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  • Law of Attraction

    The Law of Attraction has enjoyed a lot of publicity recently. People could say it has become a celebrity as the latest self-improvement tool, the currently fashionable way for manifesting their dreams. What several people don't realize is that the Law of Attraction isn't a new concept. In fact, it's not even a concept in the sense that it had not been coined at a certain point, and then everyone ... Read more

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  • The Law of Divine Oneness

    Despite best human efforts to live a meaningful life, the contemporary lifestyle causes stress. People get up, perform the morning chores, go to work, get back home in the late evening, take supper, sleep, and do the routine all over again. If there is still time, people will engage themselves in their gadgets and devices. Nowadays, people have everything they ever dreamt of — a comfortable ... Read more

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  • Law of Correspondence

    There already exists an unknown Law of Creation that may be used to materialize human wants. In the metaphysical world, this universal concept is known as the Law of Correspondence. The Law of Correspondence is one of the ancient Hermetic Principles revealed to humanity by Hermes Trismegistus, also tagged as Thoth in Egypt. Hermes is said to be a god's messenger who bestows art, education, and ... Read more

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  • Decentralized Finance Investment and Yield Farming Explained

    COMP is really the token of native governance backed by Compound Finance, the pioneering lending protocol. COMP is often used to vote on protocol enhancements, namely protocol fees, collateral support, and shifts in interest rates. COMP has launched the yield farming trend as a new method to lock assets into the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform and the first token to briefly surpass MakerDAO ... Read more

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  • The Law of Gestation

    The Gestation Law is complementary to the Law of Attraction. It states that there is a given incubation or gestation period for each seed. A certain period that a specific seed requires to be formed until it can evolve from the blueprint to a fully realized physical shape. Being prospective entrepreneurs, when the time comes to making the business vision clear, they are ready to go ahead in full ... Read more

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  • Law of Perpetual Motion

    The principles of physics and nature teach that a machine cannot produce more energy than it absorbs. So, it poses a significant barrier to securing a patent for a perpetual motion machine. As and when it is claimed, the Patent and Trademark Office of any country usually rejects it. The Patent Office's denial of a claim that mentions a machine that can produce more energy than it uses is a ... Read more

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  • Law of Inspired Action

    People frequently discuss the importance of vision and focus in realizing human aspirations in terms of seamless success. Also, people are often eager to take action - and it is always worth taking action, even mega action. However, the action only works when it comes from a position of clarity and vision. That is why, before taking action, one must first address the inner concerns. Otherwise, ... Read more

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  • The Law of Rhythm

    How Rhythm Controls Human LifeRhythm belongs to the core of nature. Just like the seasons arrive and depart, the tides rise and disappear. It is well understood that any substance is simply energy at a lower level of vibration. The wave that oscillates between the peak and the valley takes the shape of these vibrations. In all fundamental natural substances, such as seasons, tides, and planetary ... Read more

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  • The Law of Giving and Receiving

    When can one actually provide a gift that helps the recipient? The answer is while activating the law of giving and receiving, and individuals can feel the joy of giving in a manner that few people have ever done before. This flow of universal power is responsible for both human comforts and hardships. It is individual readiness to extend the love that keeps the world peaceful and prosperous. Is ... Read more

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  • The Law of Polarity

    The Law of Polarity: The Process of ImplementationThere's a counterpart of everything. It's equally good to have a poor situation. Amidst a bad scenario, one must look for the good, and there'll be more decent things waiting for him. Looking for good during difficult times will definitely bring peace and harmony. An individual who undergoes this kind of situation would feel instant rage and ... Read more

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  • The Law of Cause and Effect

    The law of Cause and Effect is a theory that has been researched and worked on by many renowned scientists. The conclusive evidence of the presence of it is proved, but how exactly it is working is still up for debate and it may continue to be so forever. The law states that events from the past, the present, and the future are all connected. The world is a small space, how a simple change in ... Read more

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  • The Law of Vibration

    One of the fundamental laws of the universe seems to be the law of Vibration. It says that almost everything moves, and nothing remains constant. Humans basically exist in a system of motion. When brain cells get activated, they set up a vibration in the body. Therefore, to move the hand, one needs to trigger brain cells to move the body, or the hand would not move. Brain-body coordination is ... Read more

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