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  • The Story Of The Great Irish Famine

    If 1916 is the founding myth of the Irish state then the famine is the founding tragedy.It was a tragedy on a truly epic scale, the events of the famine came to pass not in one of the worlds poorest nations, but in what was at the time part of metropolitan Britain (following the Act of Union of 1800).Caused by the destruction of the staple food of the ordinary Irishman and women, the potato, by ... Read more

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  • Dubliner: The Story Of James Joyce

    by Fin Keegan ...
    The story of Ireland's most famous writer, James Joyce.James Joyce is one of Ireland’s most celebrated authors, but he spent much of his life in exile from his native country.In this short, informative biography, Fin Keegan explores the life and times of the great writer and explains why he left, why he wrote and where he came from.The perfect ebook for those seeking to understand the complex ... Read more

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  • The Story Of The 1798 Rebellion

    The story of Ireland's bloody and doomed rebellion of 1798.The 1798 Rebellion forms a central part of the narrative of modern Irish History. It marks at once the formation of a unified catholic and protestant movement for independence and the beginning of the end for the home rule experiment of the Grattan’s parliament.Like much of Ireland’s history it also encourages debate and discussion. In ... Read more

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  • The Holocaust: History in an Hour

    Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.The Holocaust, in which 11 million people died, was the largest atrocity of the 20th century and perhaps the hardest to understand. Approximately 6 million Jews and 5 million others including Roma people, Poles, Russian prisoners of war, political prisoners, homosexuals, people of colour, Jehovah's Witnesses, and various other minorities were ... Read more

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  • Stalin: History in an Hour

    by Rupert Colley ...
    Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.Arguably no person in history had such a direct and negative impact on the lives of so many as Joseph Stalin. Under the Red Tsar terror knew no limits, it did not discriminate; no one was safe, no institution, no single town or village was immune. Yet, following his death in 1953, Stalin was deeply mourned. He had ‘received the country with a ... Read more

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  • The Russian Revolution: History in an Hour

    by Rupert Colley ...
    Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.In 1917 the world changed forever. One of the most influential and contentious events in recent history, the Russian Revolution unleashed the greatest political experiment ever conducted, one which continues to influence both Eastern and Western politics today.The Russian Revolution: History in an Hour neatly covers all the major facts and ... Read more

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  • The English Civil Wars 1642-1649

    This is the definitive military history of the Civil Wars which swept the British Isles from 1642 to 1649.The martial aspects of the wars are covered in detail along with a comprehensive overview of the religious and political dimensions which shaped the armies involved in the conflict. This excellent single volume history is the perfect introduction to the military history of this turbulent ... Read more

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  • American Slavery: History in an Hour

    by Kat Smutz ...
    Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.From the first slaves arriving in Jamestown in 1619, the cotton fields in the Southern States and shipbuilding in New England, to the slaves who laid down their lives in war so that Americans could be free, American Slavery in an Hour covers the breadth of the subject without sacrificing important historical and cultural details.An important ... Read more

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  • Nazi Germany: History in an Hour

    by Rupert Colley ...
    Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.Having suffered during World War One – not only the indignities of political betrayal and battlefield defeat but also starvation, fuel shortages and a domestic flu epidemic – the German people were left in widespread discontent. Soon inflation and economic stagnation had further sunk the nation into exhaustion, humiliation and disillusionment ... Read more

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  • Life in Roman Britain

    by Joan Alcock ...
    This accessible reconstruction of life in Roman Britain begins by placing Britain firmly in a historical context, drawing parallels with other provinces of the Roman Empire and linking the indigenous Celtic people with the Roman invaders. Thereafter, individual chapters cover administration and society; religion, belief, and death; recreation and leisure; the domestic economy; food and drink; art ... Read more

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  • The Vietnam War: History in an Hour

    by Neil Smith ...
    Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.‘War, what is it good for?’ THE VIETNAM WAR: HISTORY IN AN HOUR gives a gripping account of the most important Cold War-era conflict, fought between the United States and the Viet Cong, the Vietnam People’s Army and their Communist allies. It was one of the most traumatic military conflicts America has ever been involved in – and provoked a ... Read more

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  • The Afghan Wars: History in an Hour

    by Rupert Colley ...
    Love history? Know your stuff with History in an Hour.Britain has invaded Afghanistan twice before in the nineteenth century. Both times tenacious Afghan fighters defended their country to humiliating British defeats. The Soviet Union also discovered what a tough enemy the Afghans are after nearly a decade of conflict from 1979 to 1989. When not fighting foreign invaders, Afghanistan was torn ... Read more

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