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j edwards holt

Top Series by j edwards holt in United States

Books by j edwards holt

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  • Barrenworld: Curse of the Warlord’s Chalice

    Book 1 - Barrenworld
    Long ago, an evil wizard rose to power and waged war on mankind. Few were willing to stand against the dark wizard, and those that did, fell. Desperate and determined to save his people, a king named Astilles traveled to a realm called Barrenworld, where he found the Warlord’s Chalice, an ancient cup said to give infinite power to those who drink from it. Believing himself to have no other choice, ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Barrenworld: Rise of the Red Sun

    Book 3 - Barrenworld
    After coming to the stark realization that they were deceived by a close and trusted ally, the surviving members of the Collective struggle to find purpose in the new apocalyptic, war-torn world around them. When their paths inevitably cross, they begin a new quest to discover the truth and secrets behind the Warlord’s Chalice. Their journey soon leads them into new and uncharted territory, where ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • Little Men, Big Treasures

    Book 1 - Little Men, Big Treasures
    O’balin, son of Blorn is an eager young dwarf and a native to the mysterious Mountain Realm. Having been a treasure hunter for most of his life, O’balin is overjoyed when he hears that the king of the Mountain Realm is offering a vast reward to the one who finds The Lost Treasure of Undur, a long-lost treasure that has been missing for generations. Despite warnings from his neurotic brother and ... Read more

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  • Sparrow Songbird

    In this short story by J. Edwards Holt, a young girl named Adeline struggles to take care of her mother after the untimely loss of her father. One day while roaming through the woods, Adeline meets a mysterious new friend - a sparrow that follows her and sings a cheerful tune to brighten her mood. ... Read more


  • Barrenworld: Den of Elyptus

    Book 2 - Barrenworld
    After suffering great loss, but still surviving impossible odds on their journey to Avanoth, the newly formed Collective travels across the massive Central Continent. Hunted by powerful dark forces, the unlikely group of heroes race against time to reach the den of the mighty dragon, Elyptus. But their journey will not be an easy one — as word of the Warlord’s Chalice and its power spreads, ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • The Reason for Rhyming

    Are you a fan of poetry? Do you enjoy poems that have deeper meaning, poems written to make you laugh, or even poems that were just randomly thought up in the shower? If so, this is the read for you! From the author of “The Storyteller’s Diary”, the beloved collection of short stories by J. Edwards Holt, comes “The Reason for Rhyming” — a book of poems with many of the same mystical and heart ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • The Storyteller's Diary

    Whether you’re looking for mystery, adventure, light-hearted laughs, or even something on the scarier side, "The Storyteller’s Diary" has it all! Set in the fantasy world of J. Edwards Holt’s “Little Men, Big Treasures” trilogy, this collection of short stories includes over a dozen tales, featuring all kinds of fantastic mythical creatures like dragons, wizards, elves, and much, much more! ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • The Battle of Danamor

    Book 3 - Little Men, Big Treasures
    Peace turns to chaos in the Mountain Realm when a great evil threatens to destroy the kingdom of Danamor. With their king gone, having mysteriously vanished, the dwarves of Danamor struggle to maintain their peaceful way of life. It seems that no one, not even the fallen king’s trusted followers, are able to unite the divided and leaderless kingdom.One day, an unsuspecting young dwarf named ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

  • The Queen’s Colors

    The Karanatos region is primarily inhabited by a race of green goblins that keep to themselves. For centuries the goblins have dwelled quietly inside mountains and underground colonies, ruled by their beloved queen, Igosalma. They live perfect lives, uninterrupted — until one day the flame of an old rivalry is rekindled when a hunting party is attacked by the green goblins’ supposed worst enemy: ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • The Summoner's Gem

    Book 2 - Little Men, Big Treasures
    Three decades after returning home from the adventure that made him famous, the legendary dwarf treasure hunter O’balin Undur has gone missing. Many have presumed O’balin to be dead, including his old friend Bindle, the aged and worn mayor of Mountainside Village. After receiving an urgent letter addressed specifically to him, Bindle sneaks out of town to visit the home of an old friend; There he ... Read more

    $3.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

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  • Mercerian Tales: Honour Thy Ancestors

    Book 8.5 - Heir to the Crown
    Driven from their ancestral home by the Humans, the Orcs are forced to eke out an existence until one hunter dares to defy tradition.They had one sacred rule. Never, under any circumstances, go into the mud hut!Unlike other young Orcs, Urgon sees it as a challenge, and he's prepared to risk everything to unlock its secrets.Shrouded in mystery, what's inside reveals a hidden past of his people, ... Read more

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  • Perseus and the Monstrous Medusa

    Illustrated by Craig Phillips ...
    series Heroes in Training
    Perseus and the Olympians face off against the Monstrous Medusa in this Heroes in Training adventure. ... Read more

    $6.99 USD