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  • House Valdis Origins: Xenobia

    Series Book 0 - House Valdis
    Raised in a society that treats women like cattle, Xenobia does her best to fly under the radar and not bring attention to herself. She obeys the rules, and she doesn’t get attached to people – until Urd.After a man with extreme sadistic tendencies buys her and her best friend Urd, Xen lays awake at night planning their escape. When Urd overhears their Master’s ultimate plan for them, even though ... Read more


  • No Rest for the Wicked

    Series Book 1 - Life Is Hell
    All I wanted was a break.No more killing. No more vengeance.I thought peace was within my grasp…I’m Delilah Hawthorne, vengeance demon, tired of killing, and in dire need of a vacation.I thought I’d found peace in the tiny town of Juniper Lake, but apparently fate has other plans.Between three conniving witches hellbent on murder, and a hot, but nosy sheriff who needs to mind his own business, it ... Read more


  • Sure As Hell

    Series Book 4 - Life Is Hell
    Jaru FaneTrying to prove that I am capable of being a responsible adult, I start a business based on what I know best – contract companionship. Unfortunately, having a new business doesn’t leave me a lot of time for my best friend, Larkspur.Lonely, Lark decides to take matters into his own hands and remind me that he exists. The result is the start of something between us I never considered before ... Read more

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  • Hell In A Handbasket

    Series Book 3 - Life Is Hell
    Teivel TynanGoing to Juniper Lake to help out my ex was supposed to be a one-time thing, but when several opportunities to return come up, I can’t turn them down.My ex’s deputy fascinates me and keeps pulling me back to the town. The only problem is, I’m a demon and he’s a Demon Hunter. At least I thought that was the only problem.When a bundle of joy mysteriously lands on the Hunter’s doorstep, ... Read more

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  • The Widow

    A Dark Romantic Fantasy

    A year after her husband’s death, Vashti grows weary of the grief and loneliness that plagues her. Forcing herself to leave the sanctuary of her mansion, she ventures into town. Although Vashti intends to maintain her privacy, she finds herself compelled to take in a recently single college student.When Absalom’s girlfriend is caught cheating, he ends up with no place to go. Vashti’s offer of ... Read more

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  • The Rise of House Valdis

    Series Book 1 - House Valdis
    When Xenobia arrived on Earth seven years ago she was given an opportunity to start over. Maggie, her best friend, is the only one who knows what she really is. Walking in on Maggie being beaten, Xen makes a split-second decision that begins a series of events which threaten to expose her true nature, and her heart.With danger looming, Xen is required to face her trust issues and self-doubt in ... Read more

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  • Fate, Frankincense & Funerals

    Acheron – Vulture shifter – Shunned from society because he touches the dead…Kharon, the only place I’m safe, is in my rearview mirror as I take the treacherous journey to Mandara.I know it’s dangerous, but I have to go. Something is pulling me to the city. When I get there, I’m surprised to discover it’s a person - Errapel, nurse to the dying soul I’ve been sent to assist. He’s a breath of fresh ... Read more

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  • A Cold Day in Hell

    Series Book 5 - Life Is Hell
    Sent to Earth on probation,Pretty sure there couldn’t be a worse punishment.All I want is to go home…I’m Hadassah Engel, angel, in trouble for sharing my power with my brother, Malakhi – an exile from Heaven.I took a risk helping my brother save a demon and my punishment is hell on Earth. Counting down the days until I can go back to paradise, I do my best not to get involved in my brother’s ... Read more

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  • It Comes From Within

    Series Book 2 - House Valdis
    After six months, the stress of the House Valdis expansion is starting to take its toll on everyone. Xenobia has taken her time with the transition in an effort to show the former House Muerte members that she is not like their former Master.Unfortunately, her good intentions have left the way wide open for insurrection. An unsanctioned blood den is discovered, and in the process of investigating ... Read more

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  • The Ghastly Gumball

    Magic, Romance, and Shifters – OH MY!This is a zany, wacky story about a guy named Lockwood King.There’s magic.There’s humor.There’s chaos.There’s meddling by outside forces (but it’s for their own good – really, it is).There’s sort of fated mates (fate gets a little push – okay, a big shove, but everyone deserves an HEA, right)?There’s a bit of cursing (the magic and the swearing kind).There’s ... Read more

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  • Hell Hath No Fury

    Series Book 2 - Life Is Hell
    SHERIDAN DIONI followed my friend, Delilah, to Juniper Lake and ended up staying.It’s not the kind of place you’d expect a hedonism demon to choose, but there’s a certain human deputy that’s caught my eye and snared my heart. When my world bleeds into hers, my instinct is to protect her – but I might also be the reason she’s in danger. It figures. I finally find someone to give my heart to, but ... Read more

    $4.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Aberration

    Book One

    Series Book 1 - Aberration
    It isn’t natural for a seventeen-year-old girl to be without a social life, but there isn’t much natural about me anymore.I, Anyanka Truman, am an aberration.Two years ago, my life changed forever. Self-imposed exile seemed to be the only way to keep me safe from people who would use me as a lab rat, and from those who would hate my differences. Solitude became my new normal, the island my domain ... Read more

    $4.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus