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  • The Ziva Payvan Collection

    by EJ Fisch ...
    series Ziva Payvan
    The distant world of Haphez is located on the edge of populated space. The planet's native superhuman race is feared and respected by neighboring civilizations. Their military and police forces are unmatched.Haphezian operative Ziva Payvan has spent most of her life being fashioned into a deadly weapon. Trained to fight and not feel, she focuses only on the mission at hand and never dwells in the ... Read more

    $2.97 USD

  • Dakiti

    by EJ Fisch ...
    Book 1 - Ziva Payvan
    The distant world of Haphez is located on the edge of populated space. The planet's native superhuman race is feared and respected by neighboring civilizations. Their military and police forces are unmatched.Lieutenant Aroska Tarbic is an agent with the revered Haphezian Special Police. He’s lost a lot in a short period of time; the other members of his squad were killed in a tragic accident, and ... Read more

    $3.99 USD $0.99 USD

  • Nexus

    by EJ Fisch ...
    Book 2 - Ziva Payvan
    "Someone out there chose the wrong person to start this fight with, and it will have been the last mistake they ever made."It has been two months since the mission to Dakiti that brought Ziva Payvan and her special operations team face-to-face with death. But like any other mission, she has put it behind her and keeps her focus directed toward whatever comes next. Life for HSP's Alpha spec ops ... Read more

    $4.99 USD $0.99 USD

  • Ronan

    by EJ Fisch ...
    Book 3 - Ziva Payvan
    "This has never been our fight. But whether we like it or not, it is now."Nearly three months have passed since the assassination of Ikaro Tachi, but for some, the incident has had a lasting effect. Years of trust and reliance have been compromised. Betrayal and secrets have created wounds that may never fully heal.Ziva Payvan is no stranger to the concept of keeping—and uncovering—secrets. But ... Read more

    $4.99 USD $0.99 USD

  • Fracture

    Ziva Payvan Legacy, Part 1

    by EJ Fisch ...
    Book 4 - Ziva Payvan
    FRACTURE - \ˈfrak-shər\1. to cause a crack or fracture in; break2. to damage or destroy3. the act or process of breaking or the state of being brokenFour years after the Resistance's plan for retribution was foiled, the galaxy as a whole is at peace. The people of Haphez remain independent and free of Federation scrutiny thanks to a major sacrifice by one of their own. Those affected by the loss ... Read more

    $3.99 USD $0.99 USD

  • Embers

    Ziva Payvan Legacy, Part 2

    by EJ Fisch ...
    Book 5 - Ziva Payvan
    EMBERS - \ˈem-bərs\1. the smoldering remains of a fire2. slowly dying or fading emotions, memories, ideas, or responses still capable of being revivedA silent war is raging through the far reaches of Fringe Space. Vying for territory and precious resources, the Niiosian Mob—governed by the calculating Tobias Niio—prepares for a showdown with the Ibarra Cartel and its ambitious leader, Alastair ... Read more

    $3.99 USD $0.99 USD

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  • Hammond’s Hardcases

    by Jack Colrain ...
    "This series has it all. From intriguing characters to lots of action and intrigue as well as believable characters. The suspense will not let you put it do."They brought death and destruction to Earth. Now it's time to return the favor.The massive Mozari spaceship struck without warning. In an instant major cities were leveled. Millions were wiped from the face of the Earth. The horrifying ... Read more

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  • The Trystero Collection: Books 1-3

    by Dave Walsh ...
    series Trystero
    The war between humans and aliens was over, but peace remained elusive.For living life in the DMZ between Terran and Gra'al space, things are mostly uneventful for Drake Rose and Captain Valencia Vasquez. The discovery of an abandoned alien child aboard a derelict freighter with its crew slaughtered changes everything.The fragile peace between two proud people is about to be tested and the ancient ... Read more

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  • The Chronicles of Theren

    by C. D. Tavenor ...
    What would you do as the first synthetic intelligence?In the Chronicles of Theren, embark on a centuries-spanning adventure across the stars, beginning with the creation of the first synthetic intelligence.Created in a lab with sterile white walls, Theren longs to meet the people of the world. The first SI has hopes, fears, and dreams, just like a human.Yet the world fears the idea of an ... Read more

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  • The Relics of Illayan

    Book 1 - The Quiescence Trilogy
    In the stillness, a power wakes.Caerlon is a kingdom where the power of Resonance has long been bound to a single bloodline, a single all-powerful ruler. Now, for the first time in centuries, the magic has been divided.On the night of the new king’s coronation, something causes his magic to fracture, and Catanya, a young woman living on the outskirts of Caerlon discovers the long-kept secret of ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • Modern Fae Box Set

    Books 1-3

    by E. Menozzi ...
    series Modern Fae
    Enjoy the first three books in the Modern Fae series!Eve of the FaeEve doesn't believe in magic...until she falls for an undercover Fae prince. Surrendering to a forbidden love that will threaten both their lives.Dawn of the FaeHe's a half demon on the run. She's an Elemental Fae with broken magic. Together they could end a war or bring both sides down in flames.Will of the Fae<... ... Read more

    $7.99 USD

  • The Sage Saga: The Complete Five Kingdoms Trilogy

    Sage Saga Bundle, #1

    Book 1 - Sage Saga Bundle
    In the kingdom of Allay, Sages are born.Powerful warriors with supernatural abilities that would rival the strength of whole armies. And there is an academy that trains such warriors, forging them out of young, ordinary students and casting them to the cold unknown. Few survive, but if there is any hope for this now desolate kingdom, the tests must be given to all that enter its walls.One such ... Read more

    $2.99 USD