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  • True to Your Service

    In Service Book 3

    Book 3 - In Service
    Former butler Mae Valentine accepted the risk-filled life Major Hamish Kitt led when she married him. He's out of the field, now teaching novice spies how to be spies. Then an accident—or terrorism—drags the couple to tulip fields and sex shops in charming, deadly Amsterdam. Suddenly, it's extortion, nasty little plants, and a bar full of monkeys. As treachery unfolds and bodies pile up, the past, ... Read more

    $3.00 USD

  • Forever in Your Service

    In Service book 2

    Book 2 - In Service
    A heartbroken butler. A dead spy. A randy little dog.Reproduction wines, counterfeit handbags, forged art, and sham relationships trap Mae in a web of phonies, frauds, and liars—with Kitt the greatest charlatan of them all.Spies come back from the dead in movies and books, but this isn't film or fiction. Mae isn't sure what to believe after a spy loves says, 'I love you,' and everything, including ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Your Sterling Service

    An In Service short story

    series An In Service short story
    A widowed former butler.A disagreeable spy.A tray of tempting baked goods.Trapped in his new home by a healing serious injury that could end his career, Major Kitt's more surly than usual, and his moodiness doesn't shift when his landlady drops by expecting a favour.Mae Valentine knows her new tenant is a tad mysterious—turns out he's also a bit of a prick. She's of half a mind to turn around with ... Read more

    $1.00 USD

  • At Your Service

    A butler. A spy. A toilet brush. A romantic suspense cosy spy-thriller-mystery with a dash of grittiness and humour. It's Charade meets Remains of the Day.*After three years in the employ of a former British army officer turned Risk Assessment Specialist, widowed butler Mae Valentine is familiar with Major Kitt's taste for scrambled eggs, bourbon, and brawling. Kitt knows of Mae's fondness for ... Read more

    $2.99 USD

  • Between Boardroom And Bedroom

    Workplace Romance Stories/Insecure/Driving In Neutral/Risky Business

    A collection of full–length novels about what happens after business hours…Insecure – Ainslie PatonThe worst thing a man can do is not be with the woman he loves.Jacinta was the CEO in waiting. Mace was the geek from IT. She had an office suite on the top floor. He worked in cubicle hell.She had power, influence, her life mapped out. He had big dreams, and an appetite for risk.They had one hot ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • Next To You

    A witty, quirky and unexpectedly moving story about cinema, secrets and a complicated love affair.A love of '70s bubblegum pop music isn't the only unusual thing about William Murphy – being a six–foot–three albino also makes a guy stand out. Will's life is simple and he likes it that way. But when he meets his new next–door neighbour, complicated begins to look rather attractive.Caroline's trying ... Read more

    $5.99 USD

  • Driving In Neutral

    A new, quick–witted, quip–heavy romance for grown–ups from Sandra Antonelli about facing your fears – because love is the greatest risk of all.Levelheaded Olivia Regen walks away from her car–racing career and the wreckage of a bad marriage to take on new work that's far removed from the twists of racetrack. Her new life is about control, calm and the good friends that she adores.But her first ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • For Your Eyes Only

    The smart–talking, quip–cracking, pop–culture addicted author of A Basic Renovation is back with a new romance for grown ups...By day, Willa is a mild–mannered scientist; by night, she's on the trail of stolen classified documents. Technically that makes Detective John Tilbrook on her side, but Willa has secrets she can't share.John is instantly fascinated by the new physicist on the block, even ... Read more

    $4.99 USD

  • A Basic Renovation

    When it comes down to it, rats in the oven trumps Lesley's desire to never set eyes on another Brennan family member. So Lesley, a pro at property redevelopment, scrambles to Dominic Brennan's hardware store for supplies. Dominic knows poison – rat and otherwise – and he sees it in Lesley. The woman ruined his brother's life. Now that she's back in town, Dominic's afraid she'll drag up the past, ... Read more

    $3.99 USD

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  • (Trust) Falling For You

    by Charish Reid ...
    Yolanda Watson is the "fun professor."She makes literature exciting, she brings students donuts for Finals Week, and her colleagues love her. The only thing that will make teaching better is if she can learn how to write a grant and skip those boring committee meetings. In short, a History professor is her problem. He stole her grant and he chairs the most boring committee on campus.Sure, he's ... Read more

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  • Fly Me to the Moon: Volume One

    Book 7 - Fly Me to the Moon
    Fly Me to the Moon—the Special Book Club EditionThe journey to space was filled with heart-stopping peril and thrilling triumphs. Follow those steely-eyed missilemen and calculating engineers through the 1960s as they face life-threatening challenges—and of course, find love—in this collection of Space Race romances.For the first time ever, books one, two, and three of this critically acclaimed ... Read more

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  • Tales from the Gunpowder Chronicles

    A collection of Opium War steampunk novellas

    by Jeannie Lin ...
    series The Gunpowder Chronicles
    Asian steampunk at its finest with three new tales of adventure from bestselling author Jeannie LinEast meets West in a clash of gunpowder technology versus steam in an epic and richly-detailed series.Big Trouble in Old ShanghaiThe signs are there. Gangs roaming the streets, the very earth shaking beneath their feet. Ming-fen could tell something was coming to Old Shanghai, but she didn’t know ... Read more

    $4.99 USD