead.To survive, Kharlacht will have to use his wits, and overcome magic darker than he can imagine… ... Read more

    $0.99 USD