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  • The Danger of Desire

    series The Sinful Suitors
    The third book in the sexy Sinful Suitors Regency romance series, this heart-pounding story shows why New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries is one of the most beloved historical romance writers today.To root out the card cheat responsible for her brother’s death, Miss Delia Trevor spends her evenings dancing her way through high society balls, and her late nights disguised as a young ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Never Lie to a Lady

    by Liz Carlyle ...
    In her dazzling new historical trilogy, New York Times bestselling author Liz Carlyle plunges readers into the steamy underworld of nineteenth-century London. Among the swirling glitter of English high society, a scandalous rogue gets more than he bargained for in the lady of his desires.Lord Nash is a creature of the night -- his wealth and title provide but a tenuous entrée into polite society. ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • A Rogue of My Own

    In #1 New York Times bestselling author Johanna Lindsey’s captivating regency romance, an innocent young lady’s first brush with royal court intrigue lands her at the altar alongside one of London’s most notorious rogues.For Lady Rebecca Marshall, a whirlwind of excitement begins when she becomes a maid of honor at the court of Queen Victoria. But when Rebecca unknowingly steps into the rivalry ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Department of Temporal Investigations: Forgotten History

    series Star Trek
    The agents of the Department of Temporal Investigations are assigned to look into an anomaly that has appeared deep in Federation territory. It’s difficult to get clear readings, but a mysterious inactive vessel lies at the heart of the anomaly, one outfitted with some sort of temporal drive disrupting space-time and subspace. To the agents’ shock, the ship bears a striking resemblance to a ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Typhon Pact #3: Rough Beasts of Empire

    Book 3 - Star Trek
    The next novel in the Typhon Pact adventure in the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation.Still on Romulus in pursuit of his goal of reunifying the Vulcans and Romulans, Spock finds himself in the middle of a massive power struggle. In the wake of the assassination of the Praetor and the Senate, the Romulans have cleaved in two. While Empress Donatra has led her nascent Imperial Romulan State ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Typhon Pact #1: Zero Sum Game

    by David Mack ...
    Book 1 - Star Trek
    A spy for the Typhon Pact—a new political rival of the Federation—steals the plans for Starfleet’s newest technological advance: the slipstream drive. To stop the Typhon Pact from unlocking the drive’s secrets, Starfleet Intelligence recruits a pair of genetically enhanced agents: Dr. Julian Bashir, of station Deep Space 9, and Sarina Douglas, a woman whose talents Bashir helped bring to fruition, ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • A Lady Never Surrenders

    series The Hellions of Halstead Hall
    New York Times bestselling author Sabrina Jeffries delights readers with the final novel in her sexy Regency Hellions of Hallstead Hall romance series, featuring Lady Celia Sharpe and the upstanding Bow Street runner, Pinter.Lady Celia Sharpe has always been wary of marriage…but now her future depends on it.With two months left to find a husband and fulfill her grandmother’s ultimatum, Celia sets ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Typhon Pact #4: Paths of Disharmony

    by Dayton Ward ...
    Book 4 - Star Trek
    The next novel in the Typhon Pact adventure set in the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation.On a diplomatic mission to the planet Andor, Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E bear witness to the rank devastation resulting from the Borg invasion. With the reproductive issues that have long plagued the Andorian people reaching crisis level, avenues of research that at first held ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn

    series Star Trek
    The second novel in a two-part Typhon Pact adventure set in the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation.After the disastrous events in the Bajoran system, Captain Benjamin Sisko must confront the consequences of the recent choices he has made in his life. At the same time, the United Federation of Planets and its Khitomer Accords allies have come to the brink of war with the Typhon Pact. While ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night

    series Star Trek
    The first novel in a two-part Typhon Pact adventure set in the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation!In the wake of the final Borg invasion, which destroyed entire worlds, cost the lives of sixty-three billion people, and struck a crippling blow to Starfleet, six nations adversarial to the United Federation of Planets—the Romulan Star Empire, the Breen Confederacy, the Tholian Assembly, the ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Star Trek: Mind Meld

    by John Vornholt ...
    series Star Trek: The Original Series
    Teska, a Vulcan child raised on Earth, is destined to play a crucial role in the reunification of the Vulcan and Romulan peoples. While Spock escorts his young niece back to Vulcan for her betrothal ceremony, he strives to help her understand both her Vulcan heritage and her growing telepathic abilities. But when an unplanned mind meld reveals the true identity of a deadly assassin to Teska, she ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • Typhon Pact #2: Seize the Fire

    Book 2 - Star Trek
    The next novel in the Typhon Pact adventure in the universe of Star Trek: The Next Generation.Shortly after revealing its union with the Federation’s newest adversary—a coalition of galactic powers known as the Typhon Pact—the Gorn Hegemony suffers an ecological disaster that destroys the hatchery world of their critically important warrior caste. Fortunately, the Gorn had already been ... Read more

    $9.99 USD