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    1 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    Charming Christmas-Themes HEA Novella

    Full review appeared on Reader's Edyn on 11/15/17 Lady Marabelle Danvers is the last surviving heir to the Earl of Grey. Since she cannot assume such a title, it has been passed to the next male heir with the stipulation that he marry Marabelle. She’s ok with the arrangement since she’s been running the estate for years and will continue to do so as the Earl’s wife. But she knows little of her intended and is to marry him on the morning of his arrival. It is the beginning of the Christmas season and this will be her first without any of her family to celebrate with, so she’s determined to make the best Christmas ever with her new husband … except he hates the holiday, and people, and his new title, and England … but he seems to like Marabelle quite a lot. A conundrum indeed. Sebastian Rutherford, Earl of Grey has been traveling the Indies since selling his commission from the army. He never thought to step foot back in England again – until duty called. He has every intention of claiming the title, getting his new bride with an heir, and then resuming his travels abroad. At least that’s his plan. But the lovely lady entices him with thoughts of a home, a family, a life full of love and traditions. He’s never experienced and thing like it, coming from a hard family with no use for affection or anything so frivolous as holiday celebrations. He’s finding he likes the idea more and more, but settling down will take a bit more convincing and Marabelle is determined to make it happen. If she can’t convince him over the holidays, then she can’t convince him at all – but her kisses are doing a pretty darned good job of it. This is a super-fast novella read that can be tackled within a couple of hours. For such a short span of pages, I found the characters whimsical and engaging. Sebastian has been groomed for nothing but propriety and has never encountered a woman like Marabelle who adores life; especially the holidays. I enjoyed seeing a side of Sebastian that he kept guarded and hidden from others, but gave to Marabelle as a gift. And Marabelle’s excitement for the holidays and traditions within them is almost contagious. It seems to be for Sebastian, anyway. The two have a few differing ideals to work through, but as an arranged marriage, they ultimately suit to each other well. Sebastian in all his antisocial glory and Marabelle with her welcoming, joyous spirit complement one another; together finding a beautiful balance. The reader is also treated to another fun couple within the book, the Duke and Duchess of Huntsdown. Olivia is a good friend of Marabelle and James was in the army with Sebastian. The couple is newly married and so they go on outings together and impart advice here and there. They have their own story in book 3 of the series, Duke Goes Rogue, which I’d very much like to read now. Most dialogue is between the couples is humorous with James and Olivia having already been through their “awkward period” and Sebastian and Marabelle new to marriage, muddling their way through becoming acquainted. As a historical romance, I found this novella a satisfying read with entertaining and charming characters. I plan to visit the rest of this series as soon as I get the chance. Kindle version provided by Dog Eared Publicity/Author in exchange for an honest review.
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    A Rogue’s Christmas Kiss

    Enjoyed this book very much. I have always liked historical romances.
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    Sweet Christmas Story.

    Lady Marrabelle Danvers is about to marry a man she has never met. She had a very loving family but they are all dead now. The man who has inherited her father's title will be her new husband. This Christmas will be very different from any that came before. Sebastian Rutherford, the new Earl of Gray was a soldier and a spy. He is used to being alone. He never wanted to return to England but a man can't refuse a title. This is a short and very sweet Christmas story. Lovely characters discovering each other and learning to enjoy Christmas all over again.

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