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    I adore this series and this book is a great addition! Gia Treadwell is relatively new to Nugget. She's a financial guru who up until recently had her own show putting Fin financial advice out there for everyone. Then her ex is caught in a major Ponzi scheme and her world imploded. She came to Nugget to get away from the scandal and lay low for a bit but the longer she was here to more she enjoyed the quiet life. Finding a strange man in her shower surprised her almost as much as it surprised Flynn Barlow. Flynn had no idea the new tenant for the house had already taken possession, so getting the screaming woman to finally calm down enough for him to explain who he is was a bit difficult. It was definitely a strange way to meet but the spark between them was clear and bright. These two couldn't be more different though. That is until they really get to know each other and discover there is so much more to the other than you would originally think. Don't miss this one! I highly recommend it.
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    This story mesmerized my mind, the characters are engaging and completely charming, the community like an extended family, and the suspense in a white collar crime so different than the physical action stories I often read, the whole process was engrossing. The story in itself went from flirty to intense, from sexy to scary, and from laughter to heartbreaking tears. I lived with the tale, the twists in the plot enticed me, I was there, right with them every moment of the story, and I adored it. The community spirit was heartening, they might be nosy and ask frank questions themselves, but when it comes to outsiders, they close the ranks and protect their own. I loved how Gia had the desire to help other women to thrive, not just survive. Her idea for the charity was absolutely amazing and the way the other women in the community took the idea and made it even larger than that just warmed my heart. Gia and Flynn both were in a very difficult place with no wiggle room. One wrong step with the investigators for the crime and Gia will pay the price, and ultimately both of them. I loved the connection between Gia and Flynn. The bold honesty they had with each other with the feelings and desires they struggled with was refreshing. The passion between them is a palpable thing, their feelings for each other evident in their eyes. But for good reasons, they struggled with some trust issues. I am glad that the drama around the trust wasn't drawn longer, it was just the perfect level of angst to me, as there are moments with the investigation that are filled with high anxiety, with some raw feelings and frightening minutes. I love when the stories have strong, capable women like all the ladies in Nugget, yet they are not overpowering but true equals of their mates. Both Gia and Flynn had great personalities, they are not perfect, they have their issues, their habits, their struggles, but their attitude, their honesty, eagerness, caring, and passion for life made them characters that come close to your heart and makes an impact. And even though this is part of a series, the story is a standalone novel, I had no trouble getting into the flow of things, even though I haven't read all the previous books. But I fell in love with this story, with the cast and with their captivating destiny. Definitely a series to invest in! ~ Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side
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    Love this series, you can read them as stand alone but I like to read series in order of how they are written. Gia is a weather financial wizard whose life is tossed upside down when her ex boyfriend bilks thousands of people from their life savings. There is lots of pressure to get an arrest as wealthy people lots millions of dollars. Gia mets Flynn Barlow whose has rented some of her land for his cattle. Turns out he is also a former FBI agent and now a defence lawyer. Chemistry between these two is off the charts but Gia has to learn to trust again especially when she gets arrested. Definitely worth the read.

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