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    Womanizer meets stronger independent woman

    When I saw that this book was about Cliff getting his HEA, I wasn't real excited for it. Cliff wasn't an interesting character to me when he was first introduced. A bit of a jerk, a womanizer, and even the main heroine didn't like him much when she finally met him. But the rejection Cliff received from Kat helped him grow in Forbidden Song. He learned that just because he's a pretty voice doesn't mean he's going to always get what he asks for or wants. But then enters Christine. He tries to keep a cold shoulder to her. He tries so hard to not like her. Christine is held under the thumb of her other brother Quinn. It seems forced to have him be so adamant about her staying away from the music scene. I mean, why not ask a favor of your good buddy Klement and make sure she's traveling with a band you know and trust for her to write her dissertation, instead of risk her traveling with one that you don't know much about or one you don't like? At least you would know where she's at. You could still get plenty of drama from the known numerals in that equation, instead of having the lies and deceit knot. I like that Cliff grew as a character. I don't like that Christine was mentioned a single time and we knew nothing about her but yet she's a big deal because she's the little sister of a main character from a previous book.
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    Another good Bleeding Vengeance story

    I think this is my favorite Bleeding Vengeance story. Christine's past is tragic and her brother has made it worse. I loved how she was striving to become independent, even though she used some subterfuge to get there. Cliff was a surprise for me, considering his reputation and actions in the other books, and I enjoyed seeing this side of him. I was a little emotional as this story unfolded with happy tears at the end. I highly recommend this book and series. I received a copy of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

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