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    An absolutely wonderful suspense novel!

    The characters are fantastic. I connected with them immediately. Taking center stage in this novel are Morgan Thorsby and Brady Owens. Morgan is the only daughter of a wealthy business owner who has become dissatisfied with that lifestyle and wants to be independent. Brady is a former marine sniper and currently the sniper for the First Responders Squad (FRS). It was great to get updated on all the other members of the FRS. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know each team member better when they are the focus of one of these books. The action in each book is a stand-alone story. But there is so much interaction within the FRS as they support and work with each other that it is important to read these books in order. The book starts with an adrenaline rush, life threatening situation. Then once we have been given a chance to catch our breath and meet the characters a secondary mystery starts to appear. This mystery is built slowly with a fantastic balance of calm and tension building. It is incredible at keeping the reader’s interest. I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.
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    Edge of Your Seat Reading!

    What can I say? I loved this book! I had a hard time putting it down and getting anything else done! The action was so fast-paced that it kept you guessing constantly and, of course, turning pages rapidly! The relationship between Morgan and Brady was so fun to read. I loved how strong Morgan tried to be as she went through, first, being held hostage on a train, and then second, being stalked & almost killed! She's just a former "wealthy lawyer" and doesn't know how to handle all that's happening to her! Brady is a former marine sniper who now works for the First Response Squad and saves her when she's a hostage. I really liked Brady. He was so down to earth and really cared about Morgan but felt "beneath" her because he grew up very poor and had an abusive father. However, he was such a "rock" for Morgan and she could always depend on him. Morgan's wealthy father was a real piece of work and you could see why she wanted to escape him and become independent of him! As the suspense unfolds, he doesn't show any concern for his daughter. This is the 3rd book in this series and I adore all the characters in it! They are cohesive, focused and yet love to joke with each other. However, they watch each other's back, no matter what! Morgan has never seen that type of relationship before so she's a little overcome by it at first but all the First Responders easily win her over with their friendship and caring! As I said, a fantastic book with lots of action that keeps you on the edge of your seat!
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    Great Read!

    I am hooked on Sleeman’s books!! She so easily interweaves humor, core family values, Christianity, tough emotions and circumstances with a host of warm, endearing characters (like ‘Bessie’). Not to mention the suspenseful plot which fuels this story!! This particular novel features Brady Owens, a former marine sniper who now works as a First Responder. When he learns Morgan Thorsby is being stalked and that her life is threatened, Brady determines to protect her 24/7. Both Brady and Morgan have emotional walls built and they instinctively pull away each time they get close. This does not stop Brady from his hunt for Morgan’s vengeful intruder. He remains focused even as he struggles to keep his heart from getting tangled up along the way. The distress that follows causes both characters to remember their faith and rekindle their trust in God. Such a great read!

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