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  • The End of Darkness

    Druid's Curse, #1

    by Shea Balik ...
    series Druid's Curse #1
    Ryley Duggan resented his family for forcing him home on his twenty-first birthday to perform another stupid fire ritual, instead of letting him go out and get shit-faced like normal people his age. He'd never believed in the stories his grandmother told him about the reason behind what they were doing. That was, until he walked outside to the bonfire to see bloodcurdling creatures that no ... Read more


  • A Flicker of Hope

    Druid's Curse, #2

    by Shea Balik ...
    series Druid's Curse #2
    Kegan Tulach already knew that monsters were real. He'd faced them. Watched in horror as they killed those he loved. Then run from them. It was his response for the past two years. But now, on his twenty-first birthday, running wasn't an option. He had no where to go. It was time for him to face his worst nightmare.There weren't many people who could do what Bjorn did. Fight monsters and live to ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • A Menacing Tempest

    Druid's Curse, #3

    by Shea Balik ...
    series Druid's Curse #3
    When it came to defense, or offense when needed, Cullen McIntyre thought he was prepared. It wasn't until he watched as monsters he'd never knew existed walked out of thin air to kill members of his family, twice, that Cullen realized how wrong he'd been. By the third time he'd come face to face with those determined to kill him and the rest of his family for doing their duty, Cullen knew he ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Fatal Frost

    Druid's Curse, #4

    by Shea Balik ...
    series Druid's Curse #4
    No way was Arne going to allow fate to chain him to a guy who thought all creatures, even those determined to kill you, were worthy of saving. Arne was a Viking warrior, death was his thing and he was damned good at it.Dermot Kincaid believed all of God's creations deserved respect. He was a pacifist at heart, but that didn't mean he couldn't stand up for himself. Even when that meant getting ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Beneath the Surface

    Druid's Curse, #5

    by Shea Balik ...
    series Druid's Curse #5
    His whole life Hrafn had been ridiculed for his inability to always understand things. He was slower than others when it came to comprehending the world around him, but that didn't mean he didn't want what everyone else did – love. Yet, he was sure that would never happen for him, for who could ever learn to love someone like him?With a knock on the door, Teagan's world had been changed. Unsure ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Mind Over Matter

    Druid's Curse, #6

    by Shea Balik ...
    series Druid's Curse #6
    Who would have thought there was something more horrifying than an indoor boy being forced to live in the Amazon? Yet, there was. In fact, the more descriptive word would be mind-numbingly terrifying. That it was brought into his life by a drop dead gorgeous man claiming he was there to protect Wylie, only made everything that much more surreal.Since the first druid came into their lives, Fritjof ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Tears of Life

    Druid's Curse, #7

    by Shea Balik ...
    series Druid's Curse #7
    Mingus had one true love in life, animals. None of them were off the list, although, if he were completely honest, his favorite was his cat, Pretty Baby. He never imagined one day he might have to put someone else first. Not just anyone, but the man who has stolen his heart.For centuries Oluf has dreamed of finding the one destined to be his. He'd even anticipated the need to woo him by becoming a ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • Mending the Rift

    Druid's Curse, #8

    by Shea Balik ...
    series Druid's Curse #8
    THE END IS NEAR!The end would be upon Brandr and his friends soon. The only question, would Brandr be able to find his fated one in time? He feared he was too late when he arrived to find the field empty. Then the Veil opens again and hell rains down upon him as the Unseelie pets attack. But when Brandr was too injured to move, the Druid he was destined to claim as his own flees in terror. Talk ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

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  • Bump in the Night

    Medium at Large, #1

    series Medium at Large #1
    Julian Weems doesn't believe in aliens, cryptids, ESP, pineapple on his pizza, or ghosts.Oscar Fellowes is determined to change his mind about at least two of those things.Julian Weems is a professional skeptic. Scratch that—he's a disgraced ex-professor who just plays one on TV. Specifically, on UnReality's soon-to-be-hit, Bump in the Night. Alongside medium Oscar Fellowes, Julian is set to ... Read more

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  • Harrowed

    Haunts and Hoaxes, #2

    series Haunts and Hoaxes #2
    There's nothing scarier than the truth...Noel's got issues. Like, he doesn't know what to call his lover. Are they boyfriends? A fling that got out of control? Something more? Even worse, he may sometimes get waylaid by a random ghost or two.Or else he's losing his mind.Now Adam? He's stable and solid and warm; the kind of guy Noel never knew he wanted. He's also the historian on Haunts and Hoaxes ... Read more

    $4.79 USD

  • The Ghost of Hillcomb Hall

    Darkly Enchanted Romance, #2

    by Joshua Ian ...
    series Darkly Enchanted Romance #2
    England, 1910.Landscape designer Jonas Laurence arrives at the cheerless and fog enswathed Hillcomb Hall, home to the Earl of Stanley and his family, to renovate their crumbling gardens. With a great storm crashing all around, his time is at the mercy of the house's odd and mysterious occupants. Captivated by the hauntingly attractive portrait of Lord Stanley's ancestor, which constantly seems to ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Love By Chance

    by Blake Allwood ...
    Elian, a sexy restaurateur meets Martin, an equally sexy food critic. Will their past keep them from giving love a chance?Restaurant entrepreneur Elian Whitman believes hard work and determination usually wins out in the end, but that theory is put to the test after meeting the handsome but reticent Martin Williams.Martin knows better than anyone that relationships can fall apart when you least ... Read more

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