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    A phenomenal and emotional story

    At first namely when I finished reading …, I didn’t think I’m going to like this one because with Audrey back-story I was afraid things going to go sideways. However my obsession with all things Lani Lynn Vale didn’t let me skip it. And thank God for that because this story is truly phenomenal and quickly became my favorite in the series. The book starts out slow but sucks you in easily. I was really afraid of how the author is going to address Audrey traumatic past hopefully without overdramatizing it and taking a too strong grip on it. Fortunately, she executed it slowly but seamlessly so that it stayed realistic and didn’t overpower the plot either. I quite enjoyed it even more thanks to how the romance, the relationship, the trust bloomed in it. So as I mentioned earlier it starts out slow and keeps a pretty steady pace thorough the book but for the most part I didn’t mind it. I could break the plot into 3 parts. The first 20 or so percent of it is the trust building, sometimes awkward but still funny stage, then the next 60% is the cruise, the pinnacle of the relationship which is pretty focused on the steamy sexual elements of things. Finally the last 20 or so percent which is the bi twist, the drama and the shocking. Basically here come the only reason why I reduced half a star because I personally would have liked a bit more drama and action in it to balance it out. Because compared to the rest of the story in the last part things happen in light speed. Okay- okay I know it a romance book but still. Other than this purely preferential thing I loved the book. I was honestly surprised how much I adored Audrey. She is a really strong, resilient and apart from her reservations she lives her life to the fullest she is capable of even after what happened to her. But when she starts to let Tobias in she realizes that her numerous security blankets are keeping her back. Slowly she opens up and she start to show a snarky, cheeky and mischievous side too. As thing progresses she first builds a strong friendship with Tobias and then something more starts too bloom between them, an attraction so powerful they can’t deny it. Tobias is also a fantastic character. He has a quite traumatic past as well but he handles it differently, he takes up the role of the protector instead of wallowing in it, but it lets him get close to and understand Audrey. He and his family aren’t strangers for broken hearts and damaged souls. I really liked him, his patience and his silent support. They are a great match and form and adorable couple. I also loved to read about and get to know small details about the other Hail brothers. Since their series is the next in line, this was quite the mood maker for wanting to read it. Just from the little snippets about their troubles promises eventful things to come. I can’t wait. In the end I can honestly say that For the love of beard is not just a beautiful, touching and perfect conclusion for the series but also one of the author’s best too. You definitely need to read it.
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    0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    Just awesome

    Another great book. Love how characters from other series show up. Love how you get a brief introductiin to the next series of characters. Great story that flows that captures you from the beginning.

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