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  • Ruwen

    Book 1 - Mated to the Alien
    Ru’s species is cursed. He’ll be dead by his next birthday if he doesn't find his mate...Ruwen knows he's a goner. His alien species is cursed by a deadly genetic quirk and he'll be dead before the month is out, unless he finds his fated mate. She's the only woman in the universe who can save him. It's too bad that most Detyen women are dead. But could he find hope with a human?Abducted, ditched, ... Read more


  • Tyral

    Book 2 - Mated to the Alien
    A hunky alien with only a week left to live finds love with a human woman while on the run from pirates!Balanced on the edge of life and death…Death comes early for unmated Detyens, and Tyral is heading home to say goodbye. But when pirates attack his ship and kidnap him, he finds a hope he never imagined.Most Detyen women are dead. Could a human really be his mate?Someone wants her dead…When ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Stoan

    Book 3 - Mated to the Alien
    An alien spy...Unless he finds his mate, Stoan will die when he turns thirty, which makes him willing to take the most dangerous jobs. When he spots the human woman who awakens the denya bond within him, he knows they can never be.A shattered woman...Reina Draven almost lost everything at the hands of a warlord’s ambition. As she’s pulled into a world of danger and intrigue, her only stable force ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Cyborg

    Book 4 - Mated to the Alien
    A malfunctioning cyborg...All cyborgs come with an expiration date, and from the glitches in his system, Max knows his time will soon be up. When he's forced to flee his position on Nina Station, he joins the crew of the spaceship, Kella, as their resident cyborg and head of security. Time is running short as Max searches for anything that will keep him from going berserk and endangering everyone ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Krayter

    Book 5 - Mated to the Alien
    Welcome to Earth. Try not to die.When his brethren begin to discover human mates, Krayter knows his best chance at surviving the Denya Price is to journey to Earth and find the woman he’s been waiting for. Otherwise, he’ll waste away and die by the age of thirty like most other Detyens. But when his speeder crashes in a hostile human settlement, a mate is the last thing on his mind. Until he sees ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Kayleb

    Book 6 - Mated to the Alien
    Unmated Detyens die at thirty, so why is Kayleb NaMoren still alive?He came to Earth to find his mate, but on the eve of Kayleb's birthday, he knows that time is up. Heartfelt goodbyes and one final night with his brother are all he has left... until he wakes up the next morning, alive and unmated. Or so he thinks.An injury on his journey to Earth has left him with gaps in his memory, but he ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Shayn

    Book 7 - Mated to the Alien
    Shayn NaZade is looking for answers…A Detyen father and Oscavian mother have left Shayn wondering whether he and his brothers will be forced to pay the Denya Price. Unmated Detyens die on their thirtieth birthdays, but will that hold true for someone with Oscavian blood? His question brings him to Oscavia where he finds his mate… and a whole lot of trouble.Naomi’s a psychic, but she didn’t see ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Braxtyn

    Book 8 - Mated to the Alien
    She’s hunting a bounty, not a mate…Vita Minnick has one job: hunt down lowlifes who owe her boss money and deliver them for a profit. When a ticket for Braxtyn NaZade comes up it should be a job just like any other. But from the moment she sees him, Vita can’t help but think he’s… different. She’s not going to fall for one of her marks, but what if there’s been a mistake?Brax doesn’t owe anyone ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Doryan

    Book 9 - Mated to the Alien
    She’s investigating a murder… and the main suspect is her fated mate!Amy is determined to land a private investigating job with the Detyen Legion… but she didn’t think she’d be solving a murder. All signs point to Doryan, a golden alien who’s hiding a big secret, but Amy is convinced he didn’t do it. Proving that could be deadly.Doryan has been hiding away from the Legion for months, certain that ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Dekon

    Fated Mate Alien Romance

    Book 10 - Mated to the Alien
    She’s sick of waiting.Manda knows she has a mate out there. Somewhere. But Deke took off four years ago, afraid to face the potential connection between them. What was supposed to be a short trip has turned into a multi-year voyage. She’s done waiting. Her mate is out there somewhere and she’s ready to find him.He found his mate, but he can’t have her.Four years ago the denya bond ignited and ... Read more

    $4.99 USD