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  • Weston's Healing

    by Lyssa Samuels ...
    Book 2 - Burke's Pack, Mates of the Lost Wolves
    WESTON’S HEALINGBurke’s Pack, Mates of the Lost Wolves 2Weston Lindell is Alpha Burke Chastain’s pack healer who holds great guilt within him. He has spent his life trying to atone for his failure to save his younger brother. His compassion and healing knowledge help others—but he truly believes that he doesn’t deserve to be loved. He will fail his mate, just as he had failed his brother.Jym Alden ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Murdock's Mate

    by Lyssa Samuels ...
    Book 1 - Murdock's Coven, My Beloved
    Murdock Whitfield is the powerful leader of his coven. He rules with authority and fairness. No one questions his strength or his decisions. Unfortunately, the knowledge he possesses has sentenced him to a life of loneliness. His mother’s vision had foretold that his beloved would die because of his love. He refuses to allow that to happen.Alec Quinn has escaped the breeding stable of Tuath with ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Burke's Law

    by Lyssa Samuels ...
    Book 1 - Burke's Pack, Mates of the Lost Wolves
    Alpha Burke Chastain has his rules, and his rules were law. All must obey them for the safety of the pack family and their friends. His men respect and love him, but he has no tenderness in his life. Having a mate of his own was something he knew was never meant to be.Dane Quinn is from the hidden plane of Tuath. He has escaped from the breeder stable where men were enslaved for the sole purpose ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

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  • The Fixer's Enforcer

    Book 35 - A Paranormal’s Love
    Salem Galdesque was busy doing a favor for one of Master Krispin’s allies when the news of several beloveds in his home coven reaches his ears. He’s happy for them even as he snickers at the shackles it places upon them. As his coven’s fixer, he could only imagine the trouble such a bond would cause to his own life. Salem loves being able to solve a problem by any means necessary—whether it be by ... Read more

    $5.33 USD

  • Connecting with an Altered

    Book 56 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    Agreeing to do his fellow vampire enforcer a favor, Nereo Belmonte heads to Stone Ridge, Colorado. He thought the task sounded simple enough—search the minds of four men who’d been experimented on and see if he can restore their memories. To his surprise, when Nereo walks into the room, he finds himself drawn to the blood of one of them—Warren Berger. With a vested interest in the job, Nereo ... Read more

    $5.33 USD

  • Undercover Snake

    Book 5 - Shifter's Regime
    Prescott is bored, lonely, and even a little jealous. While he feels bad about that last one, he can’t do anything about it. Everyone in his flock have found their mates, and they’re so lovey-dovey Prescott wants to gag. It wouldn’t be so bad if he could go out and search for his own mate. Unfortunately, due to the unrest in the shifter community and his flock living with a councilman, the estate ... Read more

    $5.33 USD

  • Illuminating his Bear

    Book 31 - Kontra's Menagerie
    Zhaul had just wanted a night of fun…away from the responsibilities of his panda sleuth. Accepting the offer of a back-room hook-up from the wrong person landed him in a cage as a science experiment. Upon being rescued, Zhaul is devastated to learn that no one in his sleuth had even reported him missing. Meeting his mate lifts his spirits. Learning that the black bear shifter has been be-spelled ... Read more

    $4.26 USD

  • Bear Wanted

    Grizzly List, #1

    by Julia Talbot ...
    Book 1 - Grizzly List
    He always wanted a bear to keep him warm at night…Lane knows want he wants in a lover, but hasn't been able to find the perfect bear of a man in his small Colorado hometown. So he turns to the Grizzly List, a regional personal ad service for bears and their lovers. He's not sure what to expect when he meets Fin, but what he gets might be his perfect man.Bear shifter Fin has been looking for ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Frog Fugue Fundamentals

    Book 57 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    Anthony Holsteen hasn’t been in the same state as his brother, Dixon, in nearly a century. While they keep tabs on each other and talk a couple of times a year, they do better while far apart. All that changes when Dixon tells Anthony about the many problems his new wolf shifter pack is facing—government conspiracy, witches, humans being turned into shifters, and to top it off, a bigoted sheriff ... Read more

    $5.33 USD

  • The Buffalo's Mechanic

    Book 10 - Shifter's Regime
    Austin O’Malley doesn’t intend to stay for the wedding reception. He’ll watch the service and offer his congratulations before leaving. While he’s happy for his friend, he doesn’t want to bring down the spirits of the other guests with his dark attitude. Then he plans to head to his mountain retreat and enjoy a secluded vacation that’s been a long time coming. He needs the time to come to grips ... Read more

    $5.33 USD

  • The Altered's Atonement

    Book 58 - Wolves of Stone Ridge
    When Corporal Brian Haas took in a fellow marine’s comatose younger brother in an attempt to figure out how to heal him, he never could have imagined the chain of events that it would set off. The testing his patient—Bailey Dyer—had been forcibly subjected to changed his DNA. Bailey had ended up turning into a paranormal creature called a shifter, giving him the ability to turn into a sentient ... Read more

    $5.33 USD

  • Butting Heads with a Gargoyle

    Book 34 - A Paranormal’s Love
    Ridger Carruthers watches his best friends find their beloveds in members of the nearby gargoyle clutch. Having met all the males, he knows none of them are his own. He doesn’t think anything of it when he zips over there to deliver electronic supplies.Joining the gargoyles for a meal, Ridger comes face to face with someone new—the visiting gargoyle elder, Vermidian. The male is quick to declare ... Read more

    $5.33 USD