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    Sexy suspense and high tension action

    Shannon McKenna does it again! If you read her regularly, this should come as no surprise—she never disappoints. The Obsidian Files series is a rollercoaster ride of action, sensuality, betrayal, suffering, and redemption. My Next Breath is book 2 in the series, picking up a few months after the first. When I saw who the heroine was, there was a bit of hesitancy. Simone had not been a favorite character from the first book, where she appeared briefly—as a potential enemy. My next thought was, “Oh…this is going to be good. If she’s going to be the heroine, there’s a LOT messed up in her life right now we don’t know about.” And I was right—the attraction between Simone and Zade is instantaneous but their secrets might be insurmountable if the truth is ever revealed. Ms. McKenna has a gift to make you care deeply about her characters as you open the book. The paranormal aspects could be ripped from today’s headlines of breakthroughs in genetic manipulation and merging technology into the human body. Her visceral emotion keeps you on the edge of your seat as you watch the characters walk into situations you know are going to go sideways on them. Her beyond-steamy love scenes are breath-stealing erotic and flow seamlessly from the action. Her suspense and torture scenes are skin-crawlingly creepy and showcase the nearly demonic depths that her twisted villains have descended to their greedy malice. Her fight scenes leap of the page with detailed, staccato action that brings the reader right into the book. There’s a surprise around every corner, and always another disaster looming for the survivors of the Midlands experiments—a group of genetically and technologically modified escapees trying to survive and stop the twisted people who experimented on them. They walk a fine line between expediency and becoming what they fought to escape. You’ll find yourself re-reading the first two books in the series as you await the next one to find out how the overarching plot resolves.
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    Mysterious and lustful!!

    MY NEXT BREATH Shannon McKenna This second installment of the Obsidian Files had me on the edge of my seat throughout the story. Once again, I felt as though I were a fly on the wall, in the midst of the action. The descriptions paint vivid landscapes that augment the largeness of the characters and the story. Knowing about the characters special powers does not detract from the reader believing that they are constantly in danger - in fact, the reader is in constant fear that these beloved characters will suffer more than death. I love the way minor characters from Right Through Me become central to the story. Shannon skillfully weaves their background stories into this new one and hints at the connections they have with the characters we fell in love with in Right Through Me. The sexual tension and constant struggle between the main characters to be strong and individual create a sense of yearning for acceptance and unconditional love. Exposing Simone and Zade's depth of longing is gut wrenching. The title, My Next Breath, becomes more and more appropriate as the story evolves and we find Zade and Simone struggling to stay alive and to stay one step ahead of their enemies. Shannon has mastered the skill of weaving new technology and paranormal powers so that the characters abilities and the challenges they face do not seem over the top - in fact, it all is very real and mysterious. I was provided this ARC in exchange for an honest review. I honestly can say that I loved this and I anticipate the Obsidian Files will be another successful series, just as good as, the McCloud Brothers series!

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