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    Bayou Heat - Michel /Striker

    I have all of these. Love 'em. Hot, passionate alpha men and women who are happy to be "alphaed". I like how all the books tie into each other.
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    Michel /Striker

    Two Author Title : Michel Striker Title : Michel Author : Alexandra Ivy Title : Striker Author : Laura Wright Reviewed by : Stephanie Jordan ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Michel Michel loved his homeland, he and Pantera's all lived in the Wildlands. He was a watching just one slip he get her, he didn’t understand why they would let the enemy be in his homeland. But he will make sure that the beautiful human was watched. Michel only problem was his puma wanted her and was starting to get out of control. Dr. Chelsea Young worked with Locke studied the Pantera's blood. Maybe because of their blood they could cure diseases. The good doctor realized something was wrong they were not taking her findings to cure anything they wanted a weapon. They lied to her so she had to escape. Striker Striker didn't feel ,he wouldn't get close. Geezzzz if you can't trust your mate and your twin brother, than you sure as hell can't trust another person. He was on a mission today well its been three days now, whatever drugs the humans shoot into her was making her crazy if she didn't get what she wanted. Striker called her twelve because she didn't talk but he knew she wanted him and sex lot and lots of sex. When he was done he'd be on another mission and not think twice about this.
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    Michel / Striker

    Michel thinks Dr. Chelsea Young is a spy but that doesn’t stop his cat from wanting her and Striker is all about the mission until the mission is a beautiful, pained female who needs sex to survive in these exciting paranormal romances. Chelsea is determined to atone for her mistakes even if it means she has to help Michel, the one cat who can’t stand her and the reader can’t help but be drawn into the story as Michel is thrown for a loop when he learns that his cat is smarter than he is. Used for breeding, Twelve’s free now and determined to discover her past but she needs the heartless Striker’s help and the reader can’t help but be captivated when Striker figures out that he needs to let go of the past. Both stories have strong compelling characters that demand attention and capture the heart with their emotional turmoil and the heat that flows from the pages is scorching hot. Tension and excitement builds in Michel’s story as him and Chelsea set out to find the enemy and rescue more Pantera and expectation builds as the reader anticipates what Twelve will do to regain her memory ensuring that there is never a dull moment and the vivid descriptions draw the readers in and refuse to let go. Once again, I had a very enjoyable visit with the Pantera that live so close to my home and I really can’t wait to visit them again because I really need to know just what Christopher is going to do next and just how much damage he will inflict on these fascinating shifters.

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