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  • Trapped

    Book 1 - Chaos Core
    While artificial intelligences across the galaxy attempted to end human life, a designer slave, Aspen, escaped. Now mankind is regaining control, destroying artificial intelligences but leaving a lawless galaxy behind. Aspen's made a home with a mercenary crew, unaware that she'll soon be back in the hands of her masters and will have to fight for her freedom again. Based on the Spinward Fringe ... Read more


  • Savage Stars

    Book 3 - Chaos Core
    Spin's death approaches, and she asks her crew to go after the cure that will remove her life cap and give her all the benefits of being human. That means going to the Geist System, which is about to become the most prized looting target in the galaxy. Governments, raiders and corporations alike are ready to go to war over the advanced technology there, and Spin has to lead her people straight ... Read more

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  • Cool Pursuit

    Book 2 - Chaos Core
    Spin and her companions continue to elude their pursuers. Escaped slaves, they are hunted by law, irate masters, and hunters. It's a race to find a new ship and get out of the sector while Spin's friends try to find their places in the new crew. Revenge is on everyone's mind, but pursuing Captain White is an endeavour that could cost them everything. While her friends track him and ready their ... Read more

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  • Brightwill

    Naze the Great Wizard finally tells his students and fellows about his exploits with his long-lost brother, Riv. Riv, the outcast, the Thief of the Enduring Light, the Slasher Goblin, is an unexpected sibling to Naze the Wizard. What the Great Wizard reveals is a tale of bold misadventure and a people facing extinction. No one will see him the same way again. ... Read more

    $3.20 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Awakening

    Book 1 - NEM
    Grant has loved fantasy for his entire life. As a Dungeon Master he began creating a world of his own for tabletop role playing games that has grown to fill bookshelves since his teens. Nem. Outside of his basement game room pursuits, he once trained for and competed in the only medieval tourney held in his home city and won. That was his greatest moment, and it was some time ago. Little does he ... Read more

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  • Crimson Shores

    Book 2 - NEM
    Grant’s journey through the land of Nemori continues. The memory of, and worry over Vismag remains with him as he wonders if leaving him behind was the right thing to do. His true quest is to defeat Marat and stop the spread of Olur’s influence but the demon haunts him. He will not be without allies, however, as both great and terrible things wait to greet him downriver. ... Read more

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  • Samurai Squadron

    Broadcast 18

    Book 21 - Spinward Fringe
    The Order of Eden is expanding their reach. The Renegade Captain Jacob Valent can’t gather enough large starships to fight them on their own terms, so he turns to his old friend and his band of pilots. Wing Commander Minh-Chu and Samurai Squadron have proven that a small fighter can do incredible damage and disappear before it's overwhelmed before, and everyone is depending on them to do it again. ... Read more

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  • The Last Of The bullet Chasers

    A Spinward Fringe Short

    Cooper flies the Monte Carlo, a ship built to catch munitions that missed their targets in space only to put unsuspecting worlds in danger years, perhaps centuries later. The Monte Carlo is going after a missile group drifting next to the speed of light this time, and if they don't get everything exactly right, the civilization in the Rega Gain Solar System will be destroyed.War has gone ... Read more

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  • Psycho Electric

    A Spinward Fringe Novel

    Rafe became a cyborg when his aunt sold his body parts to pay her debt. Left only with his human head and a rough, industrial cyborg body, he is on the run from his master. We find Rafe in the megacity of New Udalpur, where he's been able to hide amongst a massive diverse population that's more interested in social media, earning platinum, or trying to visit Earth to pay much attention to him ... Read more

    $3.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Warriors

    Spinward Fringe Broadcast 13

    Book 15 - Spinward Fringe
    The invasion has changed everything for Haven Fleet and the citizens they protect. More than ever the Order of Eden seems to be everywhere, hanging over our heroes like a menacing cloud as they face new challenges and try to keep the fleet from falling apart.Alice approaches a resistance group with the best intentions and is confronted by complications. Haven Fleet is faced with the unknown while ... Read more

    $4.00 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Freeground

    Spinward Fringe Broadcast 10

    Book 12 - Spinward Fringe
    The war between the Order of Eden and the few who fight for their freedom continues. Jacob and his comrades are within the Iron Head Nebula, a natural border between sectors where danger surrounds them as they do their best to assist stranded ships, fight the Order, and make connections with those who dwell in the gargantuan dust cloud.Meanwhile, Alice and many young Officer Candidates are ... Read more

    $4.00 USD $2.99 USD or Free with Kobo Plus

  • Warpath

    Spinward Fringe Broadcast 9

    Book 11 - Spinward Fringe
    The war is on! Conflict grips the Iron Head Nebula and the star system that Jake, Ayan, Minh-Chu and their loved ones call home. The Order of Eden, British Alliance and other organisations creeping in the shadows enter into an all-or-nothing conflict that will change the political shape of the galaxy for centuries while Freeground is forced to leave its home space in search of help and safety.This ... Read more

    $3.20 USD or Free with Kobo Plus