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    emotionally intense new adult romance

    This was my first time reading this author, and I liked her writing, though I did find that this story was a bit long. Both Grayson and Sam have issues in their past to deal with (so you get the typical NA angsty storyline), a critical one in Grayson's case that makes him a bit of a hot and cold character depending on where he is (at college, or at home) in the story. As a couple I liked the two of them together, and they shared some steamy scenes on the path to true love. They both have to confront their pasts to move forward. There are several interesting secondary characters and I quite enjoyed the camaraderie between the men (though Grayson's family were definitely polarizing individuals). 3.5 stars.
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    0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    Intense passion, amazing action, incredible depth

    Beauty in tragedy, Hope within despair, and among it all...Love. There are moments when I’m absolutely certain this author can’t push the depths of my emotions any further, and then... She releases another novel. The Flight & Glory series is one of my all time favorite compilation of books. I fell in love with Josh and Ember’s strength in Full Measures, fanned myself over Jagger and Paisley’s passion in Eyes Turned Skyward, and now I’m losing it over Sam and Grayson. Yarros’ characters are crafted with the upmost care and true attention to human nature. She breathes life into them with action and passion and brilliantly placed dynamics. It’s as if this isn’t a work of fiction, but merely a documentation of real people’s lives occurring just outside our own homes. The raw emotions she pushes into them are what makes them tangible and the effortless companionship created between each character is what continues to bring readers back to the pages again and again. And Sam and Grayson are no exception. With each new duo of perspectives a new bond is formed between reader and character, and it is truly a beautiful experience. Sam is a spark-plug, readers have known that since the first novel, Full Measures, but, Beyond What Is Given invites readers into her mind and what is found there is nothing short of admirable. She is fierce, but in a way that is unique to her two female counterparts (Ember & Paisley) She is a firecracker embodied in a beautiful woman still struggling against strenuous circumstances outside of her control and her actions throughout her struggle are what make her incredibly endearing. 
Grayson. Ah, Grayson, le sigh. He is true to the Flight & Glory fashion, not just an incredibly sexy male (though he is that) but much much more. He’s a stoic figure who breaks only under the right person’s touch. And that person is Sam. They are alike in so many ways--both dealt raw and heavy hands from life--and neither one of them takes it sitting down. They find stores of strength through knowing each other and they’re dynamic is explosive. Grayson and Sam are like gasoline and a lit match, all consuming and hot as hell, and it’s hard to look away for even a second. Yarros compiles these amazing characters right alongside vivid and engaging plot. She effortlessly weaves together action, heat, depth, and mystery, constructing a plot so on point readers will feel as if they’ve lived it themselves. With cameos from beloved Flight & Glory characters and that special look into the military world only an expert can give you, BEYOND WHAT IS GIVEN is the perfect third installment, packed with fantastic, real, and completely swoon worthy characters, intense and heart-tugging circumstances, and fanning yourself passion. It’s a wonderful addition to the Flight & Glory series that gives fans a new couple to fall in love with.

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