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  • Delicate Dangerous Queens

    series Jenri World
    Four origin stories for key players from the Curse of the Jenri. All prequels so no spoilers.Delicate Dangerous Queens - Saldomar has lived the life of a solitary mage until an unfortunate even washes him on shore, all but dead. But all but dead is still alive. Find out how he finds his familiar and a reason to take a companion.Not a Doxy - There's nothing the assassin, Cristo, hates more than the ... Read more


  • Demon Spawn

    series Modern Demons
    Maligned and misunderstood, demons were seen as the enemy of humanity, even when other magic users are accepted and used. But how did it come to such a pass that demons were killed on sight and what was the truth behind the war engineered to put humans and demons on opposites sides of a great divide when once they had worked together?The answers can be found by following one particular demon's ... Read more


  • Musings of a Nascent Poet

    Myths and romance, Armageddon and the occult, teddy bears and fairy tales, anything can be fodder for an epic poem and Stephanie Barr proves that with this collection of poetry from her earliest days writing that is eclectic, quirky, evocative, brilliant but highly accessible while somehow holding to old-fashioned notions on poetry, making it sound as good as it looks. This is poetry made to be ... Read more


  • Fated Encounters

    series Catalyst
    Ever wonder why magic is so pervasive in history yet so absent today?What if there were an explanation?Have you ever wondered why smart girls stayed with men who mistreated them?What if there was an explanation?Every wondered why cats can be total jerks but we still love them?Of course not, they're cats.Encounters that change the trajectories of their lives.Precursor tales to Catalyst ... Read more


  • King of Swords (and other prequel stories to Tarot Queen)

    series Tarot Queen
    Tarot Queens are imbued with great power, but there is always a price. In restrictions. In limitations. And implications for what is predicted can be far more powerful than even the Queen can envision.Follow Melan as she navigates the dangerous shoals of her own power, finds her own vengeance, and struggles for the benefit of those that beg her for readings, but her child, and even the child of ... Read more


  • Easy Prey

    series Randian Empire
    Three short prequel stories for the upcoming release of Ideal Insurgent, but these stories can stand on their own."Starstruck" - Bryder wants nothing more than to take the evil Randian Empire to its knees for their brutality and destruction. So, why is he in a class to become a field agent for that self-same empire? And what is with this brilliant but brainwashed teacher? Is she something special ... Read more


  • Altered Page

    series Library at Castle Herriot
    A bored wizard who can't seem to find his magic specialty stumbles into a different world in his pursuit for a good story, but he hadn't intended to become part of the story. He finds magical creatures and a cursed woman, but, can he do what he needs to find his way back home? Does he want to? ... Read more


  • Second Slavery and Other Stories from the World of Dracul Morsus

    series World of Dracul Morsus
    Dracul Morsus was born a magic user of incredible power, but he's forsaken the world of men.Xana was a slave.Fylyx and Xylyx, well, defy description.What brings them all together?What indeed. ... Read more


  • Power Struggle and Other Stories from the Bete Novels

    Book 0 - The Bete
    Before the Bete and the other castaways crash landed on their new home across the universe, they fought different battles on the land of their birth. Meet Xander, Laren, Rem, K'Ti, Sinda El and Kindren Forn before they all bound themselves together in a fateful journey that would alter the course of their lives and and the lives of those they left behind. ... Read more


  • Conjuring Dreams or Learning to Write by Writing

    Magic-wielders, shape-shifters, mermaids, empaths and diviners and even teddy bears and computer programmers wander through 26 stories, written into life for situations thought-provoking, compelling or absurd. It's a collection of diverse stories, from the first one written when Stephanie Barr (then Beck) was13-14 years old to the last ones finished last year. The tales show off not only Stephanie ... Read more


  • Technical Difficulties and Other Stories that Follow Saving Tessa

    series Chroz Industries
    After an adventure that nearly got Dylan Chroz, Tessa Miller, and Nathan Lawrence killed, one might think they'd want anything but more adventure, but what could be more intrepid than getting married.Short stories from New York, Rome, and places closer to home demonstrate that, for anyone associated with the Chroz family, trouble is always on the menu. ... Read more


  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The Classic Tale and an Anthology of Twists, Retellings, and Sequels

    Enjoy the classic tale of a man confronting his own morality through scientific experimentation in Victorian London. Robert Louis Stevenson has lived and died, but the legacy his work created is alive and well! Discover fifteen retellings, each short story twisting the classic tale into something both new and familiar. Where will the dark side of the human psyche emerge next? Venture across ... Read more