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  • 2.5 stars

    I did not like Ivory and Bone. Let's talk about why... First of all, it was slow. I'm talking slooooooooooowwwwwww. It took over 200 pages before any action really happened. That is way too long to ask a reader to wait for something exciting. I kept trying to remind myself that this book took place in prehistoric times, and life was much simpler back then. Their lives consisted of hunting mammoths and catching fish. But still, I found myself really bored a lot of the time as I was reading. And then by the time we actually got around to the action, I was so bored that totally didn't care what happened to the characters. Also, after waiting and waiting for an explanation, the "plot twist," or explanation of the hostilities in the book, was the biggest letdown ever, and again, I just didn't care. Speaking of slow, let's talk about the romance. It is the slowest of the slow-burning romance. A slow-burn is fine, but man, this took FOREVER. And honestly, by the time we finally got around to the resolution of the romance, I didn't believe it whatsoever, and, like I said before, I didn't care at all about the characters. I think something that contributed to my problem with the romance is that this story was told in second person, and was intended to put the reader in the shoes of the main female character, Mya. We are supposed to feel as though we are Mya, and the main character, Kol, is telling us a story. This was a really interesting concept, but it didn't work for me. The way Mya was portrayed, it appeared as if she hated Kol and was completely not interested in him. A really big problem that I have with this book has to do with the way it is marketed. This may not have anything to do with the author, and if that is the case, I feel very bad that the publisher did such a disservice to Julie Eshbaugh. Ivory and Bone is marketed as a "prehistoric fantasy." THIS. BOOK. IS. NOT. A. FANTASY. There are absolutely no fantasy elements in this book. Personally, I would call it historical fiction. Someone brought to my attention that maybe the entire world this book takes place in is supposed to be an alternate reality to our own. If that is the case, I can understand the fantasy classification, but unfortunately, that means that the author did a very poor job of making this clear. Typically, a book has to be very poorly written for me to give it a one star rating, so Julie Eshbaugh's writing style saved this book for me. I thought the writing style was quite enjoyable, but there was so much that disappointed me about this book.

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