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  • Betrayer: The Scourge of Trabonus

    by Yuan Jur ...
    Book 2 - Citadel7
    Tora: A world deliberately kept off the evolution of the space-time Continuum grid. Tora is a Level 10 security world, there isn’t another more closely watched. A planetary prison for one unique criminal. On the surface several pre-industrial cultures evolve amidst other stranger races. The reality is very different. No one enters or leaves the Toran world without special permission from the ... Read more

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  • Quall Assassin

    Talaza's Contract

    by Yuan Jur ...
    Book 5 - Citadel 7
    Talaza Bane is a Quall assassin. He lives and breathes the clan’s code. All races known to him have one name for his world, Tora. It means - to engage. No race survives on Tora without trial or loss, not even the invincible Scarzen warriors south of his mountain.On the next dawn of his world, all Talaza has known to be true will be tested. Not his stealth nor skill with blade and poison will help ... Read more

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  • Enemy of Existence: On Earth

    by Yuan Jur ...
    Book 1 - Citadel7
    Earth: Australian Outback - 1963“Welcome Agent. This mission propels us along the superverse continuum through the endless oceans of Dark Matter. Some things will seem familiar, others quite strange.”A seemingly ordinary Australian youth, Ben Blochentackle, lives a typical troubled teenager’s life, always yearning to have some grand adventure. There is more to that desire than he realizes.Ben has ... Read more

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  • Coming Storm: Thorr's Journey

    by Yuan Jur ...
    Book 3 - Citadel7
    Tora is a level ten security world, closed to outside enquiry via normal channels. Superverse Central monitors key individuals affecting existence-evolution across every timeline. A time of crisis has arisen.Scarzen warrior, Thorr of Hammer Forge becomes the centre of investigation. His life’s course is inextricably linked to a security breach concerning a closely guarded secret on his home world. ... Read more

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  • Dead End: Plight of Rudy Barabbas

    by Yuan Jur ...
    Book 4 - Citadel7
    Jamaican-born cabby Rudy Barabbas wished for a different life—one with none of the problems that hounded him in his homeland. Living the American dream marked the core of that wish. After a promise to his beloved Mala urged him to chase that dream, Rudy now finds himself far from her in San Antonio, working nights as a driver for Caesar’s Cabs.On these cold, inhospitable winter evenings, serial ... Read more

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  • ProGenesis

    95 Theses Against Evolution

    In the natural sciences today, research and teaching are often carried out on the assumption of evolution.The evolution theory is at present one of the main basic concepts of the scientific community. However, there are at least 75 scientific arguments that invalidate the evolution theory. 95 Theses Against Evolution makes it clear that alternative concepts are necessary, such as ID (intelligent ... Read more

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  • Married to the Devil: The Cost of Love

    This is the 2nd installment of the series Married to the Devil. Lamar and Capri are just getting into a rotation in the relationship now that they live together. Karis, the other baby mama from DC, is still pregnant. A marriage proposal for Capri should mean that they are in the honeymoon stage of the relationship since it's so new, but things couldn't be any rockier...or could it? ... Read more

    $8.99 USD

  • Great Bastards of History

    True and Riveting Accounts of the Most Famous Illegitimate Children Who Went on to Achieve Greatness

    For much of history and across most of the world, being born out of wedlock—a love child, a bastard—was a serious impediment to success. Illegitimate offspring were subject to neglect, abandonment, disinheritance, and social exclusion, and often found the usual routes to education, wealth, and status blocked. Surmounting these obstacles required tremendous fortitude and persistence.Great Bastards ... Read more

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  • Married to the Devil: The Genesis

    This is my testimony of being married to a man, who was a wolf in sheep's clothing. A depiction of a narcissistic man who's only goal was to deceive, for his own entertainment. He destroyed everything and everyone in his wake. This is a true story of how being desperate to be loved caused my life to be destroyed. I hope that my struggle within my relationship and within myself is helpful to ... Read more

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  • A Pain in the Toenails

    Excerpt from The Most Unfeeling Doctor in the World and Other True Tales from the Emergency Room

    series Unfeeling Doctor series
    Ah, the innocence of medical school. This is a story from my third year of clinical clerkship, when I started rotating through the hospital wards, starting with internal medicine. I was matched to the gastrointestinal team, so I can recite the bacterial causes of bloody diarrhea to this day.One patient taught me about ulcerative colitis...and a few other things.You can also find this essay in my ... Read more


  • Qi Men Dun Jia Day Charts

    San Yuan Method

    by Yap Joey ...
    Qi Men Dun Jia Day Charts - San Yuan MethodThe Qi Men Dun Jia Day Charts - San Yuan Method is the perfect deployment system for events and activities within the duration of 24 hours. Consider this as your essential Qi Men guide that helps you quickly assess the suitability of a day minus the hassle and complicated process of Qi Men chart plotting. Make the most of your day by maximising your Qi ... Read more

    $28.99 USD

  • San Yuan Dragon Gate Eight Formations Water Method

    by Yap Joey ...
    The Dragon Gate Eight Formations' main theorem refers to the utilising of Water formulas to identify and create locations with superb Feng Shui qualities. This transliterated version of an ancient classic of the San Yuan Long Men Ba Ju Shui Fa (Dragon Gate Eight Formations) highlights the tenets and theorems of all San Yuan Water Formulas, acting as an essential reference to all students and ... Read more

    $35.99 USD