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    The evil lurks closer than ever

    This is the last book of this series from Janie Crouch. Chloe Jeffries is the creative force behind one of the most popular shows on television, using the constant stream of voices in her head to push her creativity. Delving into the voices she picks up the most promising thoughts and uses them to fuel the show. But now Chloe is up against two threats, a voice that gets to her and makes her sick and a stalker on the set of the show. Her sister, Adrienne, hires a security company, she had worked with, to establish the best security possible. Ex-Special Forces soldier Shane Westman agrees to help out his friend, ex-comrade and future employer by taking care of this issue. Not wanting to play bodyguard for a pampered star, he soon learns that there is more going on than he and the others thought. Shane gets slowly under Chloes skin and the other way round, but Chloe has her secrets to protect and to write the shows finale. The threat is not only close, but keeps getting closer to the team. As already with the second book, I could not put the book down and read it in one go. The story is very well written and captivating. You find yourself eagerly waiting for the puzzle to piece together in order to learn who the stalker is, eliminate the threat and his motive. The final chapters are page-turners where you have action and more action. The book has a supernatural touch, psychic ability, that is a big part of the story. I, myself, am not a believer in supernatural things, but I do believe that there is something more sometimes and therefore I was open. While, the ability, in Primal Instinct, kept me more fascinated, this was still intriguing. The romantic feelings between both characters were developing in the right speed. Both characters had flaws and issues from the past like true human beings which made it easier to build a connection with them and the case of the stalker as well as the tormenting voice are great. The book is more of a crime thriller, but with a sweet romance. Primal Instinct had been a great read and this s as well. Hope that the author releases the spin-off as promised. Will continue reading the authors books.
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    With escalating tension and palpable fear, the Survival Instinct takes the reader for a wild ride of paranormal abilities, the backstage drama of a television series, and an insistent, life-threatening, stalker hiding amongst the friendly faces. Shane Westman is a troubled hero, the ex-Special Forces soldier lost his team in Afganistan and his will to fight in deadly battles. Shane was so easy to like, he is a solid man, trustworthy, kind and considerate. A man who takes a command of his surroundings, who is willing to risk his life to protect others. He has wrapped his heart with 'ice' to protect himself from feelings and hurt, something that has been a fault in his life before it turns into a blessing around Chloe Jeffries. Chloe is a feisty and sassy lady who can cuss like a sailor. One-third of the triplets with paranormal abilities, she can hear people's thoughts, an ability she has learned to take advantage of as the creative director of the hit paranormal television series. Until recently, when the voices took a disturbing route, and slowly but surely started to kill her with the intensity of the emotion behind them. Only around Shane does she find moments of peace, as his 'ice' wraps around her, and the cold quiet takes over Chloe's mind. I liked Chloe and Shane together, the connection between them is true, the chemistry is amazing. Shane understands her and her gift. He looks at her and sees his equal, there is nothing odd or weird about her voices to him. His practical way to see life and people give a sensible explanation to Chloe's gift, something that helped me as a non-paranormal fan to understand and accept it as well. The suspense part of the tale is focused on the investigation of the increasing death threats. The more information is gathered, the more tension is on the scenes, until the explosive, fierce, ending that makes you take notice. After the scene for the story is set, the pace of the tale picks up and delivers an entertaining, sharp, and intensive tale with tangible emotions raging in savage action and in enticing romance. ~ Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side

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