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  • Hard to Get By

    Hard to Get, #4

    Book 4 - Hard to Get
    Hard up…Sunshine Ferguson had finally gotten her Zen on. After years of being an uptight staffer for a hotheaded senator, she'd been forced to switch careers, changed her name to something more cheerful and less evocative of the implosion from her last job, and became a yoga instructor. It was the furthest thing, career-wise, from what she'd been doing. She really needed to nourish her soul upon ... Read more

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  • Hard to Get Over

    Hard to Get, #3

    Book 3 - Hard to Get
    Go hard or go home…After losing her beloved neighbor Violet, Daphne Sweeney realizes her dream when Violet leaves her part ownership of the duplex she shared with her aged friend. Finally, after years of trying to scrape together the money for her own place, Daphne can stay put, establish some real roots, in her humble little home from Violet.Until she realizes Violet left the remaining ownership ... Read more

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  • Hard to Get Lucky

    Hard to Get

    series Hard to Get
    Not such a cutie patootie...Alyssa Heyward has held a powerful grudge against Josh "The Mad Tooter" Trumbull for the better part of her life. Not that obsessing over something that happened when you were a tween is a particularly helpful thing to do for your mental health. And not like she's dwelt on it forever. In fact, she hadn't considered it—or him—for a long, long time… Until he shows up at ... Read more

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  • Hard to Get

    Hard to Get, #1

    Book 1 - Hard to Get
    Shrimply irresistible…Lola Quigley can't believe her good luck when she wins a spot on the Food Channel's popular Shop till you Drop. The show features amateur foodies competing to produce a prize-winning meal from staples commonly found in food banks, where people often unload their most unwanted pantry items. Having lived on a near poverty-level budget for a few dark years when her life imploded ... Read more

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  • Lady Killer

    Confessions of a Chick Magnet, #5

    Book 5 - Confessions of a Chick Magnet
    Don't go bacon my heart…Animal lover Coco Lovingston wants to recharge her soul after a bruising attempt to succeed as an actress in Los Angeles, so she returns home to Bristol, Montana to a simpler life, working at an animal rescue clinic to recharge her broken spirit. She's perfectly content filling her days caring for abandoned creatures, enjoying lone strolls in the mountains, and reconnecting ... Read more

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  • Bird Dog

    Confessions of a Chick Magnet, #4

    Book 4 - Confessions of a Chick Magnet
    If you can't be with the one you love, hug the one you're with…Elise Jackson is going through the motions of yet another wacky bachelorette party scavenger hunt, counting the minutes till martini time, when she accidentally ends up in a close encounter with the man who practically tore her heart out of her chest years earlier. Now she just needs to get through the weekend unscathed and she can ... Read more

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  • The Royal Romeos Series (Books 1 - 3)

    The Royal Romeos

    series The Royal Romeos
    Finally, the continuation of the It's Reigning Men series, set amidst the opulence and splendor of the Tuscan wine country, with the first three books bundled together for the first time...Red Hot RomeoLove the wine you're with…Alessandro Romeo is burned out after finally extricating himself from a nearly year-long relationship with a hot-tempered Italian model who set fire to his Lamborghini when ... Read more

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  • Falling for Mr. Wrong Series (Books 1 - 3)

    Falling for Mr. Wrong

    series Falling for Mr. Wrong
    After the palatial elegance of the Royal Romeo series, it's time to relax in the warm, summertime vibes of the North Carolina shores, where sun, fun, and romance take center stage, with the first three books of the series bundled for the first time...Falling for Mr. WrongIf lusting after him is wrong, she doesn't want to be right…Harper Landry sometimes feels like she's turned into a professional ... Read more

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  • Cabana Boy

    Confessions of a Chick Magnet, #3

    Book 3 - Confessions of a Chick Magnet
    All men are not created equal…Fletcher Campbell thought he'd been hired by famous film producer Justine Gaynor to be her right-hand man, but quickly learns that she only wants him for how good he looks in a bathing suit—as evidenced by the frequent meetings poolside she insists he attend wearing only his Chubbies swim trunks, and where her hands always seem to find their way onto his naked flesh. ... Read more

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  • Boy Toy

    Confessions of a Chick Magnet, #2

    Book 2 - Confessions of a Chick Magnet
    Does this ring make my ass look big?Izzy Strong has grown weary of the loser guys of L.A., having ditched the latest, a guy who couldn't seem to look up from his ESPN app to conduct a meaningful conversation. He'd followed on the heels of a lifeguard obsessed with sharks, a waiter who bragged far too often about serving the Kardashians, and a foot fetishist who demanded she wear sandals while ... Read more

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  • Skirt Chaser

    Confessions of a Chick Magnet, #1

    Book 1 - Confessions of a Chick Magnet
    Sometimes you'd rather be caught with your pants down than your skirt up…Zoey Richards needs to get far away from her past. Following a broken engagement and an earful of I-told-you-so's from her controlling parents, she decides to flee the West Coast for the hinterlands, finding herself alone and licking her wounds in the wide open spaces of Bristol, Montana, happily away from anyone who knows ... Read more

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  • Falling for Mr. Right

    Falling for Mr. Wrong, #5

    Book 5 - Falling for Mr. Wrong
    How could a man so perfectly wrong be so completely right?Maddie Henderson is the trivia queen of Verity Beach, and she's got a shelf full of trophies to prove it. Word's gotten around that she's downright unbeatable when it comes to being brimming with useless knowledge and pop culture fun facts.Unbeatable, that is, until Donovan Reeves—the one that got away—shows back up in town, years after ... Read more

    $3.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus