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  • Redbird and Rogue 2

    Redbird and Rogue, #2

    by Kirby Crow ...
    Book 2 - Redbird and Rogue
    In the cold northern kingdom of Rshan na Ostre, King Nazheradei, also known as Liall the Wolf, is renowned for his unwavering devotion to his consort, Scarlet. With Spring approaching, Liall decides to surprise Scarlet with a hunting trip in the secluded depths of the forest, away from the prying eyes of the royal court.However, their peaceful retreat turns into a perilous journey when they come ... Read more

    $3.25 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Redbird and Rogue

    Scarlet and the White Wolf

    by Kirby Crow ...
    series Scarlet and the White Wolf
    A collection of stories exploring different points in time in the lives of Scarlet and Liall. From pirate to prince, loner to lover, find out how Scarlet and Liall's lives change over time, from lazy days at the palace to a time before they met to a completely different re-imagining of the people they could have been. Both new readers and long-time fans of the "Scarlet and the White Wolf" series ... Read more

    $3.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Faded King

    by Kirby Crow ...
    When Gil's sister Alys is stolen by Robin, King of the Fae, he enlists the help of Cyren - a chance-met stranger on the road - to rescue her. The brooding, dark-haired Cyren seems like a warrior to a young farmer like Gil, but he isn't. He also isn't keen on helping Gil save Alys. When their first effort fails, Cyren reluctantly suggests a magical solution, one that will entwine their lives in ... Read more

    $3.05 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Art of Fire

    by Kirby Crow ...
    Following a profound military disgrace, Marik was exiled to the watchtower of the Dagger, a solitary mountain outpost far away from the capital city of Ankar. Marik remained at the barren outpost for years, never permitted to forget the tales of dishonor, mystery, and dark magic that surround his name. Then, just when he had begun to hope that his long banishment was ending, along came Gray; an ... Read more

    $3.49 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Chimera

    by Kirby Crow ...
    Captain Ezra Bell was just looking for some relaxing downtime while refueling his ship at Nimia, and some beautiful company to relax with. He didn't expect the brothel to have such an exquisite man like Shen available, or for Shen to unexpectedly ask for his help to escape the space station, but when you're a rogue smuggler who looks more house-cat than human, almost anything can happen. ... Read more

    $2.49 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Hammer and Bone

    by Kirby Crow ...
    Carnival mystics. Zombie tribes. Bad magic in the Bayou. Mage-princes, alien cities, and soul-stealing priests. The grim monsters in the worlds of these dark, speculative tales are true horrors, but it's the people you should fear the most.People like Michel, a boy pining for his best friend, Ray. But a presence in the swamp calls Michel to avenge another lost love, and he must decide which ... Read more

    $5.19 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • The Temple Road

    Scarlet and the White Wolf, #5

    by Kirby Crow ...
    Book 5 - Scarlet and the White Wolf
    Scarlet and Liall set out with the king's army on a perilous journey to the frozen heart of Rshan. As Scarlet's fabled magic begins to change, Liall places their entwined fates into the hands of those who covet magic above all else, but will they save Scarlet or enslave him? ... Read more

    $6.49 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Circuit Theory

    Dante and Byron are avatars. Driven by human beings, yet still only digital representations of their ideal selves. In reality, they live far apart, but share most of their waking and working hours together in a virtual world called Synth.In Synth, like in most code, the laws are infinitely more simple and infinitely more complex. Navigating the system rules of virtual lovers is like steering ... Read more

    $1.99 USD

  • Windward

    Mirror Series, #2

    by Kirby Crow ...
    Book 2 - Mirror Series
    Grant's new-found happiness with his submissive Matty is shaken when he learns that Jaeger Koning, fugitive assassin and Matty's ex-Dominant, has returned to America. Over Grant's objections, Matty accepts the FBI's request to assist in the capture, but Jaeger is always one step ahead of them, and Grant discovers too late that Jaeger's true goal is to reclaim Matty. ... Read more

    $5.49 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Angels of the Deep

    by Kirby Crow ...
    Becket Merriday is a tortured soul: abandoned at birth, abused, haunted by strange memories of a life he never lived, and marked by an uncanny ability to see into the minds of killers.After a harrowing stint in the FBI, Beck marries and tries to make a new life for himself as a small-town police chief, but the wounds of his past refuse to heal. He can't sleep, he drinks too much, and his wife ... Read more

    $5.49 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Turks Cay

    by Kirby Crow ...
    What's it like to be a resident on a tropical island that's known as THE gay party place to be? For Ethan and Kit - workers in the Cay's BDSM scene - trying to make a living in the place you call home requires more than just partying.Enter Vincent; a handsome, mysterious client who turns out to be more than just a player. In just a few weeks, Ethan finds himself falling for the masterful Vincent, ... Read more

    $3.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Meridian

    Mirror Series, #1

    by Kirby Crow ...
    Book 1 - Mirror Series
    Grant Baines runs a specialty-tour company with his sister, Andie. The tour part is ushering frat boys around the Gulf of Mexico in his charter yacht. The specialty is that he's an ex-military psychologist who does favors for the government. When Grant is asked to spend a week evaluating traumatized FBI Advisor Matty Sawyer, he agrees, thinking it will be just another babysitting assignment.Grant ... Read more

    $5.49 USD or Free with Kobo Plus