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  • Calculating God

    CALCULATING GODby Best-Novel Hugo and Nebula Award-winner Robert J. SawyerDID GOD CREATE THE UNIVERSE? THE ALIENS THINK THEY CAN PROVE IT!The beloved Hugo Award-nominated novel about the conflict between science and religion — perfect for fans of Mary Doria Russell's The Sparrow and Carl Sagan's Contact. An alien walks into Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum a... ... Read more

    $3.20 USD

  • Starplex

    The only novel of its year to be nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula Awards. Starplex won Canada's Aurora Award for best novel of the year."Big spaceships, alien civilizations, the mysteries of the cosmos, and a story that roams through the vastness of time and space. All of the elements of a big-scale, hard science fiction adventure story are present right from the start. Starplex<... ... Read more

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  • Factoring Humanity

    In 2007, a signal is detected coming from the Alpha Centauri system. Mysterious, unintelligible data streams in for ten years. Heather Davis a professor in the University of Toronto psychology department, has devoted her career to deciphering the message. Her estranged husband, Kyle, is working on the development of artificial intelligence systems and new computer technology utilizing quantum ... Read more

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  • Relativity

    Stories and Essays

    Robert J. Sawyer established his reputation as a fine novelist when he burst on the science fiction scene with Golden Fleece in 1991. More quietly, he has built an impressive body of short fiction, essays, articles, and speeches. Relativity is his first collection of these.This Aurora Award-winning collection gives you a chance to read a selection of Sawyer's speeches, including his acceptance of ... Read more

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  • Foreigner

    Book 3 - The Quintaglio Ascension
    In Far-Seer and Fossil Hunter, we met the Quintaglios, a race of intelligent dinosaurs (evolved descendants of dinosaurs rescued in prehistory from Earth), and learned of the threat to their very existence. Now they must quickly advance from a culture equivalent to our Renaissance to the point where they can leave their planet.While the Quintaglios rush to develop space travel, the discovery of a ... Read more

    $4.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Frameshift

    Frameshift won Japan's Seiun Award and was a finalist for the Hugo Award.Pierre Tardivel is a scientist working on the Human Genome Project with the Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Burian Klimus. A driven man, Pierre works with the awareness that he may not have long to live: he has a fifty-fifty chance of dying from Huntington's disease, an incurable hereditary disorder of the central nervous system. ... Read more

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  • End of an Era

    Winner of Japan's Seiun Award for best foreign science fiction novel of the year.War of the Worlds meets The Time Machine — with dinosaurs!Paleontologist Brandon Thackeray is eager to find out what killed the dinosaurs. With a newly developed, still-experimental timeship, he will be able to do what no human being has ever done: stand face-to-face with a living, breathing dinosaur. But he and his ... Read more

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  • FlashForward

    The basis for the ABC TV series starring Joseph Fiennes and John Cho! The Aurora Award-winning novel that started it all!The classic science-fiction thriller about fate vs. free will: An attempt by physicist Lloyd Simcoe and his team to detect the elusive Higgs boson with CERN's Large Hadron Collider goes horribly wrong, causing everyone on Earth to black out. Those who survive wake up with ... Read more

    $3.20 USD

  • Space

    Book 2 - Complete Short Fiction
    Welcome to Space: Complete Short Fiction Volume 2 – thirteen short stories, each with an introduction giving context, anecdotes, and a glimpse into the life of Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Robert J. Sawyer. This is the second of three volumes collecting all his short fiction.Here are science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories from the downside of Utopia to the upside of murdering ... Read more

    $3.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Golden Fleece

    Winner of the Aurora Award for best novel of the year. Named best novel of the year by The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction*.*MURDER IN SPACEStarcology Argo. A superstarship on a mission to a distant world. Controlled by a monumental computer named JASON, the Argo proceeds flawlessly . . . until death strikes its sleek decks with sudden and mysterious precision.Astrophysicist Diana Chandler ... Read more

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  • The Oppenheimer Alternative

    Writing with “a sense of wonder that hasn’t prevailed since the days of Heinlein” (Books in Canada), best-novel Hugo and Nebula Award-winner Robert J. Sawyer brings you “a truly science-fictional work of alternate history” (S.M. Stirling).While J. Robert Oppenheimer and his Manhattan Project team struggle to develop the A-bomb, Edward Teller wants something even more devastating: a bomb based on ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Far-Seer

    Book 1 - The Quintaglio Ascension
    "A modern parable about the conflict between science and religious faith. Painstakingly researched, lucidly written, meticulously crafted — a vivid depiction of the scientific method and the scientific mind." — Books in CanadaSixty-five million years ago, aliens transplanted Earth's dinosaurs to another world. Now, intelligent saurians -- the Quintaglios -- have emerged. Afsan, the Quintaglio ... Read more

    $4.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus