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My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over! Manga eBook Series

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  • My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over! 1

    by Tetsu Tsutsui ...
    Series Book 1 - My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!
    Chiro-chan is a world-class least, to Sakiko Manaka, your run-of-the-mill hard-core idol fan. So when Chiro—real name Chihiro—ends up sitting next to her in school, Sakiko's world is turned upside-down, and all her brain cells vanish. After all, how can she concentrate when her absolute fav is just inches away?! But she needs to be on her A-game, because she may not be the only one who ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over! 4

    by Tetsu Tsutsui ...
    Series Book 4 - My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!
    At last, Sakiko’s summer vacation has arrived—her first since starting high school. This summer is positively packed with Spring Shine events, and she has a feeling it’s going to be awesome! But at the summer rock fest where Spring Shine is performing, she runs into Kasumi, the classmate who made fun of Chihiro before! What will go down when the hater comes face-to-face with the fan?! With Spring ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over! 5

    by Tetsu Tsutsui ...
    Series Book 5 - My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!
    Chihiro is appearing in a TV drama, so she’s supposed to be practicing her acting. But is Maaya really going to kiss her?! Witnessing Maaya’s affection for Chihiro, Sakiko feels a tangle of emotions. Meanwhile, Chihiro is shocked when she sees the script and her part! Sakiko and Maaya are glad their idol’s career is taking off, but it’s complicated…things aren't so simple in Volume 5! ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over! 3

    by Tetsu Tsutsui ...
    Series Book 3 - My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!
    Her smile, shining dazzlingly bright…Her voice, boldly resounding throughout the large venue…Her brave figure, dashing through the colorful light sticks—Sakiko’s idol is just too precious! Her classmate Tanaka-kun threw all caution aside and confessed his crush to Chihiro (after Sakiko and Maaya drove him to do it). Convinced a plain guy like himself would be a nobody in her eyes, he charged ahead ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over! 2

    by Tetsu Tsutsui ...
    Series Book 2 - My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!
    Sakiko ended up in the same class and in the seat right next to her beloved idol, Chihiro-chan. Chihiro-chan became her friend and that’s how they spent the days together. Sakiko was still a bundle of butterflies, but little by little, she began to feel more comfortable around her. Then came Spring Sunshine’s surprise concert. Chiro-chan the idol was different than the Chihiro-chan she saw in the ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

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  • My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over! 6

    Series Book 6 - My Idol Sits the Next Desk Over!
    Sakiko has taken a crack at her first photo contest! To become the very best idol photographer, she's putting in some serious effort! Then, while Maaya has mixed feelings about it, she and Chihiro prepare a birthday surprise for Sakiko? Every day is more exciting when your idol is around! This is girlhood at its peak, and these three are in the thick of it in Volume 6! ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • 5 Seconds Before a Witch Falls in Love

    by Zeniko Sumiya ...
    Solitary witch Meg likes to be mischievous and make trouble in the forest for her nemesis, Lilith the Witch Hunter. But when an altercation goes sideways and Meg turns Lilith into a cat, a cascade of unfortunate events means witch is now responsible for saving witch hunter! Sparks were flying between these antagonistic ladies before--what will their relationship be like after this cat-astrophe? ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • The Girl I Want is So Handsome! The Complete Manga Collection

    by Yuama ...
    First-year high schooler Hina falls head over heels in love at her first glimpse of Shiki, a gorgeous, cool older girl with mad basketball skills. But when she tries to confess her feelings, she ends up as the basketball team's manager instead. It seems like a huge blunder until she realizes it's the perfect chance to get to know Shiki better. Will Hina and Shiki overcome their comical ... Read more

    $13.99 USD

  • A Condition Called Love 11

    by Morino Megumi ...
    Series Book 11 - A Condition Called Love
    After Non-chan-the girl who assaulted Hotaru many years ago-moves back into town, things between Hotaru and Hananoi-kun grow tense. Hananoi-kun's attempt to prevent Hotaru from getting hurt again itself hurts her. Can he work through this problem and leave his harmful tendencies behind him? Or will this be the end for our couple?! Their mismatched love story takes a new turn! ... Read more

    $9.99 USD

  • If You Could See Love, Vol. 3

    Series series If You Could See Love
    After starting high school, Mei has witnessed the many different forms love could take. From unrequited crushes to soulmates to unconventional relationships, she’s seen it all. And now, it’s time for her to confront her feelings and figure out which admirer is her own arrow of love pointing to! ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • If You Could See Love, Vol. 2

    Series Book 2 - If You Could See Love
    Despite Mei’s best attempts to avoid love, she finds herself the target of not one, but two arrows of love—and to make things more complicated, both her admirers are her dorm roommates! Although she cares deeply for them, Mei’s clueless about what exactly romantic love entails, much less whether she’s willing to put herself through all its trials and tribulations…but perhaps her new role as the ... Read more

    $6.99 USD

  • I Can't Believe I Slept With You! Vol. 1

    Series Book 1 - I Can't Believe I Slept With You!
    Twenty-four-year-old Koduka Chiyo quit her job and is wallowing in self-pity. She's also three months behind on rent. Her landlady proposes an unusual solution: sleep with her, and she'll help with the debt, the filthy apartment, and the loneliness. Can true love develop from an arrangement that started with a bang? ... Read more

    $9.99 USD