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  • 1 persona encontró esta reseña útil

    1 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

    1 de 1 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    A hot, sexy, fantastic must-read!

    Ar ARC of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. There is no question in my mind that Lisa Renee Jones loves to write. She gives her readers exactly what they want and so much more. Denial is a supremely well-written story that is compelling, delicious, and sexy with twists and turns thrown in to keep you on the edge of your seat. This amazing author weaves a story of suspense, mystery, pain, pleasure, lust, passion, angst, secrets, lies, deceit, regret, revenge, seduction, unpredictability, and turmoil. Intoxicating erotic, Denial sucks you from the very beginning and keeps you captivated, intrigued, consumed, and mystified. The questions just keep piling up as the story unfolds and you have no choice but to keep turning the pages hoping for answers.
  • 0 persona encontró esta reseña útil

    0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

    0 de 0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    Holy freaking crap...I love it

    *ARC received in exchange for an honest review* I need the second book, Demand, now! Holy freaking crap…how can that be the ending? I need to know the answer to Ella’s question! I knew there was more to all of this {I mean obviously} but I knew it, now I want to know the answer! I need to know! This is me warning you that you should not start this book unless you are prepared to dedicate your entire day to reading. It will suck you in and become your next addiction. This is also me warning you that this is book one in a series and yes, it has a cliffhanger ending that will leaving you with a book hangover. Told through Ella’s POV Lisa Renee Jones has taken me on an intense, dangerous, sexy, protective, confusing, hot and cold introduction to this series. I am officially addicted. Truth be told this first book sets everything up for the following book to start giving some answers. Not a whole lot is answered as far as the grand picture of what Ella’s previous life really means to her present situation. I am left with so many questions about who so many people really are and what role they actually play. This is what makes Lisa Renee Jones so freaking addictive to read. She sets up this complex world of complex characters and I slowly start to discover who each and every one of them really is. The detail that she puts into the plot and characters is perfection and now I am a junkie. Fun fact, this series is actually connected to Lisa Renee Jones’ two other series Inside Out and The Secret Life of Amy Benson. I have read the first 3 books in The Secret Life of Amy Benson and I am also addicted to this series so I figure I need to start reading every freaking book in the Inside Out Series because I am pretty much a Lisa Renee Jones junkie at this point, and since I have to wait until MAY to read Demand I need to get my fix where ever I can.
  • 0 persona encontró esta reseña útil

    0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

    0 de 0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    Awesome and amazing must read story

    I loved and thoroughly enjoyed reading the outstanding and suspenseful, captivating and engaging romantic novel written by the phenomenal writer, Lisa Renee Jones. I received a copy of the story from NetGalley for an honest review. Ella wakes up in a hospital bed in Italy with no memory and sees a beautiful man, Kayden. Kayden tells her he rescued her and is going to take care of her until she gets her memory back. She remembers running from someone and then sees Kayden talking to one of the men chasing her and takes off. Kayden catches up to her and explains that the man is someone that works for him and had helped saved her from the men that were after her. Ella remembers her first name and bits and pieces of her memory come hauntingly back. As Kayden keeps reassuring her that her memory will come back, both of them feel a connection and an attraction for each other. Read the highly recommended, must read, wonderfully written story of love, sex, violence, and intrigue. Can't wait to read Demand (Careless Whispers #2)!
  • 0 persona encontró esta reseña útil

    0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

    0 de 0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    I read the first 2 chapters on Facebook and realised I had to read the whole book. I couldn't put it down. The suspense within the book is so exciting! Amazing book can't wait to read the next in this series.

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