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  • Vampires Are Us

    Understanding Our Love Affair with the Immortal Dark Side

    by Margot Adler

    The author of Drawing Down the Moon offers a "literate, imaginative, and just plain fascinating” exploration of the enduring allure of vampires (Whitley Strieber, author of The Hunger).Author and NPR correspondent Margot Adler found herself newly drawn to vampire novels while sitting vigil at her dying husband’s bedside. Intrigued by the way this ever-evolving myth lets us contemplate mortality, ... Read more

    $13.69 USD

  • Enochian Vision Magick

    A Practical Guide to the Magick of Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley

    by Lon Milo DuQuette and 1 more

    Having mastered the arts and sciences of his age, Elizabethan magus Dr. John Dee (1527–1608) resolved that worldly knowledge could no longer provide him the wisdom he desired, and as did so many other learned men of the day, he turned his attention to magick. In 1582 he and his clairvoyant partner Edward Kelley made magical contact with a number of spiritual entities who identified themselves as ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • The Luminaries: The Psychology of the Sun and Moon in the Horoscope (Seminars in Psychological Astrology, Vol 3)

    by Greene and 1 more

    The third volume in the Seminars in Psychological Astrology series. The authors discuss the mythology and psychology of the Moon, and show its relevance as a significator of relationships. Inaddition, the correspondence between the Sun and the development of consciousness is explored in depth. Includes a chapter on the lunation cycle. ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • Tarot for Your Self

    A Workbook for the Inward Journey (35th Anniversary Edition)

    by Mary K. Greer and 1 more

    The tarot classic that first promoted the practice of reading the cards not just for others but for one's own personal insight and self-transformation“Tarot for Your Self was ground-breaking when this book was first published and is still radically significant today.” —Benebell Wen, author of Holistic Tarot“Deciding to work with the Tarot is like embarking on a long, inward journey.”—Mary K. ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot

    New Edition

    by Lon Milo DuQuette

    Originally published in 2003, Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot has proved to be the essential guide to accessing the unique symbolism and meaning of Aleister Crowley's remarkable tarot deck along with the deeply textured artwork of Lady Frieda Harris. Crowley authority Lon Milo DuQuette starts by providing an insightful historical background before delving into descriptions of each ... Read more

    $17.99 USD

  • Math for Mystics

    From the Fibonacci sequence to Luna's Labyrinth to the Golden Section and Other Secrets of Sacred Geometry

    by Shesso and 1 more

    Much of math history comes to us from early astrologers who needed to be able to describe and record what they saw in the night sky. Whether you were the kings court astrologer or a farmer marking the best time for planting, timekeeping and numbers really mattered. Mistake a numerical pattern of petals and you could be poisoned. Lose the rhythm of a sacred dance or the meter of a ritually told ... Read more

    $13.09 USD

  • The God Theory

    Universes, Zero-Point Fields, and What's Behind It All

    by Bernard Haisch

    On the one hand, we have traditional science, based on the premises of materialism, reductionism, and randomness, with a belief that reality consists solely of matter and energy, that everything can be measured in the laboratory or observed by a telescope. If it can’t, it doesn’t exist. On the other hand, we have traditional religious dogma concerning God that fails to take into account evolution, ... Read more

    $13.09 USD

  • Healing Pluto Problems

    by Cunningham and 1 more

    Well-written and moving account of Pluto in the natal chart, and how Pluto aspects can affect childhood, adulthood, and life in general. Open discussion of child abuse, rape, incest, violence, repression, manipulative types and how they got thatway. Also included are ways to heal Pluto problems using flower remedies, meditation and more. ... Read more

    $14.39 USD

  • Sexual Sorcery: A Complete Guide To Sex Magick

    by Newcomb and 1 more

    In plain, straightforward language, Jason Newcomb, author of 21st Century Mage and The New Hermetics, tackles a subject that many magical texts gloss over or ignore--the practice of sex magick. Sexual Sorcery covers the many aspects of using sex as a sacrament, a ritual, or an expression of divine love. It also provides plenty of practical information helpful to any modern sexual sorcerer.Sexual ... Read more

    $15.89 USD

  • Among the Mermaids

    Magical Creatures, A Weiser Books Collection

    by T. Crofton Croker and 2 more

    Varla Ventura, fan favorite on Huffington Post’s Weird News, frequent guest on Coast to Coast, and bestselling author of The Book of the Bizarre and Beyond Bizarre, introduces a new Weiser Books Collection of forgotten crypto-classics. Magical Creatures is a hair-raising herd of affordable digital editions, curated with Varla’s affectionate and unerring eye for the fantastic.From the infamous ... Read more

    $0.99 USD

  • Sefer Yetzirah

    The Book of Creation in Theory and Practice

    by Aryeh Kaplan

    Now in its 7th printing since republication in 1997, the Sefer Yetzirah has established itself as a primary source for all serious students of Kabbalah. Rabbi Kaplan's translation of this oldest and most mysterious of all Kabbalistic texts provides a unique perspective on the meditative and magical aspects of Kabbalah. He expounds on the dynamics of the spiritual domain, the worlds of Sefirot, ... Read more

    $30.29 USD

  • The Best of the Equinox, Sex Magick

    Volume III

    by Aleister Crowley and 1 more

    series The Best of the Equinox #3
    The Equinox, in print from 1909–1919, was a magical journal published by Aleister Crowley and included Crowley’s own A...A... laws, rituals and rites, reviews, and magical works by other important practitioners. Published as ten volumes, much of the material remains out of print today. Now, for the first time since Israel Regardie’s selections Gems from the Equinox (1974) renowned scholar and U.S. ... Read more

    $17.99 USD