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Valoraciones y reseñas del libro (4 41 calificaciones de estrellas
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  • 2 persona encontró esta reseña útil

    2 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

    2 de 2 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    It was all right but at times mostly later on in the book it was hard to keep the plot straight. Not worth the money. I wish I had borrowed it from the library instead. The beginning was good but it kept on getting stranger and stranger. Some of the things that happen seem to be pointless and don't help the plot in anyway. This book didn't end even close to the way I thought it would. Hopefully the next book in this series will be better.
  • 1 persona encontró esta reseña útil

    1 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

    1 de 1 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    Enchanted Book Nook Review

    I got the chance to read this book for free, in exchange for my honest opinion, by Harlequin Teen. My Review: On her birthday, Kitty Doe does what all other 17 year old does, take the ranking test. Anything 5 or over, means you can live a rich life, 4’s are kind of in the middle, and anything 3 or under, you basically live in misery, and are looked down and shunned by the higher ranks. Kitty takes her test and ends up a 3, which means she’s sentenced to working in the sewers of Denver, or work as a prostitute in a brothel. She chooses the brothel, so she can stay near to the love her life Benjy. What she didn’t expect was for the Prim Minister to track her down and offer her a 7 (reserved only for the Harts) in exchange for being masked (surgically altered to look like Lila Hart). For the first time in her life, Kitty will matter, but it’s not all as it seems. The Harts are playing Kitty as pawn in a sick and twisted game. Between Augusta, Daxton, Celia, and the Blackcoat Rebellion, Kitty is faced with dangerous threats, conspiracies, and a life that is no longer hers. I have to admit, after reading the first chapter, I almost didn’t continue. Not because it was bad story line, or poor writing. I just didn’t think I would be the target audience for this book. But of course, I have 50 page rule, so I trudged on. I’m really glad I did too! This book is full of twists, turns, and conspiracies. It had adventure, and just enough romance. It was a total page turner that I could not put down! I had to keep reading to find out what happened! Positive Elements: Kitty loves Benjy so much that she is determined to make choices that benefit them both, no matter what they are facing. Lila and Kitty of have a hand in the Blackcoat Rebellion. Negative Elements: Kitty feels she’s a waste, and at one point during the book, she stated she would rather die. Tabs and Kitty both went to work as prostitutes at a brothel. Swear words. Spiritual Elements: Celia accuses Daxton of playing God. God is mentioned and His name misused. Other Thoughts: While I’ve heard of Aimee Carter, I have never read any of her books, this was my first. Her writing style is smooth, and she came up with a fresh story line. I cannot wait to read more of this series, and pick up some more books by Aimee as well.
  • 0 persona encontró esta reseña útil

    0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

    0 de 0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    Loved it

    So much happening I couldn’t put it down. Found myself awake late at night reading it.
  • 0 persona encontró esta reseña útil

    0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

    0 de 0 personas encontraron esta reseña útil

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    Really Well Written

    An original take on dystopian futures. It had me puzzling over answers until the very end and had no shortage of twists either. Pawn kept me glue to the pages until the end. I loved it!

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